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A Safe, Easy Cash Advances for Injured People in a Pending Personal Injury Lawsuit

A 36 year old woman involved in an auto accident when her vehicle was struck on the side by the defendant driver who ran a stop sign. After being removed from the vehicle by the “jaws of life”, she underwent surgery for a crushed right knee and a fractured pelvis. She also suffered from extreme pain to her low back, neck, and right shoulder. Although her attorney was able to litigate her case and settle for $825,000, it took nearly four years. Why? The insurance company denied the claim. Then, they offered the woman $350,000 to settle. The insurance company could afford to stall, but this innocent woman could not. She was unable to return to work and the medical bills were mounting. She sought the legal funding services of Lawsuit Financial and was able to pay her outstanding bills within 48 hours.

Lawsuits are expensive; the majority of injured people who make claims do not have significant assets. If the injured person is unable to work, has reduced income, or has expenses associated with care or disability; it may not be possible to wait until the end of the lawsuit before obtaining funds. Lawsuit Financial helps plaintiffs’ level playing field; it prevents injured people from being forced, by financial distress to settle valuable cases too early for too little.

Obtaining a lawsuit cash advance is quick and easy with our online application. Upon receipt, our underwriters will review your case and if approved, funds can be wired into your account for immediate use. Although the lawsuit cash advance is usually to pay for immediate living expenses and medical bills, it can be used as you wish. There are no credit checks, employment verification, or hassles. Repayment is made once the case is settled. Best of all, you pay NOTHING if your case is lost.

Lawsuit funding is not for everyone, but it can be a very powerful tool to help a plaintiff fight for fair compensation. Call Lawsuit Financial or visit us online to learn how we can help you leverage your expected lawsuit award with a lawsuit cash advance.