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A Botched Root Canal Leads to Lawsuit

A woman has filed a dental malpractice lawsuit alleging a file separation occurred during a root canal, causing her extreme pain. The botched root canal took place in November 2007, but not until recently did the woman discover that the pain she was experiencing since the surgery was due to the file separation.

The suit states that the dentist failed to advise the patient that the file had separated and remained lodged in her root canal. This negligence caused the area to become infected and the patient has been in continuous pain since the surgery. After complaining of extreme and continuous pain, the woman was referred to a specialist who said the file could not be removed. The only option was to have the tooth extracted. As a result, the patient needed subsequent dental treatment, has incurred unnecessary medical expenses and has suffered from loss wages. The lawsuit also claims that the dentist failed to provide proper care and ongoing treatment.

When a patient goes to dentist, he/she entrusts the health of his/her teeth to a professional dentist. If that dentist breaches this trust through negligent care, the patient has the right to seek compensation for damages. Paying bills while waiting for a fair settlement can be a difficult time for a patient.

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