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Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding

Millions of people are killed or seriously injured in automobile accidents, each year. In most accidents, there is an at fault party and a victim, and in many, a lawsuit ensues. In your lawsuit, your lawyer will be required to prove fault and prove the seriousness of your injury. Because there are many lawsuits filed each year, they can often take a long time to move down the court docket and into a position to resolve in your favor. Because you have been injured, you may have missed work or worse, lost your job. The financial strain not only seriously impacts your life, it also impacts your case. A financially desperate plaintiff is not a positive influence on settlement negotiations. Often, you are too willing to settle for too little, too soon. Your attorney is working on a contingency, so legal fees are not an issue. But, how do you survive, financially, while you wait for a trial or a settlement?

You have options; most of them are risky. Credit card advances, home equity loans, second mortgages all require repayment whether you win your lawsuit or lose it. With the home equity or second mortgage, your house is at stake if you lose the case.

For many people, the best option, although expensive if you win your case, is legal funding. This is usually a non-recourse cash advance (‘non-recourse’ means that repayment is excused if you lose your case). Also known as auto accident litigation funding or litigation finance, this method of receiving the cash you need now carries no risk to the plaintiff, because it is completely forgiven if you lose the case.

Lawsuit Financial cash advances are different than many of the companies we compete with. It is important to understand some of the differences and make comparisons. Here are a few:

1. With many legal finance companies, there are application fees, processing fees and other start up, ‘junk’ fees fees. We charge no upfront fees of any kind.

2. Lawsuit Financial caps its rates; with some companies, monthly fees continue, on and on, until your case resolves and the company is paid. Sometimes, these fees can grow to an enormous number and actually impede your ability to settle your case.

3. At Lawsuit Financial, we believe that expert case evaluation or underwriting is our responsibility. If we do it correctly, with our capped rates, our funding principal and profit should not effect the settlement of your case. In case it does, if the case settles short of everyone’s expectations, Lawsuit Financial is the only company in America that guarantees a settlement appropriate compromise so that you, the injured party, gets your fair share of the settlement proceeds.

4. Lawsuit financing is not a lawsuit loan. Loans require you to repay regardless of case outcome; if you lose your case, you must still pay-off a loan. With legal financing, we are actually investing in the outcome of your litigation. Thus, if you lose your case, you owe Lawsuit Financial nothing.

5. With appropriate cooperation from your lawyer, we can have lawsuit cash in your hands within 24 hours of your application.

6. Because of our significant expertise, we can get you funding for your lawsuit when others can’t.

So, don’t settle your case for pennies on the dollar to raise needed funds for you and your family. You don’t have to lose your house or your car to make ends meet. Consider and discuss lawsuit financing from Lawsuit Financial, instead. The call to 877-377-SUIT is free; the advice is priceless. Our friendly paralegal staff is standing by to take your call.