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After Four Years, Victims Finally Settle Tesoro Refinery Lawsuits

Families of six Tesoro Refinery workers killed on April 2, 2010 recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit for approximately $39 million to be divided among the families. The blast occurred when a 30-foot- long cylinder known as a heat exchanger ruptured, while workers were putting a parallel bank of heat exchangers back into service after cleaning. Ignited vapors caused an explosion and intense fire that burned for more than three hours. The plaintiffs claimed Tesoro deliberately ignored dangerous conditions at the refinery resulting in the blast. A separate suit is still scheduled for trial later this year.

The accident at Tesoro was the most deadly U.S. refinery incident since the 2005 explosion at BP Texas City that killed 15 workers and injured 180 others. Sadly accidents and tragedies like this cause serious and fatal injuries. In addition to the emotional and physical pain, these families may suffer financially. In cases such as this, where the plaintiffs appear to have a strong case, filing a lawsuit and waiting out the litigation process can take years. For those struggling financially to pay medical expenses, funeral expenses, and other bills, this time can be more difficult. Financial issues can largely be eliminated with litigation funding.

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