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Lawsuit Funding Bridges the Financial Gap until Justice is Served

Many auto accident victims who have suffered serious injuries and loss of income will struggle to pay not only daily household expenses, but additional bills as a result of the accident. Even in the most “cut-and-dry” case, a settlement can take years. When the financial strain of medical expenses and other bills becomes too much to bear, insurance companies, more often than not, will use a plaintiff’s economic hardships to their own benefit. When this happens, the plaintiff may settle for an amount that may not be enough to cover even medical expenses. A better option may be to apply for lawsuit funding.

What are the benefits of lawsuit funding?

1. The client can use the money for anything they wish, but usually will pay medical and/or funeral expenses, avoid foreclosure or eviction, make car payments, buy food, and pay other essential living expenses.

2. There are no upfront fees or monthly payments.

3. There are no credit checks.

4. There is no employment verification.

5. The client can receive enough money to cover critical expenses, but not enough to negatively impact recovery at settlement. In fact, there is an advantage to requesting cash advances over the course of the litigation process. By requesting cash advances on an as needed basis, it forces financial discipline; the plaintiff is more likely to spend the money only on the necessities. Funding in smaller increments is also less costly for the plaintiff because the repayment is based on cash advance amount at the time the funding was provided.

What are the risks of lawsuit funding?

There are no risks to the client; lawsuit funding is based solely on the merits of the case. The legal finance company assumes all the risk “buying” more time for the client’s attorney to receive a larger cash settlement. Funds are only repaid if, and when, the client successful settles the case. If the suit is not successful for any reason, the client’s obligation to repay the cash advance is completely waived.

What is involved in the application process?

Lawsuit Financial knows how desperate financially strapped plaintiffs can be, so we are dedicated to making the application and approval process quick and easy. Simply complete a one-page online application or call 1-877-443-4711; we handle the rest. The only qualification to receive lawsuit funding is retaining an experienced attorney and a strong case.

How long is the approval process and how long will it take to receive funds?

Once we receive a funding application and case documentation from the plaintiff’s attorney, we immediately review the case. If approved for funding, Lawsuit Financial will prepare a contract for signature and wire funds directly into a client’s bank account within 24 – 48 hours.

The bottom line – lawsuit funding helps solve a plaintiff’s financial problems allowing them to wait for full case value. If you have been injured, disabled, or lost a loved one due to the negligence of someone else, if the bills are piling up, and if your life has been interrupted in a way nearly impossible to recover from without significant financial help, contact Lawsuit Financial. We may be able to help bridge the financial gap until your case settles.