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Auto Accident Left One Teen Dead and Five Others Injured; Cause Still Under Investigation

An 18-year-old California teen lost his life and five of his classmates were injured Friday afternoon when the pick-up they were riding in ran off the road and rolled several times down a 150 foot embankment. One of the injured teens is in critical condition with a spinal injury; the other four teens suffered moderate injuries. According to the California Highway Patrol, the crash is still under investigation.

This auto accident is a reminder that inexperience driving, coupled with distractions, can greatly increase the risk of a serious or even deadly accident.

A study by the AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety revealed that nearly 60% of teen crashes involve distracted drivers. The most common distractions are interacting with passengers, using a cell phone to talk or text, and looking at something in or around the vehicle such as the radio or a billboard. In fact, loud conversations and horseplay between passengers are bigger distractions than technology. This is a main reason many states issue graduated, first-time licenses that restrict the number of youth passengers with a teen driver. The graduated system helps young drivers by limiting these high-risk driving situations, increasing adult supervision and extending the educational requirements of the novice driver.

Lawsuit Financial encourages everyone to help our young drivers become conscientious and safe drivers. It is important to keep re-enforcing safe driving habits with your teen.  This includes understanding the importance of adhering to the speed limit, avoiding distractions while driving, and responding to situations on the road without panicking.  Drive the message home to your teenage drivers and model good driving behavior to them. Say no to distracted driving. Even the most responsible driver may find themselves in an auto accident.

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