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Lawsuit Financial understands that auto accident lawsuits can take months, even years to settle. We also know that many plaintiffs are on a fixed income and won’t have enough money to keep the case going. Rather than struggling financially during an already difficult time, we can offer a non-recourse cash advance against the pending claim.

Petersburg, Virginia police are still investigation a fatal crash involving a dump truck and three other vehicles.

Two dump trucks were traveling together as they approached an intersection. The first truck driver went through the intersection. The second driver followed, but had failed to notice the light had changed. The truck struck a vehicle that had the right-of-way, before striking two other cars. The dump truck went off the road into a nearby swamp. A pregnant woman was in the first vehicle hit; she was pronounced dead at the scene. Four people, including a child suffered minor injuries.

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When negligence causes a fatal car crash, family members have the right to seek compensation for the loss of their loved one. Unfortunately, insurance companies will do everything they can to deny a claim outright. When that doesn’t work, they’ll try to deny it based on contributory negligence. They are also experts at devaluing claims.

Winning a wrongful death lawsuit requires the expertise of a personal injury attorney who specializes in car accident fatality cases. Although hiring an attorney is the best course of action to achieve the largest possible settlement, it doesn’t mean a quick settlement. Especially in wrongful death claims, it often takes years to seek justice.

Once a case is filed, if a plaintiff starts to worry about how to pay the bills and stay financially stable throughout the litigation process, it is time to consider a lawsuit cash advance, known as lawsuit funding.

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The first pair of wrongful-death lawsuits have been filed on behalf of the victims of the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland, California during a dance party on December 2. Officials say 36 people died in the blaze.

According to reports, the Ghost Ship was much more than just a simple warehouse. It was a well-known “live-work” warehouse. Artists used a portion of the main floor as studio space and dozens reportedly lived there. Dance parties typically occurred on the second floor.

The lawsuits claim the building was a death trap. It was in violation of city codes and under dangerous conditions that included exposed dangling wires, makeshift heating from propane tanks, no running water, no sprinkler system, non-working smoke alarms, no fire extinguishers, and a labyrinth of flammable materials. The second floor was only reachable by a rickety staircase made of pallets. Once the fire broke out, it was impossible for most of the people inside to escape.

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An out-of-court settlement of $7.75 million has been reached in a lawsuit brought by the widow [Linda] of a man [Thomas] who died in a snowmobile-car collision more than 10 years ago.

The case dates back to February 19, 2006 when the couple were guests at The Point at Saranac Lake, a luxury 5-star hotel in upstate New York. The plaintiff claimed that the hotel arranged a snowmobile tour with Adirondack Snowmobile Rental. The tour was set up by the hotel for the couple and four other guests (2 other couples) who were also staying at the hotel, all beginners who had never used a snowmobile before.

They were given a 10 – 20 minute lesson in the operation of the snowmobile before setting off. During the tour, one of the snowmobiles broke down due to a faulty drive belt. The guide decided to head back to the tour’s origin and told the others to follow him. The suit claims the tour guide was in a rush and failed to protect the novice snowmobilers by traveling ahead of them without warning of road crossings and stop signs. The guide crossed a road and the couple followed, unaware they were traveling towards a road and stop sign. It was at this point they were struck by a minivan, killing. Linda suffered a traumatic brain injury, fractures of her tibia, femur and pelvis and underwent 5 surgeries to repair the fractures.

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Few events in anyone’s life are as catastrophic as losing of a loved one, especially a sudden, unexpected loss caused by the actions or negligence of someone else. If someone else’s negligent behavior caused your loved one’s death, you have an obligation to protect the legal rights of the deceased. However, compensation is not automatic; wrongful death lawsuits usually involve a significant amount of money and are hard fought by defense-insurance interests. Thus, wrongful death claims can be long and drawn-out, taking months, even years, for lawsuits to resolve. For plaintiffs faced with financial issues, lawsuit funding may be a solution.

A family recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging that their loved on died in the emergency room of a Chicago hospital because he did not receive immediate medical care.

According to the complaint, the man went to the ER on April 21, 2015, for emergency medical treatment for a sickle cell or vaso-occlusive crisis. The plaintiff alleges that due to hospital negligence, their loved one remained in the emergency room without immediate medical attention, resulting in his death the following day.

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A North Carolina woman was killed after a drunk driver ran a red light, striking her car as she was making a left turn. The 76-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene; a child passenger was treated and released from the hospital. The impaired driver was not injured. He has been charged with driving while impaired and aggravated felony death by motor vehicle. A golden retriever in his car was unharmed.

In addition to the criminal charges, the drunk driver may be liable for civil penalties. The family of the deceased woman should consult an experienced auto accident attorney. Although it may be difficult for family members to think about taking legal action following the loss of their loved one, a wrongful death lawsuit is the only way to hold the negligent driver accountable for his actions and for the family to seek compensation for damages, including pain and suffering and loss of companionship.

Sometimes a drunk driver will have no insurance, making a claim against one’s own uninsured motorist’s coverage necessary. In either case, such cases take time. In the meantime, the bills will keep coming. Once a lawsuit is filed, if the family is faced with a significant financial burden due to funeral and burial expenses as well as other expenses, they may wish to apply for lawsuit funding.

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On the night of August 10, natural gas built up in a basement utility room at an apartment complex in Silver Springs, Maryland, leading to an explosion and fire that killed seven people. Several others were injured as they jumped from balconies or descended down burning, crumbling staircases.

Investigators are still working to unravel what caused the disaster, but say the explosion was caused by a gas leak in the meter room of the building that built up until the explosion was sparked. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said a complete investigation is ongoing and expected to continue into next year.

In the meantime, more lawsuits have been filed alleging that blame rests with the company that managed the complex and the utility that supplied it with natural gas. According to the lawsuits, both defendants had been warned “on several occasions” about the smell of gas in apartments in the summer months before the tragedy. “Defendants deliberately disregarded the danger to the property’s residents, and undertook no steps to repair the condition,” say the new lawsuits. The suits contend that the gas company failed to ensure the security of residents by not: repairing the gas leak, properly investigating and identifying the gas leak, warning residents, and/or calling for an evacuation. The suit also claims that the utility failed to perform routine inspections that would have uncovered the potential dangers and saved the lives and property of residents.

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A 69-year-old dialysis patient was killed when the medical van in which he was a passenger was hit head-on by another vehicle in western Pennsylvania. According to reports, the man was properly restrained in a wheelchair when the SUV hit the Med-Van, but it was not enough to prevent his death. An investigation is underway, but state police said weather was a factor. The road was snow-covered and icy at the time of the crash. The drivers of both vehicles were hospitalized.

An auto accident that results from driving in inclement weather leaves many wondering about liability issues. For innocent victims, it is important to speak to an experienced auto accident lawyer who can review all factors and build a strong case on your behalf. But, the litigation process can often times leads to financial problems that only a quick settlement can resolve. Lawsuit funding can bridge the gap between filing a lawsuit and receiving fair compensation for injuries sustained.

Securing a lawsuit cash advance can provide the financial staying power to achieve full compensation for damages. There is a simple application, so plaintiffs can get the money they need quickly and focus on their lawsuit instead of their finances. There is no need for credit checks or employment verification because funding is based on the strength of the case. Because it is a non-recourse cash advance, there is no risk to you, the plaintiff.

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The aftermath of an accident can be difficult and confusing. The physical injuries, emotional distress, and lost wages can have a significant impact. Some victims may be seriously injured and left unable to work. In the case of a wrongful death, if the person killed was the family’s primary breadwinner, families may find themselves faced with months, even years of financial difficulty. The last thing victims and their families are most likely thinking about is gathering evidence and ensuring that a thorough investigation is conducted. But, these are key steps in seeking any legal claim; an auto accident attorney can help.

While you focus on healing from your injuries and restoring your quality of life, an experienced attorney can fight for justice and fair compensation that you deserve. Unfortunately, this often takes months, if not years because insurance companies are notorious for denying, delaying, and defending claims. In the meantime, you may find yourself going further into debt, unable to pay household bills, medical costs and other expenses. With auto accident lawsuit funding, you can get the cash you need now, usually within 24 – 48 hours.

The only requirements to obtain a lawsuit cash advance is a strong case and attorney representation. Once we receive a funding application, your attorney will provide necessary case documentation to so we can make a funding decision. Credit checks and employment status are not necessary, and there are no upfront fees or collateral required. Repayment is simply made once the case successfully settles.

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With fatal auto accidents, lawsuits are often filed against a negligent driver, but in cases such as the following, a bar can be sued for a wrongful death caused by a drunk driver if there is evidence that the bar illegally served alcohol to the driver prior to the crash.

The husband of a Colorado state trooper killed in the line of duty has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the drunk driver who hit her and the bar that allegedly served him alcohol while he was already visibly intoxicated.

Last November a driver hit the trooper as she was trying to wave him to pull over after citizen reports that he was driving drunk. Prosecutors said that after hitting the trooper, the man, a retired colonel with the U.S. Army, tried to hide evidence, including bottles. His blood-alcohol content was estimated at 0.199 percent at the time of the crash, nearly four times the legal impaired limit of .05 for drivers in Colorado. Reports stated that he was still legally drunk more than five hours after the crash.