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NTSB Concludes Ice on Wings Downed Plane that Killed Woman and Two Children in Home

Airplane accidents are rare, but when they happen they usually cause serious injuries or death. Litigation in these cases typically take years. The last thing victims should worry about is their finances. For that reason, Lawsuit Financial provides pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

The NTSB concluded last week that the tragic deaths of a Gaithersburg, Maryland mother and her two young sons could have been avoided if the pilot of a private plane had flipped on his de-icer before he attempted to land on a chilly morning in December 2014. The woman was trying to protect her sons with her own body after the plane crashed into their home and erupted into flames. The pilot and his two passengers also died when the plane stalled as it approached the runway at Montgomery County Airpark. The NTSB report said that “had the ice protection been activated the pilot would have received an aural warning of impending stall about 20 seconds earlier.”

The incident was the second time the pilot had crashed while attempting to land at the Gaithersburg airport, despite being a highly qualified pilot, with 4,500 hours logged in control of an aircraft. He was certified as a commercial pilot and as a flight instructor. The first crash was also determined to be due to pilot error.

Several lawsuits have been filed in the aftermath of this tragic crash. The widow of the woman and two young boys has filed a lawsuit against the pilot’s family and the maker of the jet. Owners of two homes that were damaged in the crash have also filed lawsuits seeking to recoup losses they incurred when smoke, fire and parts of the aircraft wrecked their homes.

The widow of one of the deceased passengers aboard the plane alleges the pilot was negligent for failing to operate the aircraft in a safe and competent manner. The suit names the pilot’s estate, as well as a host of other companies involved in the manufacturing and maintenance of the aircraft as defendants, alleging the plane was “defective and unreasonably dangerous.” Sage Aviation LLC, owned the plane and had liability insurance coverage, but it won’t be enough to pay out all the claims resulting from the crash, according to her attorney.

It has already been a year-and-a-half since this tragic crash. Several families have lost loved ones, whiles others suffered serious property damage. One man is living the aftermath of losing his entire family and home. In addition to the grief, these families are undoubtedly suffering financially. To survive the litigation process, they can turn to Lawsuit Financial.

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