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Distracted Bus Driver Slams Into Nine Stopped Vehicles

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Seven people were hurt, two seriously, after a Coach USA bus driver slammed into nine vehicles stopped for a red traffic signal. Among the most serious injuries are a man with a broken back and a woman with a broken pelvis. Two people had to be extricated from their vehicle by the fire department. No passengers were on board at the time.

When first questioned by the police, the bus driver claimed the brakes failed. Yet, the wreckage suggested a very hard impact. Several vehicles were pushed off the roadway and into a nearby field. An investigation determined that the bus driver was traveling 50 miles per hour and that for at least 10 seconds prior to the crash, he was not looking at the road in front of him. Police said the bus driver failed to reduce his speed, brake or take evasive action, and he struck the first vehicle at full highway speed prior to applying his brakes. But, they have not stated what may have been the cause of his distraction.

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