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Asbestosis Diagnosed in 2004 Results in Serious Lung Damage, Large Verdict For Oil Worker

People often equate “large verdicts” with “frivolous lawsuits”. While there are certainly a few exceptions (a miniscule, statistical “blip”), this equation is the invention of huge corporate interests trying to subvert justice to the injured and disabled. The American Association for Justice, appropriately calls this attempt “Profits over People”.

In this case, for example, the victim received a verdict of $15 million. Sounds like a lot, right? Let’s examine the case and see whether any of us would trade our health for the money the plaintiff received. This career oil and well drilling company worker was first diagnosed with asbestosis in 2004. His lungs were scared and he had trouble breathing. This put him at high risk to contract lung cancer and mesothelioma. During the course of his career, he inhaled such a significant amount of airborne asbestos fibers that, over time, he suffered serious lung damage. He exists on oxygen 24/7/365. The tragic thing about this class of disease is that diagnose is often made years later; these diseases may go undetected for up to 40 years. By then, the victim’s prognosis isn’t encouraging.

The evidence in the case indicated that ConocoPhillips had shipped a product (Flosal) that contained asbestos; the company knew it contained asbestos. The product was poured from sacks into a hopper and then mixed. Site workers were constantly enveloped by asbestos dust. Despite the fact the company knew the product was deadly, they continued to ship it until the mid-1980s. This lawsuit was one of over 700 cases filed by oilfield workers who developed asbestosis, mesothelioma or lung cancer due to handling ConocoPhillips products.

So, you be the judge. Would you trade your healthy lungs, your precious ability, simply, to breathe, for $15 million? Would you accept the death sentence of mesothelioma or lung cancer for a large verdict? Most sensible people would answer, emphatically, “NO”. Serious verdicts result from serious injury or illness caused by careless or deliberate acts of corporate Goliath’s who care more about profits than safety. The ridiculous notion of “lawsuit abuse” is an invention of those corporate interests who would poison the environment, ship jobs overseas, create unsafe workplaces, injure, maim and kill, all in the name of company profits. A “worker” is a commodity; a damaged one can be replaced, like a piece of damaged equipment. Shame on them and shame on you if you buy the nonsense of tort reform.

Lawsuit Financial provides lawsuit funding to seriously injured or disabled plaintiffs. These cases are hard fought and take a long time. A verdict from a 2004 disability results in a 2010 jury verdict. Six years is a long time to go without income; the defendant has all the time and money in the world. The company does all that it can to hang onto it for as long as possible. A lawsuit cash advance, is money advanced to an eligible plaintiff in “advance” of their settlement or verdict. Hopefully, by assisting with vital bills and expenses like uninsured medical expenses, rent, mortgage or car payments, we can prevent the plaintiff from being forced to settle too early for too little. And, if the case fails, our money is theirs to keep, free of charge. It costs nothing to apply and the application process is easy. Plaintiffs can apply online or by calling 1-877-377-SUIT, toll free. If the plaintiff is approved, the “lawsuit loan” arrives within 24-48 hours by wire or by check.

Contrary to the contention of the tort reformers, justice in America comes at a very high price; Lawsuit Financial is proud to do its part to help victims achieve it.