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A Financial Stop Gap between a Premature Settlement and Full Recovery

“Don’t let financial issues force you to settle your personal injury lawsuit too soon. Lawsuit Financial can give you money to cover emergencies or household living expenses. How do I know? Because they helped me! Once I secured funding, my attorney was able to get me the settlement I deserved. Even when the insurance company kept delaying, Mr. Bello was there to help me. Most of all, I respected that Lawsuit Financial carefully explains the funding process so I only borrowed the money I really needed. Thanks to lawsuit funding, settlement was far more than I ever expected.” ~ Louis Winfrey
Anyone who has filed a personal injury lawsuit knows that the litigation can take a very long time; cases can drag on for years. During this time, many injured plaintiffs do not have enough income or savings to cover additional expenses making it nearly impossible to wait for a full and fair settlement.

Lawsuit Financial provides lawsuit funding to plaintiffs who have retained an attorney and have a pending lawsuit. To obtain funding, a plaintiff simply completes an online application. Upon receipt, one of our representatives will contact the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s attorney for pertinent case documents necessary for the review process. If approved, funds can be wired into the client’s checking account within 24 – 48 hours. At this point, the plaintiff can use the money anyway deemed fit and owes us absolutely nothing until the case settles. The application process is free and there are no monthly payments. The best part is there is zero risk to the plaintiff; if the plaintiff doesn’t win the repayment is waived completely.

If you are considering a less than favorable settlement because you in desperate need of financial relief, lawsuit funding may be a viable option. For additional information or to apply, visit us online.

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