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18-Wheeler, Wintry Conditions and Speed Prove Fatal

It was a cold, wintry day in Oregon last January 25. The roads were snowy and slush-covered, reducing the speed for most motorists. A woman was headed to work when the driver of an 18-wheeler pulling two trailers sped around a curve, lost control, crossed the center line into oncoming traffic, and slammed head-on into the woman’s Toyota 4-Runner. The woman died instantly. Now, her husband and children are suing the truck driver and his employer for negligence and wrongful death for an unspecified amount. Obviously, this fatal motor vehicle accident has completely devastated the family. A person who kills someone through negligence, recklessness or a deliberate act, harms not only the victim, but the victim’s family that depended on the deceased for emotional and, sometimes, financial support. This family has not only lost a wife and mother, but her companionship, income, and benefits.

The plaintiffs hope this wrongful death lawsuit provides a measure of justice for needlessly causing the death of their loved one. According to the suit, the trucking company was negligent, careless and reckless in the hiring, training and supervision of the driver, and it knew, or reasonably should have known, that the driver was incompetent or unfit to be driving the 18-wheeler. The lawsuit also alleges that the trucker was driving at speeds greater than were reasonable or lawful under the weather conditions.

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