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An Auto Accident Can Shatter Your Life, But Lawsuit Funding Can Help Put It Back On Track

“After being in a serious auto accident and unable to work. I quickly got behind on my bills. Struggling to pay even the mortgage, I wanted to accept the insurance company’s offer. That’s when my attorney told me about Lawsuit Financial. Within 24 hours, I had enough cash to pay my outstanding bills and wait out the next four months until my attorney got me the best settlement possible. I would definitely recommend Lawsuit Financial to anyone in a similar situation.”

Millions of people are involved in personal injury accidents every year. Sometimes, the impact can be devastating, leaving victims helpless and vulnerable. Insurance companies have endless resources to fight the case and payout as little as possible. One often used strategy is to deny and delay a claim until the plaintiff settles for less than full case value. When a plaintiff is in a compromising financial position, lawsuit funding may be the solution to help cover immediate expenses.

Lawsuit Financial is a pioneer in the legal funding industry. With almost 17 years’ experience, we understand that the lack of capital can force a good case into a premature settlement denying the plaintiff of just compensation. We also know that when victims are injured and unable to work, but facing mounting medical bills, time is of the essence. With our quick and easy funding application, plaintiffs can receive much needed cash in less than 24 hours via wire transfer or direct deposit. Because we provide funding on a non-recourse basis, there is no risk to our clients. If the case is lost, we are not repaid – not one dime.

If you were injured due to negligence of another party, and have exhausted other means of funding such as personal savings, friends, or family, contact Lawsuit Financial. We are committed to providing the best financial solution during this difficult time. The consultation and application are free.