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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleges Nursing Home Negligent For Not Preventing Fall

When you place your elderly loved one in a nursing home facility, it typically follows much consideration as to the needs of the elderly. You want to make sure that your loved one will be well-cared for and safe. Unfortunately, negligence is all too common.

General nursing home neglect can be a simple lack of staff interest in not providing for residents’ basic needs including water, food, and a clean and healthy environment. This form of negligence can lead to more serious illnesses and medical conditions. Bed sores and falls are a typical example of conditions that are relatively easy to prevent but far too common in many nursing centers.

A lawsuit may be the only way to seek justice and compensation for negligence. It may also be a means to improve safety and quality of care.

A deceased man’s family filed a wrongful death claim against a nursing home and their nurses, alleging negligence in failing to provide adequate assistance and implement a care plan to address the man’s risk of falling. As a result, he suffered a fall that caused a right femoral neck fracture and a brain contusion, which contributed to his death, states the complaint. The plaintiffs seek judgment against the defendants in an amount greater than $50,000.

Too often, overworked nurses, under-trained staff, and administration who only care about the financial bottom line create an environment where negligence is far too common. It happens in small, independently run nursing homes as well as large conglomerates.

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