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All Drivers Have The Power To Save Lives

Many drivers can foresee a dangerous situation and avoid it. However, not all drivers are lucky enough to avoid reckless and negligent drivers; sometimes innocent people become victims of serious, or deadly, auto accidents. The circumstances surrounding some of Michigan’s recent fatalities are similar.

*A 64-year-old female St. Clair resident became the victim of a possible drunk driving accident when her vehicle was hit by a van that failed to yield at a red light. The woman died at the scene; the driver of the van was treated for injuries at a local hospital.

*A woman was sentenced to 25 – 50 years in prison after being found guilty of two counts of second-degree murder and operating under the influence causing death. The woman’s pickup truck crossed the center line colliding with another truck. Her blood not only tested positive for alcohol, but narcotic pain killers as well. Two innocent men lost their lives due to the woman’s negligence.

*A 30-year-old man was speeding on the morning of May 30 when he lost control of his vehicle, causing the car to roll several times. The driver was ejected from the vehicle sustaining serious injuries; his passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. Officials believe that alcohol played a role.

*A man driving under the influence and speeding lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree. His blood alcohol content registered at 0.094 percent, slightly over the legal driving limit in the State of Michigan. The man died at the scene before emergency crews could revive him.

*A 20-year-old male driver suspected of drunk driving caused a fatal auto accident that took the life of a 19-year-old female passenger. Police believe he lost control, went off the road, and hit a tree. High speeds were believed to be a factor.

*A 21-year-old Saline Township woman was killed in a two-vehicle auto accident when a the driver of a Ford F-150 crossed the centerline hitting the woman’s Ford Fusion. Alcohol and cell phone use are suspected of contributing to the accident.

Many people may not think much about drunk driving and how it can impact their life until something happens. Each of these cases represent permanent and life-changing consequences due to totally preventable auto accidents. Tragedies like these, although not limited to Michigan, often leave family members grieving the sudden loss of their loved one. Although compensation can not bring them back, seeking financial recovery can help victims and their families get back on their feet. If during the legal process, the victims are facing heavy financial burdens, Lawsuit Financial can provide a lawsuit cash advance known as litigation funding. With our funding assistance, plaintiffs can pay pressing bills while waiting to reach the settlement deserved. There is no risk to the plaintiff because with a lawsuit cash advance there are no payments until the case successfully settles, and only if the case settles. Should the plaintiff lose, the repayment is waived. Lawsuit Financial can typically provide funding within 24 – 48 hours of receiving an application.

Although our office has helped hundreds of innocent victims in drunk driving auto accidents, we are more passionate about educating our readers on the dangers of drinking and driving and how to be prevent such senseless auto accidents. We encourage everyone to not only make a pledge to avoid drinking and driving, but to eliminate all distractions – texting or talking on a cell phone, fiddling with the radio, eating, shaving, applying make-up, etc, – that could take your eyes off the road, if only for a minute. It is up to all of us to make sure we are doing everything possible to be safe and responsible on our roadways.

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