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“Lawsuit Abuse” or “Lawsuit Crisis” Exposed as Big Business Myth

As I have reported, many times, at this location, the arguments that there is some sort of “lawsuit abuse” or lawsuit crisis” in America are insurance industry and chamber of commerce conspiracies to justify unneeded and anti-justice tort reform. Continued big business and insurance industry success in this phony endeavor will result in even more obscene profits for these industries and a greater injustice for the injured and disabled. Recent statistics from an staunch ally of big business, support my theory that further tort reform is unnecessary and the “lawsuit crisis” is, and always has been, a myth.

Former President George W. Bush’s Justice Department statistics show that the number of lawsuits filed in the country are actually declining. According to the former president’s Justice Department, the number of personal injury cases filed in U.S. District Courts fell by 79% between 1995-2003. According to Bureau of Justice statistics, state lawsuits are declining as well, showing a 31% decrease from 1992-2001.

So, why would big business and big insurance lie about “lawsuit abuse” and cry at the top of their voices that there is a “lawsuit crisis, you ask? They do it to make more money! They do it to deprive ordinary citizens, injured or disabled through no fault of their own, of their appropriate level of compensation and/or their day in court. They do it to insulate themselves from laws meant to protect the weakest segments of American society. But, the numbers do not lie and the statistics have no stake in the outcome. Further, these numbers and statistics come from agents of George W. Bush, one of the largest proponents and benefactors of “tort reform” in the last 14 years (6 years of proposing it as Governor of Texas and 8 years as President).

The American Association for Justice (AAJ) has the report. For more information, click here. Ask the AAJ or your local or state trial lawyer association what you can do to help debunk these myths.

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