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Litigation Funding Fills a Financial Gap While You Wait For Justice

In most lawsuits, achieving fair compensation can take a long time. Unfortunately, time is one thing most plaintiffs don’t have especially if unable to work and falling behind on the bills. Because lawsuits can drag on for years, without a temporary lifeline many people could face financial ruin long before justice is achieved. One way to prevent this from happening is by applying for emergency cash known as litigation funding.

You don’t have a job? We don’t care! You don’t have collateral? We don’t care! You don’t have good credit? We don’t care! Our only requirement to be considered for a lawsuit cash advance is attorney representation and a strong case.

Here’s how it works. First, you complete a simple, one-page application online or by calling our office. Then, we contact your attorney for case documentation. If your case is approved for funding, a contract is prepared and signed. Within 24 – 48 hours, we will have funds available for your immediate use. While the money can be used anyway you wish, we recommend using the cash advance for the necessities – rent/mortgage payments, car payments, medical expenses, or putting groceries on the table.

Litigation funding is not a loan; there are no upfront costs, monthly fees, or pre-payment penalties. Repayment is made once you settle your case. The most important feature of litigation funding is its non-recourse nature. Our clients have no obligation to repay the cash advance if their claim is lost. That’s right; if our clients lose their case, the funding provided is completely waived. That’s because Lawsuit Financial assumes all the risk.

If you have a pending lawsuit and do not have the money to fight for full compensation and justice, we encourage you to call our offices to see if litigation funding is right for you.