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Airborne Boat Critically Injures Two In Hit-and-Run Crash

Two New Jersey men are fighting for their lives after being critically injured by a hit-and-run ski boat that slammed into the rear of their Bayliner on Greenwood Lake.

The men and their wives were en route to the Sportsmans Marina to dock when the Bayliner was struck at the stern about 8:30 p.m. It is believed they were hit from behind by a ski boat from behind which then went airborne, flew over the length of the 18-foot Bayliner and struck the men in the head before roaring off. Despite the damage to the Bayliner, the women were able to render immediate aid to their husbands and navigate the boat back to the dock. The men were flown by police helicopter to an area trauma center where they remain in critical condition. Their wives were treated for non-life threatening injuries. The New Jersey State Police Marine Services Bureau is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the operator of a hit-and-run boat. Anyone with information is asked to call Trooper Shane Diehl of the Carteret Station at 732-541-0491.

Why would the negligent driver of the boat flee the scene? Since it was the Labor Day weekend, alcohol may have been a factor. Drinking while boating is one of the leading causes of serious or fatal boating accidents; it is just as dangerous as drinking while driving an automobile. Other accidents on our waters are the result of operator inattention, an inexperienced boater, reckless handling, and speeding.

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