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Automobile Accident Injuries Result in Marriage Break-up

In many of my writings, I ask whether people would give up their good health in exchange for money. Most people answer “no”. Here’s a case where an automobile accident victim lost, not only his good health, but his marriage, as well. Would you trade your good health and your marriage for $2,000,000? The 39-year old man was rear ended at a train crossing. His back and neck injuries involved bulging discs and protrusions along his cervical and lumbar spine. This led to sciatica in his legs, excruciating spasms, muscle twitching, loss of appetite, insomnia and bilateral hip pain. He has difficulty walking and dealing with his normal daily routines. As a result of his physical incapacity, his marriage ended. The victim, with professional assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney, sued the driver’s employer, who, appropriately, admitted liability. The defendants did not offer enough money to avoid a jury trial and the jury rendered a verdict of $2,175,030.

This gentleman filed a personal injury lawsuit to recover money damages because he will need assistance to live the rest of his life as best and as comfortably as he is able. Since he can no longer work and needs full time care, his expenses, without this verdict, would be enormous.
It took him a long while and a hard fight to obtain appropriate justice in this case. He and his situation were excellent candidates for lawsuit funding, a service that would have assisted him financially while he awaited justice from the jury. This is pre-settlement funding, money provided to a plaintiff ahead of an expected settlement or verdict. It’s a win-win situation for the plaintiff, as it means that the financial pressure to settle too early for too little is lessened; he can pay all of his important bills and expenses and afford to wait for the case to resolve fully and fairly. He doesn’t have to accept inadequate offers from insurance company just to make ends meet.

It only takes a few minutes to apply for a ‘lawsuit loan’ and this may be done online or by phone. Once the applicant is approved, fast cash arrives in 24-48 hours. There are no upfront fees and no monthly payments; the plaintiff keeps the money for free if he loses the case. This is, truly, no risk legal finance.

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