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A Careless Mistake: Failure to Detect Colon Cancer

A forty-seven year old man was rushed to the hospital complaining of severe pain and vomiting six months after visiting his doctor for pain and rectal bleeding. A colonoscopy was performed at which time he was diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer. He underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy, but eventually the cancer consumed his body and he died. The family of the deceased filed a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging that the doctor failed to make a timely diagnosis and delayed in performing testing. They further alleged that had the cancer been detected in the early stages, it could have been cured. The defendant contended that the declined to undergo a colonoscopy. The jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff.

This case is just one example of one of the most common medical error concerning the diagnosis of colon cancer. Failure to properly diagnose colon cancer can drastically reduce a patient’s chance of a cure, yet alone, survival. Far too often doctors do not perform a colonoscopy or refer the patient to a gastroenterologist when a patient complains of rectal bleeding or blood in the stool. Instead, these doctors simply assume that the symptoms are the result of hemorrhoids. This is especially common when the patient is under fifty years old. While testing may be unpleasant, it is the doctor’s responsibility to inform the patient of the importance of the procedures. Failure to impress upon the patient the critical nature of these procedures may be malpractice.

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