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An Established “Zap Zone” Can Save Lives of Tasered Victims

The use of TASERs by police officers has become a source of controversy in the wake of hundreds of deaths. Is has been argued that TASERs can cause cardiac arrhythmia, leading to heart attack or death. Others argue that it is not the TASERs itself that caused the death, but a medical condition or the use of illegal drugs in which the TASER heighten the risk factors. This suggests that TASERs would be dangerous to use on people with certain medical conditions, but since police officers most often do not know a person’s medical history or possible drug use, the risk of death would be with any suspect.

Would repeated shock be a risk factor? The parents of a young man who died as a result of being shocked twenty-five times believe so. They filed a wrongful death lawsuit and won. At trial, the police indicated that they were not aware of the potential for death, as a result of repeated shocks. In another case, a victim’s family won their wrongful death lawsuit when they alleged the police force was excessive.

According to the medical experts, when a person is Tasered near the chest, this causes a dramatic increase in the subject’s heartbeat — from a resting 72 beats a minute to as many as 220 beats a minute for a short period of time. Taser International has issued warnings and new targeting guidelines to law enforcement agencies. They recommend that officers avoid the chest center of mass to avoid controversy whether the actual shock causes heart attacks or cardiac arrest.

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