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Audi Hits Sound Barrier: Driver Killed

There seem to be a high number of auto accidents occurring in California. Reviewing this case, it’s not hard to figure out why. This three vehicle crash injured three and killed one on Highway 101. The State police were called to the scene after they received several reports of multiple crashes on the highway. It seems an Audi lost control, slammed into the center divider, smacked into a sound wall and then bounced off the wall into oncoming lanes of traffic.

The Audi was hit on the driver’s side by a Toyota Camry, ejecting the Audi driver and a passenger in the car. Unfortunately, the Audi driver, a 19-year old man, died in the aftermath of the wreck. EMS crews took the Camry driver and the driver of a Mazda, also involved in the wreck, to a local hospital, for medical care. Both drivers sustained serious injuries.

An investigation is underway into the cause of the crash, although eyewitnesses are indicating the Audi driver may have been on a cell phone and speeding just prior to losing control of his vehicle. In any event, the drivers of the Camry & Mazda, as well as the Audi passenger, may want to pursue personal injury litigation to recover damages for his or her injuries as a result of this crash.
A multiple car, serious injury automobile accident lawsuit constitutes serious personal injury litigation.

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