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“100 Things to Do”Author Dave Freeman Dies From Fall-Falls Can and Do Cause Serious Injuries & Death

Dave Freeman, co-author of the best-selling book “100 Things to Do Before You Die” has died. He was only 47years old. He died after hitting his head in a fall at his Venice, CA home.

Regular readers of this blog might be wondering why I would report on this; it is, seemingly, unrelated to legal issues. No lawsuit has been filed; typically, a fall at one’s own home is an excluded event in a homeowner’s insurance policy. I doubt that Mr. Freeman’s family will be able to pursue any type of litigation.

I have two reasons for penning this post: One is, simply, to point out the obvious irony. Life is short; I didn’t know Mr. Freeman, but he knew that life is precious and, sometimes, precarious, and he wrote about it. He counseled all of us to enjoy life to its fullest. The best way to honor Mr. Freeman’s memory is to read his book and do some of things he suggested or those things you’ve always wanted to do but “never find the time”. I’ve certainly put things off for “later”; I’m certain most of you have too. Enjoy life, before you run out of time.

The second reason for writing this is more true to my form and my roots. In Michigan, recent court decisions have placed serious restrictions on a person’s right to litigate premises liability/slip and fall cases. One of the main justifications for these restrictions is the false premise that a fall is unlikely to cause a serious injury. Well, I suggest that those who support that ridiculous theory should have a talk with Mr. Freeman’s or, perhaps, Dr Atkins’ (the famous diet doctor who also died from a fall in 2003) loved ones. Perhaps they should talk with Ed MacMahon (the subject of a previous post on this blog), whose serious injuries from a fall has turned his financial life upside down. Of course a fall can cause a serious injury and to suggest otherwise is nonsense spewed by the so-called tort reformers. We, as citizens of the country with the greatest civil justice system in the world should resist these so-called legal reforms, which are really nothing more than corporate welfare paid for by our weakest citizens: the injured and disabled.

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