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18-Wheeler “Big Rig Accident Resolves-Lawsuit Funding a Difference Maker

Most 18-wheeler accidents leave survivors in really rough shape and this case is no exception. This Austin, Texas man who did survive his encounter with a big rig sustained serious and life-altering injuries that would mean he may not be able to work again. He was up in an elevated bucket working on a traffic light, when the trucker tried to go under the bucket.

That was not a wise decision on the trucker’s part, as the truck hit the bucket, dumping the worker to the ground, breaking both his wrists. He now has permanent limited mobility in both hands and is unable to work at his former job and his opportunities are also limited due to the problems he has using his hands.

This is the kind of case that gives people nightmares when they have to relive how they acquired their injuries. The worker chose to file a lawsuit to recover damages for his injuries and to be able to pay his enormous medical bills from surgeries and therapy on his hands. He also sought damages for pain and suffering among other things.

It is not known that he availed himself of lawsuit funding services, but a person in his circumstance could have, absolutely, taken advantage of this valuable legal finance service that offers victims of negligence a portion of their potential settlement, before they actually resolve the case; that is correct, victims who take advantage of litigation funding services receive cash upfront, before their cases are settled! When approved for legal funding, the money you need now is forwarded by check or wire, within 24-48 hours, based on the expected settlement amount of his case, and he would have been able to handle every last one of his bills; medical and the usual monthly stuff we all tend to have.

There is no fee to apply for a “lawsuit loan”; no credit checks are done and applicants do not need to have had a job. When someone applies for pre-settlement funding, they are not required to pay any fees upfront nor are they expected to make monthly payments. The lawsuit cash advance is approved and the money is sent. It’s just that easy. Lawsuit funding permits a plaintiff to pay his important bills and expenses, now, which will enable him to reject any ridiculous, low ball offers made by the insurance company because they think his financial distress will cause him to settle for pennies on the dollar. This is a vitally important service, one that all personal injury plaintiffs should consider before settling their valuable cases; get your lawyers advice with regard to the fairness of the settlement. If he advises against settlement and you need cash now, call a litigation funding company for the cash you need and the settlement you deserve.