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Four Family Members Died in California Mobile Home Fire

Neighbors of a mobile home in Big Bear Lake called 911 to report a fire early Christmas morning. When the first deputy arrived, the home was fully engulfed and the family’s injured father was outside. He said his family was still inside but he was unable to get them out due to the blaze. Minutes later, firefighters arrived. They crawled inside and were able to pull out the man’s wife, but she had already died. Before they were able to rescue three children, a 6-month-old girl, a 3-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl, the roof collapsed. The father was airlifted to a hospital for treatment with burns, cuts and smoke inhalation injuries. According to an initial investigation, the blaze may have been caused by an electrical issue. However, the investigation remained ongoing. It is unclear whether the home had working smoke detectors. Big Bear Lake is a small city in the San Bernardino Mountains about 90 miles east of Los Angeles.

According a government study, almost three times more people die in a mobile fire than in conventional homes. Mobile home fires are often caused by inferior wiring and poorly installed butane and propane gas lines. Because there is no attic to burn towards and ultimately burn out, the fire moves horizontally from room to room. The design of a mobile home and the materials used in its build allows the fire to spreader quicker cutting down the time an occupant has to escape.

Premises liability may be an issue; the home may not have been safe for residents. If there were violations of fire code regulations, a failure to provide proper safety equipment and/or adequate ingress or egress, this would be negligence. The surviving victims will want to speak to an attorney experienced in premise liability cases. Even if it is determined that a case for negligence can be proven, a settlement or verdict may take months, even years. The survivor may find it difficult to pay for funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses, and pay for a new home. If so, Lawsuit Financial may be able to help.

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If you are involved in a premises liability injury case and need cash now, contact Lawsuit Financial immediately. Taking away the financial pressure to settle a case too early for too little will permit victims to wait out the process and achieve fair and equitable case results. Additionally, Lawsuit Financial would like to urge everyone to have working smoke detectors in every room of their home and an emergency evacuation plan in place in the event of a fire.