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Post-Settlement Lawsuit Funding: Fast Cash For Your Settled Case

A personal injury lawsuit can take several months to years as it winds through the legal system before a settlement is reached. What many don’t realize is that even when a plaintiff is successful in winning compensation, it can take several more months before payment is received. Bills and financial stress don’t go away while waiting for the money to arrive. In addition to providing pre-settlement lawsuit funding, Lawsuit Financial also helps plaintiffs avoid financial implications from having to wait on post settlement funding to become available.

Recently, Lawsuit Financial was contacted by a client who could no longer wait for his settlement funds to arrive. The bills had been piling up for quite some time and his family was now facing foreclosure. Despite reaching a settlement in his auto accident case, his attorney said it could be a few months before the settlement funds would be released. Within 24 hours after contacting our firm, we were able to provide post-settlement lawsuit funding of $3,000. Our client and his family were able to keep a roof over their heads, pay a few outstanding bills, and wait to receive their settlement.

After settling a lawsuit, you may be contemplating post-settlement lawsuit funding to assist with your bills you put on hold during litigation. With over 17 years of experience in the lawsuit funding industry, we have helped hundreds of clients get back on their feet much faster. Unlike a typical loan, there are no upfront fees, no need to prove income and no credit check. Best of all, there is no risk; we are only repaid once our client receives a settlement.

The cash advance can be used immediately for whatever you need – pay the mortgage, utilities, medical expenses, or to cover general living expenses; it’s up to you. Our online application makes the process quick and easy. You can also call one of our legal funding specialists who can help you through the process step. Upon approval, we will send your money via direct deposit into your bank account of via overnight mail. It’s that simple! Don’t delay; call Lawsuit Financial today!