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A Survival Action Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against Driver and Trucking Company

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A Texas family has filed a survival action lawsuit alleging wrongful death and negligence in a fatal May 2014 auto accident. The suit claims that the driver of a tractor trailer was negligent when he slammed into a Dodge pick-up truck as it was existing a parking lot. The driver of the pick-up truck was unresponsive at the scene and subsequently died from his injuries.
The plaintiffs allege that the driver failed to:

• keep proper lookout;
• maintain a safe speed;
• keep safe distance;
• turn, brake, or stop in order to avoid a collision;
• keep the rig in a good working condition.

The lawsuit also cites his company for failing to inspect as well as maintain the truck, and failing to abide by the safety and traffic regulations.

According to the claim, the driver of the pick-up truck was non-responsive at the accident scene; his injuries subsequently took his life. The lawsuit also states that the plaintiffs have incurred substantial medical costs and funeral costs, as well as loss of enjoyments of life, and loss of wages and earning capacity.

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