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Another Toyota Recall is Making News

You almost knew this was likely going to happen, right? Another recall of a Toyota product and this time its 8,000 new Tacoma pickup trucks. Just add these in to the global recall of more than 8.5 million vehicles to date.

What’s the problem with the trucks? Seems they may have defective front drive shafts. If you happen to be driving a four-wheel Tacoma built in the US between mid-December 2009 and early February 2010, head back to the dealer pronto. Apparently a faulty component in the front drive shaft may crack. If that happens, the drive shaft would separate and fall off the truck. And Imagine the accidents that could result from that.

Here is a video report of the problem.

If accidents result from this newly discovered Toyota defect (or, if accidents have already occurred) they would likely fall into these legal categories: crashworthiness, defective products, strict liability and personal injury. If an accident results in death, suit may also be filed as a wrongful death lawsuit. It is difficult to predict which of these would form the basis of a particular plaintiff’s claim; this would depend on the details of accidents involving the defective front drive shafts.

This latest recall, on top of the sticky gas pedal fiasco, compounds Toyota’s legal liability problems. It also raises the specter of additional lawsuits, to top of those related to the sticky gas pedals; a defect that has already caused numerous crashes, injuries and deaths.
Cases like this where expert testimony is needed to educate a jury about the facts, tend to be expensive and often long winded. It will take months if not years for suits like this to either be settled out of court or finalized with a jury verdict in the plaintiff’s favor.

The waiting is harmful to an already injured and distressed plaintiff who is struggling to keep his/her head above water financially after a life-altering personal injury accident. Enormous bills have to be paid; shattered lives must adapt to new realities.

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