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When A Dire Financial Situation Is Impacting Your Lawsuit, Consider Lawsuit Funding

Traditionally, plaintiffs have had a difficult time bringing claims against insurance companies and large corporations that are well-funded and have the ability use their financial strength to their advantage. They will offer a low settlement hoping the plaintiff is in a compromised position, financially. After witnessing hundreds of seriously injured plaintiffs inhibited from the ability to pay their bills during a pending lawsuit or being forced to accept an early, less-than-favorable settlement, Mark Bello created Lawsuit Financial.

A lawsuit cash advance can not only help plaintiffs cover daily living expenses, but can be used for medical expenses and other bills directly related the claim. This is a no-risk funding option to a bank loan. First of all, there is no need for a credit check, employment verification, or monthly payments. Repayment is only made once the case successfully settles. If there is no recovery for the plaintiff, we do not recover the cash advance and applicable fees.

Lawsuit Financial makes seeking lawsuit funding as quick and painless as possible. Once we receive a funding application, we will contact your attorney for case documentation. We only use this information to determine case strength. If your case is approved for funding, we will prepare and send your attorney an agreement for both, he and you to sign. Once the contract is signed, cash will be disbursed within 24 – 48 hours via overnight mail or wire transfer.

Don’t let a dire financial situation deter you from seeking justice. As long as you have hired an experienced personal injury attorney and have a strong case, you already qualify for lawsuit funding. Contact Lawsuit Financial for a free, no-obligation funding consultation.