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13 year Old Twins Cross State Highway-Serious Injuries Are The Conequence

13-year old twins were badly injured in this auto-pedestrian accident in Georgia as they attempted to cross a busy state highway. No one is quite sure why the two 13-year olds were attempting to cross an Interstate highway; they may sought a “shortcut to get from point A to point B. The pair had eaten at a Mr. Pizza and were hit while trying to cross a five lane highway; apparently, they were intent on returning to a church that was on the other side.

According to witnesses, a car struck the girl and drove her body into her brother, which knocked him to the pavement. The children, Eric and Promise, were sent to different medical facilities based on the seriousness of their injuries. Promise, who was very seriously injured, was airlifted to a hospital able to deal with her severe injuries. Eric was taken to the nearest medical facility for treatment.

There are many questions surrounding this automobile accident; there may be potential for a personal injury lawsuit. While the teens may be negligent for crossing the highway, negligence on the part of the driver who struck them may very well have played a part. The teens’ parents should take the opportunity to discuss this case with a personal injury attorney and assess the nature and possible amount of damages that may be recovered.

If it is determined that they have a viable case, and a lawsuit is filed, the family may also wish to do some online research into a service known as lawsuit funding. Often incorrectly referred to as a “lawsuit loan”, this service would come in the form of a lawsuit cash advance that would allow the family to handle the teen’s medical bills, rehabilitative therapy, medications, counseling, medical devices or other doctor prescribed care. It would also let them deal with other important bills like mortgage or rent payments, tuition, car payments, food and other expenses related to caring for the teens.

The key reason to seek legal funding services is that it relieves the financial pressure that a victim may feel to settle a valuable case too soon for too little. Remember the wine commercial slogan: “We will sell no wine before its time”? Personal injury cases are like fine wine; they need time to develop and ripen. Treatment must be rendered; determinations whether an injury will heal or have permanent residuals must be made. Diagnoses and prognoses must be rendered. Lawsuits are filed and discovery is conducted. All of these things take time. If a plaintiff is disabled from work, this, coupled with the added expense of an injury and rehabilitation from the injury, may create a financial nightmare. The worst thing a plaintiff can do is cave into the financial pressure and take a substandard offer from the insurance company. They will deliberately delay fair resolution to force you to settle early and cheap. Access to lawsuit funding is a phone call or internet click away; the process is simple and many plaintiffs have money in their hands within 24-48 hours of their initial contact. And, the money is contingent upon the outcome of the case; it does not need to be paid back if the case is not successful.

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