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Appealing Technology For Lawyers

This post has been provided courtesy of Lior Levin, a marketing consultant who works for an E2 visa lawyer from New York.

The iPad 2 features a new, thinner design that reduces the weight. The addition of a dual-core processor is another new feature in the iPad 2 that promises to be twice as fast. Important documents can be stored on the iPad, such as the rules of procedure and rules of evidence manuals and reference books. The iPad 2 is also a great tool for reading files; apps allow you to make notations, sign documents, and present them to your clients for their signature – all right on the iPad. You can also connect the device to a projector and show exhibits to the judge or jury in court.

The addition of a HDMI adaptor means easily interfacing the iPad 2 with a HDMI display. Conference calls can be turned into face-to-face video conferences with the iPad 2’s camera. For many lawyers, this can be a better way to discuss a case with an expert witness. A second camera allows you to take still photos shoot 720p high-definition video. Since HDMI monitors are used more frequently in conferences, this means it will become much easier to share multi-media presentations using one simple cable to connect the iPad to the display. The iPad 2 can also be charged while presenting, so there’s no fear of your losing battery.

Even with the one possible drawback that some courts may not admit recording devices into session, the iPad 2’s additional features certainly make it a worthwhile upgrade for any lawyer.

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