September 29, 2016

Man Impaled By Pole Allegedly Being Illegally Transpo

A 37-year-old Holland, Michigan man has died after a 44-foot pole crashed through the windshield of his 2005 Ford Explorer.

The man was on his way to work at Holland Christian High School when the crash occurred. Investigators said that the driver of a Parkway Electric truck was hauling a 44-foot pole. As he was turning left, the pole swung out into the traffic lane and crashed through the windshield of the SUV, hitting the driver before continuing outside the rear cargo window. The victim was unconscious when crews arrived on scene. He was transported to an area hospital where he died the next day. He leaves behind a wife and three young children,

An investigation is underway including trying to determine if the pole was legal length. A Michigan rule states stating vehicles longer than 40 feet must have a permit from the county road commission and an escort. Investigators said the truck had neither. The violation is a civil infraction, but because the accident resulted in a death, criminal charges may be filed.

A man lost his life because the truck driver and his employer did not take adequate precautions to prevent such an accident. This negligence may not only lead to criminal charges, but the family of the victim may be able to recover compensation for their loss. To learn more, they should seek advice from an experienced wrongful death attorney. If the family needs assistance locating an experienced attorney, Lawsuit Financial would be happy to provide one from our nationwide database. This is a complimentary, no-obligation service.

The longer the litigation process drags on, the more difficult it may become for this family to pay even the everyday expenses. Lawsuit Financial could help them avoid financial disaster with a lawsuit cash advance.

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January 9, 2015

A Safe, Easy Cash Advances for Injured People in a Pending Personal Injury Lawsuit

A 36 year old woman involved in an auto accident when her vehicle was struck on the side by the defendant driver who ran a stop sign. After being removed from the vehicle by the "jaws of life", she underwent surgery for a crushed right knee and a fractured pelvis. She also suffered from extreme pain to her low back, neck, and right shoulder. Although her attorney was able to litigate her case and settle for $825,000, it took nearly four years. Why? The insurance company denied the claim. Then, they offered the woman $350,000 to settle. The insurance company could afford to stall, but this innocent woman could not. She was unable to return to work and the medical bills were mounting. She sought the legal funding services of Lawsuit Financial and was able to pay her outstanding bills within 48 hours.

Lawsuits are expensive; the majority of injured people who make claims do not have significant assets. If the injured person is unable to work, has reduced income, or has expenses associated with care or disability; it may not be possible to wait until the end of the lawsuit before obtaining funds. Lawsuit Financial helps plaintiffs’ level playing field; it prevents injured people from being forced, by financial distress to settle valuable cases too early for too little.

Obtaining a lawsuit cash advance is quick and easy with our online application. Upon receipt, our underwriters will review your case and if approved, funds can be wired into your account for immediate use. Although the lawsuit cash advance is usually to pay for immediate living expenses and medical bills, it can be used as you wish. There are no credit checks, employment verification, or hassles. Repayment is made once the case is settled. Best of all, you pay NOTHING if your case is lost.

Lawsuit funding is not for everyone, but it can be a very powerful tool to help a plaintiff fight for fair compensation. Call Lawsuit Financial or visit us online to learn how we can help you leverage your expected lawsuit award with a lawsuit cash advance.

November 20, 2012

Lawsuit Funding for Your Case is a Simple Three-Step Process

Plaintiffs waiting for their pending lawsuits to settle may wait months, even years for the case to make its way through the courts. During that time, bills can pile up, especially if the plaintiff has suffered serious injuries, faces costly medical bills, and is unable to work. Often times, the legal battle between plaintiffs and defendants is like a clash between David vs. Goliath because plaintiffs are fighting deep-pocket businesses and insurance companies. Even if the plaintiff has a strong case, legal tactics and delays can draw out the litigation process. With the bills piling up, it may seem easy to tell you attorney to just settle, but Lawsuit Financial has a more favorable solution.

Lawsuit Financial provides lawsuit funding to help pay the bills so the plaintiff is not forced to settle for less than case value. Our simple three-step process can make the difference in a plaintiff’s financial situation.

Step 1: Complete a one-page application.

The application process is quick and easy, but visiting our website or calling our office. There is no cost to apply and plaintiffs are under no obligation to accept funding if approved.

Step 2: One of our representatives will contact your attorney

Lawsuit Financial will contact your attorney to request information about your case.

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August 14, 2012

Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Negligent Florida Daycare

A Florida family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against an in-home day care after a four-year-old child was left in a hot car for over two hours. The suit also alleges that the owner was conducting business in an overcrowded facility.

On August 1, the daycare owner instructed her 18-year-old daughter to remove seven children from the home because it was possible that state investigators would be visiting and she had previously been cited for being over-capacity. The teen drove the children across town to an apartment complex. She took six of the children inside, but left the four-year-old sleeping in the SUV. Paramedics attempted to revive the child before taking him to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.

An obvious devastation, the family is wondering how it will pay for a funeral that never should have happened. No amount of money will ever replace the loss of a loved one, especially a young child who will never attend school, play sports, get married, raise a family, and grow old. Lawsuit funding can, however, help families through the most difficult times.

Pre-settlement funding may have been a solution to help this grief-stricken family. With lawsuit funding, the family can focus on healing, rather than calculating expenses or worrying about how they will pay their bills. The non-recourse cash advance can be used to pay funeral and burial expenses and other pressing bills while their lawyer seeks appropriate justice.
Litigation funding can be applied for and received months, even years, before a case is resolved. Qualification for funding is based solely on the merits of the lawsuit. A reputable company charges no upfront fees and no monthly payments; there are no credit checks or employment verifications. Best of all, if the plaintiff loses his/her case the lawsuit funding company relinquishes the cash advance; the plaintiff owes nothing.

Applying for pre-settlement funding is easy just a click of the mouse or a phone call away. After case-evaluation, if approved for a lawsuit cash advance, funds can be available within 24 – 48 hours. Call Lawsuit Financial or visit us online to find out how lawsuit funding can empower you to pursue your case to get the maximum settlement you deserve.

August 7, 2010

School Bus Bursts Into Flame, Kids Injured

There were 40 students and 10 adults on a school bus; a fire broke out as the bus was traveling on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles, California. Police were on the scene instantly and helped evacuate the bus while fire crews arrived to handle the blaze. The fire was extinguished in 11 minutes.

Investigators are not sure what caused the fire to break out suddenly, the vehicle maintenance log and safety history will be examined. Two students were taken to hospital and listed in serious but stable condition, suffering from smoke inhalation.

Smoke inhalation may cause some serious physical problems, especially in younger adults; intense smoke and flame can literally burn the lungs. If this becomes an ongoing and expensive medical issue, it is appropriate for the families to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in fire and explosion cases.

If they decide to retain an attorney and pursue litigation, they may be eligible to receive lawsuit funding. This is a service that provides a lawsuit cash advance, money against their future settlement or verdict in the now pending case. Because the cases deal with minor children, it is likely that litigation funding can only be applied for and used for medical expenses and bills that the families expend in care of the children. With adult injuries, families may use pre-settlement funding for any important bills or expenses, like mortgage or car payments. With minors, however, since compensation is due someone too young to contract, legal finance may only be provided for the child's own needs. If you have questions about these technicalities, feel free to seek free telephone advice.

Litigation funding may be applied for by phone or by going online. The application is free; if approved, there are no monthly payments or upfront fees to pay. If you lose the case, you keep the money, free of charge; this is known as non-recourse lawsuit funding.

Don't settle a valuable case for pennies on the dollar so that you can obtain medical care for a loved one. A lawsuit cash advance will help you through the litigation process so that you can obtain maximum case value for your precious loved ones. Don't let an insurance company bully you into settling for too little, too soon. Get some legal funding advice first. The call is free; the advice may be priceless

August 4, 2010

Head-on Crash Seriously Injures Two-Can Lawsuit Funding Assist?

A young man was driving his Pontiac along the road when he decided to pass a car in front of him. When he veered into the oncoming lane of traffic to pass the car in front of him, he lost control of his vehicle and couldn’t return to his own lane in time. The ensuing head-on automobile accident was devastating.

According to police reports, the young man and his passenger were up all night at a concert; they decided to hit the road when the concert activities ended. Police suspect alcohol and speeding were factors in this crash. Driver and passenger were taken to hospital for serious head and chest injuries. The driver of the other car also was transported to the hospital; he was treated and released the same day. Charges were pending against the negligent driver.

Our young Pontiac driver may face more than criminal charges; a civil lawsuit may be in his future. While his passenger may have been a friend or relative, that passenger relied on him to drive safely. That didn’t happen in this case and the passenger sustained some life-changing serious injuries. If he has traumatic brain injury, he will have enormous medical expenses for the rest of his life. Chances are that he will retain an automobile accident attorney and file a personal injury lawsuit.

While he is considering filing a lawsuit, he should also check out pre-settlement funding. A lawsuit cash advance would help him pay his important expenses, medical bills and other costs associated with his injuries and enable him to wait for a fair offer. He won’t have to take a deliberately low offer from an insurance company that delays and denies so that plaintiffs will be desperate for money when they receive an offer. The sole aim of any insurance company is to resolve a case as inexpensively as possible and delay tactics are part of a pre-determined strategy used to achieve that aim.

Applying for a "lawsuit loan" is easy; you can apply for legal finance online or by phone; there is no cost to apply, no upfront fees, no monthly payments, no credit checks and no hassles. If you qualify for litigation funding, the money arrives fast, within 24-48 hours. Getting lawsuit funding is a smart strategic move because it removes a victim's pressure to settle too soon for too little, simply because they need cash now.

August 4, 2010

Two Alarm Fire Kills Toddler

A fire broke out at an apartment building in Kansas City; by the time the fire department arrived, the building was fully engulfed and visible for miles. Two adults and two children were pulled out of the building suffering from smoke inhalation. The youngest child was rushed to hospital in critical condition but died while at the hospital. The adults and other child were also taken for medical treatment for serious injuries.

It appears the fire was ignited in an apartment at the north end of the building, but the cause of the fire is not yet known. There is speculation it may have been set or the result of a careless smoker. Other concerns raised were why the fire spread so fast and no one knew about it until too late. Were the smoke detectors not working? Was fire gear stored in the hallways not operable? Was the building up to fire code?

Premises liability is an issue here for the owner of the building; it may not have been safe for the residents. If there were violations of fire code regulations, or a failure to provide proper safety equipment or adequate ingress or egress, this would be negligence. The surviving victims will want to speak to a personal injury lawyer who specializes in fire and explosion cases.
If it is determined that a case for negligence can be proven, case resolution by settlement or verdict may take months, even years. Many victims who find themselves in litigation in these situations also find themselves needing financial assistance. These victims often choose to investigate and obtain a lawsuit cash advance.

Applying for lawsuit funding
is easy and free; legal finance applications can be made online or by telephone, toll free. Once a person is approved, he/she will receive his/her fast cash litigation funding in 24-48 hours by check or wire. There are no monthly payments to make, no up front fees; a "lawsuit loan", as some wish to refer to this service, should be used to pay important expenses like car and mortgage payments, tuition or medical expenses. Taking away the financial pressure to settle a case too early for too little will permit victims to wait out the process and achieve fair and equitable case results. So, reject those inadequate offers, follow your attorneys advice and obtain lawsuit funding when you absolutely need to, instead.

August 3, 2010

Five Vehicle Crash Leaves Two Dead-Could Lawsuit Funding Assist?

This was one of those preventable accidents; because a Chevy truck driver blew a stop sign, two are dead and several others are badly injured.

The Chevy truck driver was heading southbound on a street parallel to the highway when he breezed through a stop sign and collided with a 1996 GMC truck, heading east. The Chevy continued on through the intersection, hit an SUV, a Harley Davidson with two riders and a 2006 Chev coupe. The Chevy truck driver and one passenger were injured and taken to hospital; two other passengers were ejected from the truck during the crash and were pronounced dead at the scene.

Running a stop sign is, clearly, negligence; the driver should be held accountable for the accident. The families of those killed in the crash will likely pursue wrongful death lawsuits; those seriously injured may pursue personal injury litigation. All victims would be wise to consult with experienced personal injury/wrongful death attorneys.

Wrongful death and serious injury accidents often cause immediate and long-term financial problems for victims and families. There is a service that provides both immediate and long-term financial assistance to accident victims. The service is commonly known as lawsuit funding or legal finance. Any of the victims in this horrible crash should consider the availability of this service if they become strapped for cash. It is easy to apply for a lawsuit cash advance online or by phone and there are no costs or fees associated with the application. If the applicant(s) are eligible for litigation funding, their "lawsuit loan" will arrive within 24-48 hours by check or by wire.

Pre-settlement funding requires no monthly payments and no credit checks. Legal funding may be used to pay important bills and expenses, funeral or medical expenses related to their accidents. Repayment is contingent upon the outcome of their cases and the lawsuit cash advances are excused if they lose. They will not have to settle their cases too early for too little just to make ends meet.

July 27, 2010

Spectacular Police Car Crash Injures Two

On their way to a call, fully decked out with lights and siren blazing, two Los Angeles police officers were suddenly cut off by a red car. The squad car driver swerved to avoid an automobile accident and in doing so, hit a curb, which catapulted them into the air, sent the car through a brick wall and into an iron fence. The car finally came to rest on top of two parked cars in a shopping center lot.

While there were no people in the parked cars, the two officers weren’t in great shape when the dust settled and were taken to hospital for treatment. It appears their injuries may have been relatively minor for such a serious collision, but, even minor injuries have a way of developing into something far more serious. For instance, neck injuries may develop into severe whiplash, disk herniations, or fractures; a bruised side may become a cracked or broken rib(s) and a stiff back could mean serious lumbar disk or spinal cord injuries that take awhile to manifest themselves.

Either of the officers involved in this wreck may want to talk to an auto accident attorney about filing a civil lawsuit against the driver of the red car for negligently cutting them off and causing this accident. If their injuries do turn out to be worse than first thought, the lawsuit could ask for damages for their injuries and payment for their medical bills, therapy, time lost from work, etc.

If there is a serious injury; if one of the officers becomes disabled, he may wish to inquire about lawsuit funding to pay his bills while he waits for justice in his case. If he is approved for a lawsuit cash advance, he would typically receive funding within 24-48 hours by wire or by check. There are no credit checks involved, no monthly payments required, no up-front fees. Applying for legal funding is simple and free.

Litigation funding is advanced ahead of a settlement based on the estimated economic value of the injuries and what may be awarded later. When the money arrives, the plaintiff may use it for just about anything, but most use it to pay bills. If they lose their case, they do not have to pay the legal finance back.

July 25, 2010

Fed EX Truck Causes Fatal Injury Accident

This horrendous automobile accident took place in Utah; a FedEX semi truck was heading westbound on 1-80 hauling a trailer when the driver crossed into the eastbound lane, smashing head-on into a Ford Fusion. The 74 year old Fusion driver was killed on impact and EMS crews pronounced him dead at the scene.

The police report does not explain why the FedEX truck veered into the eastbound lane; a full probe into the accident details will be launched. The driver of the semi and his passenger sustained minor injuries and were taken to hospital for treatment. The highway was shut down for several hours to clear the accident scene.

The family of the deceased should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss their litigation options and rights in this case. There are some unanswered questions to be dealt with, not the least of which is why the semi driver was in the eastbound lane. What was the driver doing just prior to the collision? Texting, using a dashboard device, talking on the phone, reaching for a map or driving while distracted or under the influence? The investigation will have those answers in due course.

After the family retains an attorney and if they decide to pursue litigation, financial circumstances might require them to consider applying for lawsuit funding. A strategically placed "lawsuit loan" may be just what they need while they await settlement or jury verdict in this wrongful death case. Applying for a lawsuit cash advance is easy, free and no credit checks are required. In most cases, the litigation funding is sent to eligible applicants within 24-48 hours.

July 24, 2010

Asbestosis Diagnosed in 2004 Results in Serious Lung Damage, Large Verdict For Oil Worker

People often equate "large verdicts" with "frivolous lawsuits". While there are certainly a few exceptions (a miniscule, statistical "blip"), this equation is the invention of huge corporate interests trying to subvert justice to the injured and disabled. The American Association for Justice, appropriately calls this attempt "Profits over People".

In this case, for example, the victim received a verdict of $15 million. Sounds like a lot, right? Let's examine the case and see whether any of us would trade our health for the money the plaintiff received. This career oil and well drilling company worker was first diagnosed with asbestosis in 2004. His lungs were scared and he had trouble breathing. This put him at high risk to contract lung cancer and mesothelioma. During the course of his career, he inhaled such a significant amount of airborne asbestos fibers that, over time, he suffered serious lung damage. He exists on oxygen 24/7/365. The tragic thing about this class of disease is that diagnose is often made years later; these diseases may go undetected for up to 40 years. By then, the victim's prognosis isn’t encouraging.

The evidence in the case indicated that ConocoPhillips had shipped a product (Flosal) that contained asbestos; the company knew it contained asbestos. The product was poured from sacks into a hopper and then mixed. Site workers were constantly enveloped by asbestos dust. Despite the fact the company knew the product was deadly, they continued to ship it until the mid-1980s. This lawsuit was one of over 700 cases filed by oilfield workers who developed asbestosis, mesothelioma or lung cancer due to handling ConocoPhillips products.

So, you be the judge. Would you trade your healthy lungs, your precious ability, simply, to breathe, for $15 million? Would you accept the death sentence of mesothelioma or lung cancer for a large verdict? Most sensible people would answer, emphatically, "NO". Serious verdicts result from serious injury or illness caused by careless or deliberate acts of corporate Goliath's who care more about profits than safety. The ridiculous notion of "lawsuit abuse" is an invention of those corporate interests who would poison the environment, ship jobs overseas, create unsafe workplaces, injure, maim and kill, all in the name of company profits. A "worker" is a commodity; a damaged one can be replaced, like a piece of damaged equipment. Shame on them and shame on you if you buy the nonsense of tort reform.

Lawsuit Financial provides lawsuit funding to seriously injured or disabled plaintiffs. These cases are hard fought and take a long time. A verdict from a 2004 disability results in a 2010 jury verdict. Six years is a long time to go without income; the defendant has all the time and money in the world. The company does all that it can to hang onto it for as long as possible. A lawsuit cash advance, is money advanced to an eligible plaintiff in “advance” of their settlement or verdict. Hopefully, by assisting with vital bills and expenses like uninsured medical expenses, rent, mortgage or car payments, we can prevent the plaintiff from being forced to settle too early for too little. And, if the case fails, our money is theirs to keep, free of charge. It costs nothing to apply and the application process is easy. Plaintiffs can apply online or by calling 1-877-377-SUIT, toll free. If the plaintiff is approved, the "lawsuit loan" arrives within 24-48 hours by wire or by check.

Contrary to the contention of the tort reformers, justice in America comes at a very high price; Lawsuit Financial is proud to do its part to help victims achieve it.

July 22, 2010

Falling Plastic Pipe Kills Worker

Construction work sites are dangerous;, while construction workers do not perform their duties thinking about the possibility of serious injury, I am certain that the thought lurks in the recesses of their minds. Most of the time, the work is performed safely and the workers return to their homes, safe and sound. In this Kansas case, the worker never made it home.

He was cutting the plastic bindings on a 500 pound roll of plastic pipe; the pipe fell on him, trapping him under it and crushing him in the process. Although EMS crews arrived quickly, the unfortunate worker was gone by the time they arrived.

The piping the worker was handling was used to deliver natural gas underground; OHSA is investigating and will take a very close look at what went wrong that day. There are a number of safety questions that require answers. Workers' Compensation and contractor liability are potential sources of compensation to this man's grieving family. They should consult with attorneys specializing in construction wrongful death and workers' compensation death cases.

Death cases are complicated, expensive and time consuming. With appropriately liability, they tend to resolve at rather high compensation levels; as such, they are seriously contested by the insurance companies. "Delay, deny, confuse and refuse" becomes the order of the day. If litigation delays cause the family financial distress, they may wish to consider applying for lawsuit funding. This valuable legal finance service will assist the grieving family, financially, by advancing them needed amounts, against their expected lawsuit settlement or award. They may use this lawsuit cash advance to pay urgent bills, funeral and burial expenses and other costs related to their loved one's death.

With their pressing bills and obligations out of the way, they can wait for their attorney to achieve justice in the case. Additional litigation funding, as needed will keep the mortgage, car payment and other important bills and expenses paid until the lawsuit is resolved. It is easy to apply for pre-settlement funding and once the family has been approved, fast cash is available within 24-48 hours. And, if the case is not successful, the money advanced does not have to be repaid. This is known as non-recourse lawsuit funding; apply today!

July 14, 2010

Volkswagen Meets Passenger Van: One Dead, Five Injured

This was a two vehicle automobile accident between a passenger van and a Volkswagen. One died and five others were seriously injured when the driver of the VW, travelling north, veered on to the shoulder of the highway. The sudden change in road surfaces caused her to lose control of the car and wind up in the southbound lane, spinning in a counter clockwise direction. While the vehicle was spinning, it slammed into the van, owned and operated by a church.

When EMS crews arrived at the scene, they were able to take the vast majority of the victims to hospital. However, the VW driver's injuries were so severe that she was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The other five victims have injuries ranging in severity from minor contusions to possible neck and back injuries.

According to police reports, no one knows why the woman veered her VW onto the shoulder or what she may have doing just prior to the accident. There is speculation drugs or alcohol may have been involved; perhaps she was engaged in other distracting behavior like utilizing her mobile phone for conversation or texting. A full investigation will certainly be launched. In the meantime, the four other people injured will likely consult with a personal injury attorney about their legal rights in this situation.

Because there are several prospective plaintiffs, and only one defendant and insurance policy, recovery will depend upon the severity of the injuries and the amount of insurance available to the group of five. This will take considerable legal expertise and, perhaps, multiple attorneys. It will take considerable time to resolve these claims arising from this accident. Those who retain attorney(s) may need to consider litigation funding to make ends meet while awaiting justice in the courts. Lawsuit funding is easy to apply for; it only takes a few minutes to complete an application online or on the phone. Within as little as 24-48 hours, the lawsuit cash advance will arrive by check or by wire.

The beauty of pre-settlement funding is that the victims will be able to pay their urgent bills and expenses now, and obtain maximum lawsuit results later. The call to 877-377-7848 is free; the advice is priceless.

July 13, 2010

Wrong Way Driver Injures Two and Dies from Her Own Injuries

Wrong way driving is a mystery to me; I can understand the initial error, but I will never understand what causes a driver to continue down the wrong road, the wrong way. In this case, for some inexplicable reason, a woman driving a Mercury Tracer was driving the wrong way – southbound in a northbound lane – when she hit two other cars; her vehicle burst into flames. The driver was trapped in the vehicle; the other two accident victims were taken to area hospitals for treatment.

The police aren’t sure why this woman was in the wrong lane. They are in the process of conducting a full investigation to determine if drugs or alcohol were involved, or if she was texting or talking on her mobile phone while driving. Those who she injured in this automobile accident will likely wish to consult with a personal injury attorney to determine what their legal rights are in this unfortunate situation. Medical expenses and income loss could be substantial.

If they consult with an attorney and decide to pursue a lawsuit, these victims might also wish to consider whether a lawsuit cash advance is necessary to keep them going until their lawsuit is either settled out of court or tried to a conclusion, in court. Pre-settlement funding is cash received in advance of a settlement that, hopefully, permits victims to deal with their crucial expenses right away, enabling them to wait out the long, legal process and achieve appropriate justice.

It costs nothing to apply for lawsuit funding; it often arrives within 24-48 hours by wire or check. You don’t need to have a job to apply for litigation funding and you do not have to go through a credit check either. A "lawsuit loan" is often a smart strategic move as it lets you and your lawyer take the time you need to obtain maximum results.

July 10, 2010

One Killed, Another Injured As Dumpster Falls From Tractor-Trailer

This was an unusual automobile accident in that a dumpster fell off the back of a tractor-trailer, hitting two other vehicles as it smashed to the pavement. The impact of the dumpster to one car was so severe, that the female occupant died just after she got to the hospital. The driver of the second vehicle hit was lucky; he was treated and released.

The obvious question in this case is: How does a dumpster fall off the back of the tractor-trailer? The police intend to find out and take matters from there. It’s quite likely that the family of the woman killed by the flying dumpster will want to talk to a personal injury attorney about this case. The trucker’s load may not have been properly secured, which may have caused the dumpster to come off the back of the truck.

The family must be in shock and grieving over the loss of their loved one; they will be wondering how they will pay for the bills incurred for medical services rendered prior to death and for funeral and burial expenses. They may have lost the family breadwinner in addition to a wife, mother, grandmother, best friend, sister, aunt or cousin. Nothing can replace a loved one.

If a wrongful death lawsuit is pursued, the woman’s family may be interested to know that they may be eligible for a service commonly known as lawsuit funding. To determine their eligibility, all they have to do is call or visit a legal finance company online. There is no cost to apply; there are no monthly payments and no up-front charges. If the client is eligible, the lawsuit cash advance arrives within 24-48 hours by check or wire. It may be used for just about anything, but most people use it to pay for necessary bills to keep them afloat until a fair and equitable settlement or verdict comes in.

July 9, 2010

Multiple Vehicle Automobile Accident Leaves Mother and Daughter Seriously Injured

This automobile accident caused serious injuries to a mother and her daughter. While the injuries they sustained were non-life threatening, they were very serious.

Evidently a minivan, semi-truck, SUV and a sedan were all involved in a four car pile-up on I-95 in Virginia. The minivan was rear-ended by a big rig. The van slammed into the SUV which subsequently rear-ended a sedan. At the time, traffic on I-95 was bumper to bumper.
EMS crews took the injured people to hospital. The minivan driver sustained a broken neck, back and nose. Her daughter sustained facial laceration and a neck injury. The big rig driver was charged with reckless driving.

Clearly the big rig driver was negligent; mother minivan driver and her daughter may well wish to consult with a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, lost income for the future, etc. The lawyer will outline what they are able to claim when they speak to him or her.

Since the mother may need a long period of recovery from a broken back, provided it did not also involve spinal cord injuries, she may need lawsuit financial assistance to be able to pay her enormous medical expenses and day-to-day living expenses. If she needs permanent life time care, she will need money to be able to live her life and deal with the costs of therapy, medications, home renovations and perhaps a wheelchair. Only time will tell what her prognosis will be.

In speaking to a lawyer, this unfortunate woman may wish to ask about the possibility of legal finance for her case. Litigation funding would allow her to take care of all of her bills immediately while waiting for her attorney to obtain justice in the court room or the conference room. All that is necessary to access a lawsuit cash advance is to call a lawsuit funding company or apply on line.

The process is easy, quick, has no up-front fees and no monthly payments. If this case is eligible for a lawsuit cash advance, a check or wire would arrive within 24-48 hours. Removing financial pressure to settle a valuable case too early for too little compensation may be a smart tactical move.

July 8, 2010

SUV and Ambulance Crash; One Dead, Another Gravely Injured

This two vehicle crash involved an ambulance on the way to a call and an SUV that may have not obeyed a yield sign and most certainly did not observe the ambulance siren or lights. The ambulance was attempting to make a left turn from an avenue on to a street when the SUV sped through the intersection and hit the passenger’s side of the rig. The impact was so violent that the ambulance rolled onto the driver’s side and remained out of control until it came to rest about 50 feet later.

EMS crews took most of the injured paramedics to hospital where the driver was treated and released, but one paramedic was so seriously injured that had to have his leg amputated. The driver of the SUV died at the scene. It appears speed was the major factor in this accident, but a full investigation is underway.

No doubt the ambulance driver and the second paramedic will want to speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. While they are finding out what their rights are and what a personal injury lawsuit may involve, they might also want to do some research into litigation funding services. Legal finance would be advanced to them based on what the settlements may be in these cases.

To apply for a lawsuit cash advance, the parties would just need to either call a lawsuit funding company or apply online. If the two paramedics are eligible, they would receive their "lawsuit loan" within 24-48 hours. There are no fees involved and no monthly payments. Pre-settlement funding may be just the thing they need to pay important bills and expenses while they wait for their cases to be settled.

July 7, 2010

Two Vehicle Crash Kills One; Leaves Eight Injured

This accident happened at the junction of two highways and left one dead and eight injured. Six of the injured were children. It appears that a man was driving a van in northbound, and failed to yield the right of way, despite a posted yield sign. A woman, traveling east, hit the front end of the van causing it to flip over and land on its side. There were eight passengers in the van including 6 kids.

EMS crews took the injured to the hospital for treatment; the van driver was air lifted to another hospital, but, unfortunately, was DOA. The children, ranging in age from 7 to 13 years old had a variety of injuries that were treated in the hospital; the adults were also fortunate enough to be treated and released. The police are checking into this accident further.

Both adults may want to speak to a lawyer about this accident. While it was traumatic for the adults, it was even more so for the children. Legal counsel will be able to advise them of their rights and what may happen if they choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the deceased driver’s estate. Evidently, there was negligence involved, as the man ran a yield sign.

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July 6, 2010

Brick Veneer Collapses; Three People Injured

In downtown Seattle, WA, three people were injured when a brick veneer façade collapsed. The 30-foot wide brick section peeled off the side of the building and hit a restaurant sign as it fell. Three people, under the sign at the time, were hit and seriously injured by falling bricks and other debris as it crashed downwards. EMS crews took the three victims to the nearest hospital. One man may have sustained traumatic brain injury and was admitted to the intensive care unit. One female sustained a bad leg injury and another man suffered a back injury.

City building inspectors toured the accident scene; it is not known if the veneer collapsed due to weather conditions, negligent maintenance, or if the product (the veneer) was faulty. When those questions are answered, the victims will, most likely, file personal injury lawsuits. Certainly, the wise course would be to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney and find out about product liability cases and/or negligent maintenance. If negligence was involved in this case, the party or parties responsible may be held liable for damages.

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July 5, 2010

Massive Fire Kills Six

The building that went up in flames in this case may not have met fire codes. As a net result, six people died – three adults and three children. The blaze took place in a building that was comprised of several apartments and an Irish pub. The fire, evidently, erupted at 6:00 am; the blaze was so hot and fast moving that the roof collapsed.

EMS crews responded to the scene to take one woman, suffering from smoke inhalation, to the hospital. Unfortunately, she died on route. The other 5 victims were found after the building had cooled down to a level that permitted fire fighters to comb through the charred ruins.

The residential portion of the building was due for an inspection; during a recent fire code inspection on the commercial premises, authorities discovered at least 8 violations. The violations included the fact that the pub’s fire alarm had not been tested for over a year and there was a lack of fire extinguishers. The pub owners had been given a deadline to comply with fire regulations, but a follow up was not done prior to the fire.

The families of those killed in the fire will likely talk to a personal injury attorney about their rights. If there was negligence on the part of the building owner in not inspecting or maintaining it, a personal injury lawsuit is likely.

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July 4, 2010

Dog Poop Causes Slip and Fall

A dog is man’s best friend, right? when the dog leaves a "gift" on the floor that man steps in, causing him to fall and sustain a serious back injury.

Not too surprisingly, this accident occurred at a PetSmart store; the fall was hard enough to injure the man's back and cause head injuries as well. The plaintiff has filed a personal injury lawsuit seeking at least $1 million in compensatory damages.

The sixty nine year old plaintiff entered his local PetSmart store to pick up some bird seed and dog food. Things were fine until he stepped on a pile of dog feces and slipped. This caused him to go into contortions, twisting this way and that in an attempt to avoid falling. In the process, he hit his head on something nearby; the blow was so hard, it knocked the plaintiff’s false teeth out and he has had to undergo back surgery as a result of his fall.

The lawsuit alleges PetSmart was negligent in letting dogs into the store where they have the potential to “doo” their business inside the store. It also states that store employees should have been aware of the pile, or should have cleaned it up quickly to avoid any possible slip and falls.

While all the stores are equipped with dog accident stations for owners to clean up after their pets, it is clear that this dog’s owner did not follow store policy. In our opinion, if PetSmart relies on customers to make their stores safe, the policy is fraught with negligence and danger. PetSmart workers are trained to clean up all messes. A similar incident occurred when a woman slipped in dog urine and injured her knee.

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July 3, 2010

Three Vehicle Chicago Crash Leaves Three In Critical Condition

The three vehicles involved in this serious injury automobile accident were a Chicago Fire Department sport utility vehicle, an AT&T truck, and a pedestrian. It appears the AT&T truck slammed into the Fire Department SUV, sending the SUV over the curb where it hit an elderly woman on the sidewalk. EMS crews took all three seriously injured people to various hospitals for treatment. The 71-year-old pedestrian was listed in critical condition. A full investigation will be launched to find out the cause of this accident.

It appears that the driver of the AT&T truck may have been speeding, but only a full investigation will determine this. There are many unanswered questions, not the least of which is whether or not the AT&T driver was on a cell phone, texting while driving, driving while distracted or under the influence of some substance. It has yet to be determined whether the Fire Department SUV ran a red light, was rightfully in the intersection at the time or if it was speeding.

In any event, there are potential lawsuits here. For the victims that choose to file suit, their cases may be a long way from producing a fair and equitable financial resolution. If their cases take a long time to wind their way through the complex and lengthy legal process, they may wish to apply for litigation funding.

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July 2, 2010

Woman Fall From Balcony; Sustains Serious Injuries

This accident took place at an Arizona Hooter’s restaurant. A female diner, sitting on a guardrail of the Hooters second story balcony, fell and was critically injured. Immediately after she fell, a bartender and an off duty paramedic rushed to her aid, finding her turning blue and without a pulse. They were able to revive her, despite internal bleeding; EMS crews arrived and transported her to hospital for further treatment.

There will be a full investigation into this accident and there are a number of questions that need answers. Had the bar over-served her alcohol? Was the railing faulty? Did it give way under her weight? Was the railing clearly marked as too dangerous to sit on?
When this woman finally leaves the hospital, she may wish to consult with an attorney about filing a personal injury lawsuit, particularly if she was served drinks past the legal limit and/or if the railing was faulty. In any event, speaking to a personal injury lawyer would be a good idea in order for her to find out what her rights are.

If she has a case and chooses to file a lawsuit to recover damages for her medical bills etc. she may also want to find out about legal finance services. Lawsuit funding is for those facing long waits to have their cases settled. A lawsuit cash advance allows them to wait for a decent award rather than take a low ball settlement from the insurance company because they need money right away.

Litigation funding may arrive in 24-48 hours or less; the telephone or online application is simple and free. Legal funding may be the right answer in personal injury lawsuits that may take a long while to settle and involve substantial damage awards.

June 30, 2010

Child Dies From Daycare E Coli Infection

Children are certainly not immune to serious illness; if they go to daycare or school, chances are that they may be exposed to viruses or other bugs. Unfortunately, in this case, someone spread a virulent strain of E. coli around a daycare, leaving one child dead and three others in hospital. The facility has been shut down.

The center in was under investigation related to its hygiene practices; it apparently passed that test, but the virus was, somehow, still spread from child to child. This raises a question about employee hygiene and whether or not center employees were taking proper precautions to prevent the further spread of this dangerous bacterium. It also raises the question about facility protocol when dealing with extremely sick children. There were other questions raised about the practices of the workers in the daycare, whether or not they were properly washing their hands after using the bathroom or changing diapers. The strain of E. coli involved here caused bloody diarrhea, fever, cramps, kidney failure, paralysis and death.

The family of the young boy may wish to file a personal injury wrongful death lawsuit with the focus perhaps being the negligence of daycare workers in attending to personal hygiene. A qualified, experienced personal injury attorney will advise the family what rights they have and what will happen if they choose to file a lawsuit.

If they do choose to file a suit, they might also want to find out about litigation funding. A lawsuit cash advance is easy to apply for either by phone or online. If the family is eligible, they would get their legal finance within 48 hours.

Lawsuit funding may be used for just about anything, but commonly it is used to pay for medical bills, funeral and burial expenses and other important financial commitments such as the mortgage, tuition or car payments. pre-settlement funding permits accident victims await justice without being forced to accept a low offer because of financial problems caused by the accident.

June 23, 2010

Fishing Boat Sinks: Three Rescued from Icy Waters, One is Dead

A Seattle based fishing boat sank in the Gulf of Alaska, Three other crew members were rescued from the icy waters by the US Coast Guard, another has died. The boat went down about 50 miles south of Montague Island.

Because of the location of the accident, It took the Coast Guard at least two hours to rescue the survivors. The man who died, apparently, suffered a traumatic brain injury as he was trying to get off the boat before it sank. It is unclear whether he died from the brain injury or subsequent hypothermia. The other crew members had survival suits which meant they stayed alive longer despite the frigid weather. They did however suffer from various degrees of frostbite and hypothermia.

It is not known what caused the boat to sink; if the boat was unseaworthy, defective in some manner, or sank due to a crew error/negligence, survivors of the deceased victim and the surviving injured victims may wish to speak to an attorney specializing in Maritime or Jones Act litigation.

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June 22, 2010

Drunk Driver Hits Tree, Injures Fiance's Two Kids

This falls into the category of "are you sure you want to marry this guy"!? A 37-year old man, driving drunk, crashed into a tree with his fiance's two children in the vehicle and caused serious injuries to both kids. Child protective services have been called in on the case; one of the children required surgical repair of internal injuries.

The police questioned the injured man, while he was at the hospital being treated for his own injuries; he indicated that he’d crashed because of a 'coughing spasm' and because he couldn’t see where he was going. But, a breath test revealed his blood alcohol level was .09 and a blood screen calculated it at .11. Naturally, he was arrested and taken to county jail; he is charged with Driving Under the Influence Resulting in Injury and Neglect of a Dependent.

Whether the mother of these children files an automobile accident lawsuit against her DUI fiance/driver remains to be seen. She certainly has the right to pursue litigation on their behalf. She is a single mom; thus, she will have a flood of bills to deal with after this incident and likely insufficient cash flow to meet the extraordinary obligations of the injuries to her kids on top of her regular bills and expenses. If she decides to pursue litigation, she may also wish to consider applying for lawsuit funding.

In most instances, a plaintiff will apply for a lawsuit cash advance when he/she needs legal finance assistance to handle pressing bills like medical expenses, therapy and other necessities; time off work or wage loss may also create a shortfall and a need for litigation funding to pay pay the mortgage, car payments and other household expenses.

Pre-settlement funding
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June 21, 2010

Man In Tree Tasered-Falls and Sustains Life Altering Injuries

This is a rather unusual case in which a man was tasered, while in a tree, causing him to fall from the tree to the ground, suffering injuries that left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Apparently, the incident was the result of an attempt to serve an arrest warrant upon the now seriously injured man. Instead of cooperating, the man climbed a tree, and, according to many witnesses, he sat down and was doing little else than sitting in the tree, doing nothing.

An officer decided to shock the man with his Taser; witnesses indicate that the man stood up in pan and fell to the ground resulting in the severe injuries reported. The police indicate that the man may have had a knife and that his fall may have been a failed suicide attempt; this account, obviously, conflicts with the eyewitness accounts.

Considering conflicting reports of the officer's conduct here, the injured man will likely consult with a personal injury attorney who specializes in police misconduct or police brutality cases. Whether or not he is permanently paralyzed or totally disabled, he is likely to need interim financial support.

If a lawsuit is filed in this instance, sorting out the conflicts between the officer's story and the witnesses' story will take some time. And, the subsequent lawsuit will be contested and could drag on for months, even years. In the meantime, this man will need to be able to pay his medical expenses, pay for any therapy he may need, buy any special equipment to help him, perhaps have to renovate his home to allow for a wheelchair and pay for multiple medications. It would be a heavy financial burden and since he would likely no longer be able to work, he may need money fast.

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June 15, 2010

Sponge Left Inside Patient; Hospital Fined for a Second Time

You’d think the hospital would have learned its lesson the first time it was fined for leaving a foreign object inside a patient, but evidently not, as the Scripps Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest, California was fined once again for leaving a surgical sponge inside a patient's body.

In this medical malpractice case, a woman had a hysterectomy in 2007 and a sponge was left behind on closing the incision. The patient/victim had to endure two additional surgeries later to remove the sponge. The hospital was assessed a $25,000 fine for that mistake – their second since 2007. After the 2007 incident, the state of California began to increase scrutiny and penalize (fine) appropriately.

While it is encouraging that hospitals will be assessed and fined for their mistakes, victims of medical mistake and neglect retain the option of filing a medical malpractice suit. Thus, victims should consult with experienced medical malpractice attorneys.

The woman involved in this medical fiasco and others with similar claims of medical mistake or neglect may also make use of a service known as lawsuit funding. If the attorney accepts the case and files a lawsuit, the case may be years away from resolution. How does a disabled litigant support herself while waiting for the case to resolve?

Litigation funding, if approved, will help a medical malpractice victim with their ordinary bills and expenses as well as their extraordinary incident related expenses with cash now, while the victim waits for a fair settlement or verdict in the case. Most individuals need assistance with regular living expenses; when an extraordinary one comes along, like paying for three surgeries, legal finance services can provide assistance here, as well.

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June 11, 2010

Cop Tases Kids "For Fun" at School Fair

There are times when one wonders what other people are thinking, and this case certainly fits into the category of “What the heck was the man thinking?” And this was a police officer, who was at a high school career fair and used his Taser on thirty students.

Evidently, the police officer and his young "victims" thought the local school fair would be a great place to get some "hands-on" experience in what it feels like to be tased. These inexperienced children may have asked for it, but an adult police officer should certainly have known better and refrained from actually using the Taser to oblige them. Needless to say the police officer’s lack of foresight put him on unpaid administrative leave.

Apparently, the students were persistent in their urgings to have the officer provide an on-site taser experience; he indulged them, but first had the kids sign a waiver that he quickly created, on the spot. The result of this experiment in "fun"? Two students were burned so severely that they had to be taken to a hospital for evaluation. One female student asked to be shocked seven times. School officials were, apparently, not aware of the taser "experiment".

The case has gone to the District Attorney's office for consideration of potential criminal charges; school officials sent letters to parents to alert them of the incident. I am not aware of the extent of any child's injuries, but if any are serious, there may be potential liability to the police officer, the city, and the school. An experienced personal injury attorney may be required to sort out the situation.

Personal injury lawsuits take a long time to resolve; injury victims involved in contentious litigation often have difficulty paying their bills, the mortgage, car payments, tuition and any medical expenses that arise from their injuries or disability. Injury victims have increasingly relied upon lawsuit funding to bridge the time gap between lawsuit filing and lawsuit settlement; a lawsuit cash advance enables an injury victim to wait out the long legal process and receive a fair settlement or jury verdict in their litigation.. Litigation funding is structured to prevent litigants from being forced to settle valuable case too early for too little. It is easy to apply for lawsuit funding; the call is free, the advice is priceless.

June 10, 2010

Errant Gun Show Shot Hits Patron

When one goes to a gun show, one does not expect to get shot. This accident happened at a Denver Merchandise Mart; the bullet hit a man, badly injuring him in the process. The Tanner Gun Show was off to a raucous start when the man selling the gun in question and the man shot were holding a gun when it fired. Witnesses say they were examining the gun when it went off and hit the man in the upper torso. The victim was rushed to the hospital.

What was a loaded gun doing at a gun show? Gun show rules indicate that it is illegal to have loaded guns at the show; most of those on display have zip ties snaked through the chambers to make sure this kind of accident doesn’t happen. Despite these rules, it happened in this instance and an explanation must be proffered.

The extent of the victim’s injuries is not clear, but a gun shot wound is a gunshot wound, and someone in this circumstance may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced personal injury attorney will listen to the facts and events of the case and render an opinion as to the negligence of the exhibitor and/or Merchandise Mart. After careful consideration of the facts and law and an attempt to resolve the case reasonably, a lawsuit will, most likely, be filed.

If the victim is unable to work, because of his injury, he will, undoubtedly, have trouble making ends meet. While his lawsuit is pending, he does have the option of applying for lawsuit funding to assist in getting important bills and expenses paid now, while the case is pending.

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June 9, 2010

Police Settle Police Dog Bite Case

The victim in this story was a criminal; he had been arrested for being drunk in public. I am sure that most right-thinking people would agree that being a public drunk does not justify being bitten so badly that you must be airlifted to a hospital for treatment of your injuries.

Apparently, the police dog that lunged at the 24 year old victim had a history of attacking people without warning. When the man had recovered enough to leave the hospital, he filed a dog bite lawsuit to recover his medical expenses and for the pain and suffering of the injuries he sustained.

His personal injury lawsuit indicated that the police were negligent in not keeping the dog under control, particularly since he was known to attack without provocation and not on command.
The court agreed with the allegations in the lawsuit; the man was awarded $88,000 for his injuries.

People, like this man, waiting for their cases to be heard, often face financial difficulties, trying to pay their regular bills and expenses as well as the significant medical, hospital, therapy and prescription expenses related to their injuries. Disability and lost wages make things even more difficult for an injured plaintiff.

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June 8, 2010

Youth Runs Stop Sign, Result: Wrongful Death

In this two vehicle automobile accident, both drivers were seriously injured. The passenger in the vehicle that was hit died at the scene. According to the reports of this accident, the 29-year old man ran a stop sign and wound up sideswiping another vehicle. The passenger in the sideswiped vehicle was the wife of the driver of that vehicle; she was pronounced dead at the scene and the two drivers were immediately taken to hospitals.

It isn’t clear yet why the negligent driver ran the stop sign. The investigation will continue until the police are able to find out the answers to their questions. For now, the driver faces criminal charges of running a stop sign and reckless driving.

It’s more than likely that the injured husband will seek the advice of a competent personal injury attorney to discuss compensation for his injuries and for the wrongful death of his wife. There is a good chance that he will want to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver. He would likely be seeking damages for his and his wife's pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, loss of companionship, loss of income and several other things that are normally included in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

This accident victim will, undoubtedly, suffer financially as well as physically, until the two lawsuits are resolved by settlement or verdict. He may take some comfort in knowing that he is eligible to apply for a lawsuit cash advance that would reduce his financial stress, right away. Upon approval, litigation funding pays his pressing bills, handles other expenses related to his injuries and the death of his wife, and permits him to focus on trying to heal. Its not easy being involved in an accident, losing a loved one, being seriously injured and losing your job and income on top of it all. Plaintiff funding provides the luxury of time, important to maximize any settlement or verdict rendered in the case.

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June 7, 2010

Foreign Object Crashes Through Window Causing Serious Injury: Truck Drivers: Secure Your Load!

This bizarre automobile accident happened in the blink of an eye and caused some severe injuries. This case involves a construction worker and his company for improperly lashing a PVC pipe to the flat bed of a truck.

Car driver Mark Ochao got the shock of his life when the PVC pipe that was on the bed of truck took flight and smashed through his windshield. Needless to say, one of his phone calls from the hospital was to a personal injury attorney who will be assisting him through the long and difficult litigation process.

The details of this case are very unusual; the end result is devastating. Ochao was driving down a highway; he was passed by a 2002 Silverado that had PVC pipe loaded on its bed. For some reason, the Silverado driver hit the brakes and a 4-inch PVC pipe flew off the back of the truck directly into on-coming traffic.

The flying pipe went through the unfortunate Ochao’s car windshield, causing him serious head, neck, face, shoulder and hand injuries. He was taken to hospital and treated for injuries that included fractures in his face. He also apparently lost his sense of smell as a result of the accident.

In discussions with his personal injury lawyer, Ochao filed a lawsuit that alleges the driver of the truck was negligent in not properly securing his load and in driving recklessly. The construction company is also being sued since the trucker was working for them at the time and they failed to ensure he was working safely. Damages being sought are in excess of $300,000.

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June 7, 2010

Train Collision Tragedy: Man Dead, Widow Grieves

This case involved a man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and paid for that with his life. James Traylor was driving across a railroad crossing when his van, for some unknown reason, got stuck on the tracks. The wrongful death lawsuit filed on his behalf by his wife, alleges he was stuck because of the uneven surface of the tracks.

Traylor was trying to get his vehicle off the tracks with assistance from others in another car. In the middle of doing that, a Union Pacific train appeared and was bearing down on him doing 60 mph. When Traylor, who was in the vehicle at the time, saw the train, he jumped out. It was too late. The train hit the van, which in turn hit Traylor and killed him.

The train accident lawsuit alleges that the train’s employees were negligent because they were driving at high speeds, driving recklessly, were not paying attention to whether there were any vehicles or pedestrians near the tracks, did not sound a warning, and that the tracks were poorly maintained, causing the van to get stuck. The suit seeks damages in excess of $100,000 for lost potential income, survivor support benefits and funeral expenses.

Any verdict or settlement in this case is likely to be a long way off. In the meanwhile, Mr. Traylors' widow must continue pay all her bills and try to get on with her life without her principal means of support. This is, by no means, an easy task for most litigants of death and serious injury cases; victims in this or similar circumstances may wish to check out whether they qualify for lawsuit funding. If eligible for litigation funding, litigants are not only able to pay immediate bills and other expenses, but also to handle future expenses until their cases are settled or resolved by verdict or judgment.

A lawsuit cash advance is just that, an advance on the expected settlement amount that allows needy litigants to wait for a fair and equitable verdict, rather than have to settle for less than full value. Often, cash-strapped plaintiffs in situations like this, decide to take the first offer that comes along. Doing that almost always means accepting far less than full case value or what they might get from a judge or jury. This is why lawsuit funding is a often a solid strategic move for plaintiffs and plaintiffs' attorneys.

May 26, 2010

When Auto Meets Auto, Results May be Serious Personal Injury

When car meets car, or auto meets auto, the results may often by serious personal injury to some or all involved.

The plaintiff in this automobile accident case happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and in the process, wound up with some severe personal injuries. The plaintiff was was driving northbound on the highway, when another car, turned left in front of him. He could not avoid the turning vehicle and the two collided. The resulting smash up caused some pretty serious to the plaintiff.

The injured driver did the smart thing; he contacted a personal injury attorney to handle his case, and a lawsuit was filed. The plaintiff's losses included lost wages and employee benefits, mental anguish, significant medical bills, serious physical pain and suffering, permanent disability, diminished mobility and the loss of ability to do everyday tasks. The complaint alleges that the turning driver was negligent in the following particulars: Failure to yield the right of way, failure to watch for oncoming traffic, reckless and/or careless driving.

Resolving cases like this is a lengthy process; while this case appears to favor the plaintiff, success or failure often turns on the evidence proffered during the legal process of discovery. Whether the case win or loses, is settled or tried to a verdict, is a question that will be answered after significant case development and time.

How does a plaintiff in this physical and financial circumstance make ends meet while the litigation drags on? He will, obviously, be in a serious financial bind; he is not able to work, has additional medical and prescription expenses, and he still has his regular expenses, mortgage, car, utilities, and other bills and expenses.

One answer is lawsuit funding; if a plaintiff qualifies, in exchange for an interest in his potential case recovery, he can pay all of his past due bills right away. If he is approved, the money will be in his hands within 24-48 hours and no credit check is necessary. Litigation funding is based on the quality of the case, not on the credit standing of the plaintiff. Used strategically, to prevent settling a case too early for too little, lawsuit funding will not only solve a plaintiff's immediate financial problems, but it will increase the value of his/her case.

Choose an experienced, professionally owned legal finance company. It is easy to apply. Imagine being able to pay all of your bills now, and in the future, with the luxury of being able to wait for a just verdict or settlement. A lawsuit cash advance provides litigation plaintiffs with the cash they need now, to await a fair settlement later.

May 19, 2010

Sometimes We are Just Unlucky: Motorcycle Crashes Into Restaurant Injuring 8 Year Old Boy

Sometimes we are just plain unlucky; we get hurt in strange ways. In this case, an 8 year old boy was injured as he sat, quietly, in a restaurant, eating dinner with his grandmother. Suddenly, a motorcycle crashed into the building and into the restaurant, hitting the boy, and causing a serious leg fracture.

The eventual settlement was in favor of the unfortunate child for a sum of $150,000. No "jackpot justice" here. A sensible settlement for outrageous neglect. Obviously, a case like this requires the assistance of a personal injury attorney. In addition, while a child cannot receive lawsuit funding, the parents, if medical and care expenses become prohibitive, a lawsuit cash advance may assist a family in providing the medical care needed. This will help avoid allowing crushing bills to force you to resolve a valuable case too soon for too little compensation. Litigation funding would have allow this child's family to take care of all of his expenses, things like medical bills, crutches, therapy, medications, rehabilitation and other expenses associated with the accident.

Legal finance
services are relatively easy to obtain; assistance begins with a quick phone call. Funding arrives within 48 hours of approval.

May 15, 2010

Motorcycles and Poorly Maintained Roads: An Accident Waiting to Happen

Roads can be deadly when it comes to motorcycles, particularly if they are not maintained properly. The case of Brad Rowand who received a $1.75 million settlement of his motorcycle accident, personal injury lawsuit, is a tragic reminder. He was suing the county because of the poorly maintained roads. Rowand lost a leg and spent 62 days in hospital as a result of his accident.

It was a well known fact in the community that the road where the accident happened was in serious need of repair. The unmaintained road was over 70 years old; it had seen better days. The neighbors along the route had signs up saying, “Read my lips, pave our road.” Instead of fixing the road, the county repeatedly cold-patched the potholes.

On the day of the accident, 20-year old Rowand and three friends were riding on the road. His bike hit a pothole; the front wheel wobbled and threw him off into a metal pole. The pole took his leg off at the hip. There were doubts he would survive, but, somehow, he made it. Although fitted with a prosthetic leg, scar tissue prevents him from wearing it.

This young man (and other accident victims in the same or similar circumstance) may have been interested to know that he most likely, would have qualified for a lawsuit cash advance; funding that would have allowed him to wait for his settlement. Lawsuit funding is intended to be used to pay all the bills, and that includes medical bills, therapy, the prosthetic leg, his wheelchair and other incidental expenses as a result of the accident. It also lets him pay other expenses such as a mortgage or tuition or car payments. Litigation funding may have saved him the worry of wondering how he was going to pay for his medical care and survive for the rest of his life. It is easy to apply and if you lose your case you do not have to repay the money. This is truly risk-free lawsuit funding.

May 10, 2010

Birth Trauma Nets $22 Million: Here's the Bad News

Amidst the phony cries of 'lawsuit abuse' and 'frivolous' lawsuits, a tragic family received the 'good news' that they have won a $22 million settlement. However, with every large verdict, there was, initially, terribly 'bad news'. In this case, he bad news is that their daughter, severely injured at birth, is a spastic quadriplegic with mild retardation. She needs around the clock care for the rest of her life for her severe and permanent injuries and the money will help pay her medical costs etc., and help prevent the taxpayer from supporting her. That is what serious lawsuits do; they make doctors, hospitals and insurance companies responsible for the mistakes they make or the risk they assume. If they are not found responsible, in our form of government, the taxpayer must assume the burden if the family cannot afford support.

This trial took five weeks; the jurors concluded that the doctor and her professional practice were negligent in delivering Cassie Grow. The mother, Heather Grow, was told that her pelvic arch was too narrow to deliver a nine pound baby. There was no way a baby that large would fit through the birth canal. Not unexpectedly, the child got stuck. Instead of doing an emergency C-section, the doctor kept giving the mother drugs to contract her uterus in order to push the baby through the canal. What happened instead is that the contractions caused brain damage to the baby.

Everything that happened the day Cassie was born was in direct contravention of the standard of care in delivering a large baby to a woman with a narrow pelvic arch. Obviously, a child born with severe brain damage incurs astronomical medical bills resulting from her injury. Attention paid to care for the child often results in problems paying other, regular bills and expenses. And the bills just keep coming and increasing as the child gets older. Where does the family find extra money to pay for special equipment, medications and therapy for their child? This is why lawsuits are so important; they are not filed for frivolous reasons, they are filed for serious situations like this one. Compensation for a tragic medical mistake such as this one must be sufficient to provide lifetime support to a severely restricted child. That is why this verdict is so large; it is not because the system is broken like the tort reformers would like you to believe.

But what does a family like the Grow's do to support Cassie's needs while they wait months or years for their case to resolve. The period between filing a case and resolving a case is lengthy and financially devastating. The attorney is handling the case on a contingency; that certainly helps. But how do the regular bills get paid and how does the family support the new, huge burden of paying to treat and support a brain damaged child?

Families in this situation may be interested to know that they can apply for litigation funding.
A lawsuit cash advance is an advance of those funds that the family expects in settlement or final resolution of a personal injury or malpractice case. The lawsuit funding company (Lawsuit Financial is one of the nation's most experienced providers of this valuable service) provides the needed funds, before the case resolves, then waits for a just settlement, verdict or judgment. The family's financial stress is removed without having to settle their valuable case for less than it is actually worth. Lawsuit funding is easy to apply for and, in most cases, funds arrive within 48 hours or less.

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April 22, 2010

Texas Construction Accident Kills Worker

Hanging sheet rock isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and the worker doing it is in a position to fall. This construction site accident happened in Tyler, Texas at the site of a church under renovation. The worker was hanging sheet rock and took an inadvertent step backwards into a 3 x 6 foot construction hole on the second floor. The 41-year old worker fell two stories and struck his head on the ground when he landed. He left behind a wife and two children.

By the time other workers made it to his location, he was dead. The attending coroner felt he had died instantly due to the severity of his traumatic brain injury. There will be a full autopsy conducted to determine if there were any other causes of death involved, such as a medical event like a heart attack.

A full investigation will get underway at the construction site as well to figure out why the 3 x 6 foot construction hole was left uncovered. Safety rules and regulations on construction sites mandate that holes like this one be covered for this very reason. If someone was negligent in not putting the cover back on the hole, this may be the foundation of a wrongful death lawsuit.

The family will be in great shock at the sudden death of their husband, father and son. They will certainly want to talk to a skilled personal injury lawyer and find out what they can do in this situation. The attorney can outline what needs to be done to file for workers compensation or, if possible, a wrongful death suit.

If they can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, the family may be interested to know that litigation funding might assist them in paying their pressing bills now, while they wait for a fair settlement or a jury verdict. A lawsuit cash advance could tide them over, through the long legal process, until their case is resolved.

Lawsuit funding is intended to allow the plaintiff to pay their day-to-day expenses, important things, like keeping a roof over their heads. Medical and funeral expenses can put a family in financial distress. The application process is simple, and the money must only be repaid if you win your case. Legal finance services have proven to be a godsend to people who need financial assistance while waiting for their lawsuit to settle.

April 21, 2010

Cowboy Stadium Roof Repair Workers Fall 70 Feet

Construction site accidents are quite common and will often cause serious injury or death. This case involves two construction workers who were up on the roof of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium roof doing some work when they fell 70 feet on to a ledge. Despite the long fall, they are both still alive and but suffering from severe injuries. They were doing some maintenance work at 7 a.m. when they fell.

According to the police accident report, there may have been ice on the roof which caused them to slip. Of course, the question is, why weren’t they wearing safety harnesses at the time? Furthermore, were harnesses provided and if so, what condition were they in or were they told not to wear them for this job? Wearing a safety harness is mandated by federal and state guidelines.

One worker suffered a broken leg, potential traumatic brain injury when he lost consciousness and chest injuries. The other worker sustained bad back injuries. It was not easy to get these men off the roof and the EMS crews had to climb a catwalk system inside the stadium to reach the ledge where the two men lay. More than 12 EMS workers used rappelling equipment and ladders to get to the men who had been on the roof for an hour before they could be safely extracted and taken to hospital.

If there was negligence involved here on the part of the employer with regard to the safety harnesses, then both of these employees will need to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney. The worker with potential traumatic brain injury will definitely need legal assistance to file a case and get just compensation for his long-term medical and personal care for the rest of his life.

This worker would likely be interested in knowing that he could qualify for a lawsuit cash advance. This is litigation funding right up front, no hassles, no credit checks and you don’t need to have a job to apply. The lawsuit funding arrives with 24-48 hours, and you may use it for any necessity. In most instances, people use legal finance to pay important non-accident related bills and expenses, like mortgage or car payments or accident related expenses, like medical, hospital or therapy bills bills.
In this case, if the worker qualifies, legal funding would allow him to get on with life, pay all his bills, allowing him to comfortably wait for a just settlement or a court verdict awarding him compensation. Sourcing pre-settlement funding is as easy as 1-2-3 and only takes one quick phone call or web site visit.

April 21, 2010

New Reporter Becomes "News" in Florida Auto Accident

Instead of reporting the news, this reporter became the news. A two vehicle automobile accident sent a local Florida reporter to hospital. The violent crash occurred when a driver ran a red light and hit a TV news van. The reporter, Claire Metz, was taken to hospital for treatment of her injuries.

According to local investigating police, the driver of a westbound pickup truck, Drew Clark, evidently reached down to retrieve a shoe that had fallen near his feet, inside the truck. As he bent over, he took his eye off the road, ran the red light and slammed into the TV news van that had just entered the intersection. The van driver sustained unknown injuries; the reporter suffered the major force of the impact, as Clark plowed into the passenger’s side of the van. The impact was so severe that the van rolled and came to rest on the driver’s side. EMS crews took the injured to various hospitals, dependent on the severity of injury. The 24-year old pickup truck driver was charged with careless driving.

Based upon the police and eye witness reports, the pick-up driver will be on the wrong end of a personal injury lawsuit. Depending upon injuries and the sufficiency of insurance proceeds, the occupants of the van could have a valuable personal injury case. After talking to an attorney and determining to pursue a lawsuit, these folks may find themselves injured and disabled, without adequate resources to wait out the long legal process and recover damages for their injuries and disabilities. They would be wise to research lawsuit funding. Lawsuit funding, or litigation funding, as it is sometimes called, will help these victims deal with their regular bills as well as those related to their injuries, medical, hospital, and/or therapy bills, while they wait for a settlement or jury verdict.

A lawsuit cash advance would help the reporter and crew, if injuries prevent them from working, with all regular and injury related expenses, without having to worry about settling their cases to soon for too little compensation, just to get the bills paid.

Legal finance services are a good solution to situations like this, as they would allow the plaintiffs to not only deal with their current expenses, immediately, but an ethical and compassionate provider of this service would also provide additional advances, for future needs, as victims wait for their case to be resolved. Life doesn’t stop because people have accidents. Life, the way they knew it, may have been substantially altered. Lawsuit Financial can help fill the financial gaps until justice has been served. A phone call or website visit will get you started; you may have the financial assistance you need within 24-48 of your initial contact.

April 20, 2010

Florida Collision Kills 14 Year Old Girl

A local County Sheriff’s Office deputy was traveling southbound on the highway, at an excessive rate of speed, with no siren or activated emergency lights. At the same time, a northbound Honda Civic attempted a left turn, in front of the fast approaching police car. The automobile accident that resulted was so horrific that the Honda’s rear end was ripped off and landed several yards away after the accident. Eye witnesses say they saw a young girl flying through the air as she was ejected from the car. She landed under a pickup truck that had stopped to assist at the scene. Unfortunately, the 14 year old died at the scene.

The Honda driver and another passenger were taken to hospital. The Sheriff’s Deputy was also taken to another location for treatment. Charges are pending due to the officer driving without lights and siren as per department regulations. The police will need to know whether or not the officer was on duty at the time of the accident and his speed at the time of the accident.

The people in the Honda will eventually seek the opinion of a qualified personal injury attorney, not only about their injuries, but about the wrongful death of the 14-year old girl. On the face of the evidence, the Sheriff’s deputy was negligent by driving recklessly and by driving without his lights and siren engaged to warn people to get out of the way.

Cases like this, if a lawsuit is filed, take quite a long time to resolve; there are many issues to resolve, not the least of which is a determination of negligence. If negligence against the officer seems provable, victims might consider speaking to their lawyer about retaining an experienced lawsuit funding expert to assist them, financially, through the litigation. This is a wise, strategic, move, as a lawsuit cash advance assists families involved in contentious litigation by paying their immediate expenses, while they await a verdict or settlement.

Legal finance services come in handy, as injured victims need to pay medical and other expenses, and survivors of wrongful death victims can never replace the loss of a loved one. These are complex cases; justice takes a long time and trial or settlement is often months, even years, away. This is precisely why applying for litigation funding makes sense. A family no longer needs to settle a valuable case too early for too little compensation. A call or visit to our website is complimentary; so it the advice. Don't resolve your case for pennies on the dollar because of pressing financial need; contact us, let us assist you, instead.

April 19, 2010

Fiery Arizona Crash Leaves One Dead

The fire burned hot and bright in the aftermath of the accident where a truck hit disabled vehicle from behind. This fatal, fiery truck accident happened in the westbound lanes of 1-10 in Arizona, and a 44 year old woman is dead. Olga Sanchez Torres, whose car had broken down while she was driving, came to a stop and a truck, traveling behind her, violently rear-ended her car.

The truck was traveling so fast that the violent collision caused Ms. Torres' car to explode, trapping her in the wreckage of the burning vehicle. Several witnesses tried to extricate her from the burning vehicle, but intense heat and fire made rescue impossible. By the time firefighters arrived at the scene, the vehicle was totally engulfed in flames.

The police have begun an investigation as to the cause of the accident. They will want to know if the truck was following too close, if the driver was under the influence, not paying attention, distracted, or asleep at the wheel. In most rear end collisions, the driver who rear-ends another vehicle is usually the at fault driver.

The Torres family will, most likely, pursue litigation. While the family awaits justice, members may discover that the death of a loved one is not only an emotionally draining experience, it is also a financially draining one. The pursuit of a lawsuit takes a long time; the family may wish to consider litigation funding as a way to pay their bills until their wrongful death lawsuit winds its way through the long legal process and reaches a settlement or jury verdict. This family has lost a loved one; her companionship, household income and presence as a mom and life-lesson teacher of the children will be sorely missed.

If the truck driver was negligent, the Torres case will move forward slowly leaving them in a bind as to how they will pay their day to day expenses. A lawsuit cash advance would allow them to get on with their lives and let them wait for a fair resolution. They won’t have to take an unreasonably low offer, just because they are desperate for cash now. In most cases, lawsuit funding is readily available within about 48 hours or less and it doesn’t matter what your credit score is or even if you don’t have a job. Legal finance services provide fast cash for an immediate solution to pressing financial circumstances. You can apply by phone or online. The call or visit is free; the advice is priceless.

April 13, 2010

Multiple Vehicle Crash Seriously Injures Arizona Woman

This multiple vehicle automobile accident seriously injured one woman on Tucson Highway I-10. It happened while a border patrol agent was doing a traffic stop. The five vehicle wreck took place just as the border patrol agent was conducting a traffic stop in the west bound lane of I-10 near the junction of I-19. The agent had stopped a driver and was talking to him. At the same time a VW sedan, driving the center lane, had dropped back to let a merging vehicle in. As it slowed, the VW was rear-ended by a Jeep Cherokee. The VW spun out of control, hit a minivan, slammed into the back of the border patrol cruiser, and this caused the patrol car to hit the vehicle that it had stopped to check.

EMS crews responded and were expecting to see significant damage; only one woman, the VW driver, was seriously injured. She was immediately transported to the nearest medical facility for treatment. The police are launching an investigation into what happened to cause this chain multiple vehicle collision.

Was the driver of the Jeep Cherokee talking on his cell, texting, picking something up off the floor, chatting with a passenger when he rear-ended the VW? Was he under the influence? These are questions that investigators will be focusing on.

Because the VW driver suffered serious injuries, she may consider filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover her medical expenses and property damages, as well as lost wages and pain and suffering. Depending on how seriously hurt she is, she may not be able to return to work anytime soon; she may be permanently disabled. Only time will tell.

Personal injury cases like this take a fair length of time to either be settled or tried to a verdict. In the meantime, the woman’s life still has to be lived, her bills still have to be paid and she has the added burden of wondering where money will come from to pay expenses. She is a likely candidate for litigation funding; this will allow her to pay her medical and other pressing bills right away, rather than waiting until the lawsuit is resolved or, worse, forcing an early and cheap settlement out of financial desperation.

Lawsuit funding gives the plaintiff the distinct advantage of being able to sit and wait for a settlement or verdict and stay current on living and medical expenses. Without this valuable legal finance service, the unfortunate woman may have to accept a lower than full value settlement offer. Lawsuit Financial provides lawsuit cash advance assistance completely contingent upon the outcome of your case. If you lose the case, you don't have to pay the money back. The call is free, the advice is free, and the pre-settlement funding is at no-risk. Call or apply on-line, today.

April 12, 2010

Birth Trauma Brain Damage Result in Large Damage Award

This Illinois case involves a baby who suffered brain injury during his birth. Robert Morales Jr. came into the world in 2001, induced by an injection of Pitocin. Unfortunately, this drug has some nasty side effects, with the major ones being the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels are reduced.

Apparently, (and the birth trauma medical malpractice case alleged that) the medical professionals failed to notice the baby was in distress and he suffered anoxia and subsequent brain trauma. He was flown to another hospital with a higher level of care, as the first hospital didn’t have the skills to care for critically injured babies with brain injuries. Baby Morales was in hospital for a month. He will require constant care for the rest of his life.

Families that find themselves in circumstances similar to that experienced by the Morales family, may take comfort in knowing that they do not have to face, alone, the nightmare of staggering medical expenses and increased daily expenses caused by an accidental injury suffered by a family member. Lawsuit funding is service that provides interim financial support to litigants with pending personal injury lawsuits. It is easy to apply for legal finance services; one phone call or website visit gets you started. If you are approved for a lawsuit cash advance, you will have funds in your bank account within 24-48 hours. And, if you lose your case, you do not have to pay the money back. This is guaranteed, no-risk lawsuit financing. Now, you can wait patiently, without financial worry, for your case to settle or resolve at trial. A pre-settlement cash advance is fast cash; it is not dependent on your credit or whether or not you have a job.

Don't "throw in the towel" too early and take less than the full value your attorney says your case is worth. Apply for litigation funding, instead.

April 10, 2010

Rear End Collision Results In Traumatic Brain Injury

It doesn’t matter who you are, you must drive with caution; pay attention to what you are doing and where you are going. The consequences of inattention may be an automobile accident and the result may be serious personal injuries or death.

In this New York case, a NY fire chief caused a violent car wreck because he wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing and where he was going while driving. As an end result of following too close to another vehicle, the passenger in the vehicle he hit suffered serious and life altering head trauma. The fire chief was tailgating an SUV; he suddenly saw the brake lights come on, but it was too late to stop. He slammed his vehicle into the rear of the SUV.

The 18 year old injured passenger was airlifted to hospital for treatment for a serious head trauma and listed in fair condition. The police report indicated that the fire chief wasn’t paying attention; when accident investigators got all the information they needed, he was issued a traffic violation. Meanwhile, the 18 year old may have had her life turned upside down due to the someone's inattention. Traumatic brain injuries can cause major life changes, even when they appear to be “minor”.

The family will, most likely, pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for the young lady's long-term care. These cases, especially in New York, take a long time to wind their way down the legal process. While they await a settlement or verdict, the family must pay their regular bills and expenses as well as the enormous bills and expenses related to the care and treatment of someone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury. How do they do that until their case resolves?

Litigation funding may be the perfect solution for them. A strategic lawsuit cash advance will pay their regular bills and those extraordinary expenses related to care and treatment. This will allow the family to wait out the long litigation process, wait for justice to take its course, and prevent them from being forced to settle the case too soon, for too little, simply because they need financial relief now.

Legal finance would allow them to immediately handle the hospital expenses and the costs of rehabilitation over time. Lawsuit funding would also mean they could manage their other important expanses like the mortgage, car payments and food. It is simple to apply by phone or on-line; approval can often be arranged in 24 hours or less. The call to 1-877-377-SUIT is free; the advice is priceless.

April 8, 2010

Scenic Route Proves Deadly for Cyclist

As we start feeling the warmth of the sun, the trees start to blossom, the grass turns green, and motorists find themselves sharing the roadways with bicyclists. The intersection at Falls and Butler Road, in Baltimore County, is no exception. This is one of many popular scenic routes frequented by bicyclists. Unfortunately, this area is also known for heavy traffic and there are no bike lanes or sidewalks. Vehicles must share the road with the cyclists.

Sharing this stretch of road became deadly for an Owings Mills cyclist. On the afternoon of April 7, long-time cyclist, Larry Bensky was riding along Falls Road with a friend, Joel Wyman when he was struck by a vehicle and fatally injured. Apparently, the driver of the vehicle, 64-year-old, Faith Frenzel, drifted off the road, onto the shoulder, and struck Bensky and Wyman. Bensky was pronounced dead at the scene; Wyman is in serious condition at Sinai Hospital.

It is not known what caused Ms. Frenzel to drift off the road. The accident is still under investigation and no charges have been filed. What is known is that the road is too narrow for vehicles and bicycles. The State of Maryland is looking into a bill that requires drivers to give cyclists a buffer of three feet when passing. This is not an uncommon concern across the country. I am pleased that the State of Maryland is turning this fatal automobile-bicycle accident into a call for making our roads safer.

Unfortunately, for Mr. Bensky and his family it is too little, too late. It is uncertain whether charges will be made against Ms. Frenzel or if a lawsuit will be filed. What is certain is the grief that follows for Mr. Bensky’s wife, and two young daughters, ages 7 and 3. Even before the grief subsides, the Bensky family may face financial hardship due to income loss and funeral expense. Death of a family member can have devastating legal and financial consequences.

If a lawsuit is pursued, the family can include lifetime loss of earnings, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship. This accident also reminds us all of the dangers of cycling on roadways, especially commonly traveled ones by motorists. The photo of Mr. Bensky shows him wearing a helmet. We assume he was also wearing one at the time of the accident. But, this is a good time to remember a few bicyclist safety tips.

· Wear a helmet; make sure it is properly fitted

· Ride with the flow of traffic; ride on the right side of the road, not against the flow of traffic

· Adhere to the same rules of the road as vehicles

· Avoid stopping in the blind spot of a vehicle

· Use a mirror to glance at traffic behind

· Use common sense and remain alert

Lawsuit Financial
provides legal finance assistance to injury victims and their families. We have helped many families, through difficult times, following a tragic loss. We understand the difficulties they are facing; we are sensitive to their concerns.

If you have been seriously injured or a loved one has been killed in any type of automobile accident or motorcycle accident or any other type of personal injury accident, only an experienced attorney can tell you whether you have a right to compensation. If an attorney takes your case and files a lawsuit, lawsuit funding may be available to assist you through difficult financial circumstances caused by a serious, disabling injury accident. Don't settle your valuable case too early for too little due to financial difficulties. Apply for legal funding instead. The call to 1-877-377-SUIT is free; the advice is priceless.

March 30, 2010

House Falls Off Foundation During House Transport Operation: Man Crushed to Death

Transporting houses for a living is a tricky job. In this case, one of the men working to move the house from its foundation was crushed when the house fell off its foundation. Firefighters responded to the scene of the accident in record time, but they couldn’t help the man under the house.

Evidently, there were six men working this construction site and trying to lower the house on to its foundation. The house was too tall when it was built and wasn’t up to code, so they had to lower it to be in compliance. The worker, who died was standing between two beams when he was pinned and crushed to death. The other workers made it out safely.

Obviously, there will be an investigation; the main thing the accident investigation needs to uncover is a cause, so that future accidents may be prevented. Perhaps there was negligence, perhaps not.

Whether or not this becomes a workers compensation case, a wrongful death case, or both, litigation is a foregone conclusion. An insurance company will represent the employer in a workers compensation lawsuit, or, if an alternate contractor was negligent, the contractor in a wrongful death lawsuit. These cases will takes months, if not years to resolve. Investigations must be conducted and the court dockets are crowded. It takes awhile for a case to wind its way through the legal process.

This unfortunate family has lost its principal means of support and may need some financial help to get through the long litigation process. They may want to consider a service known as lawsuit funding. Lawsuit funding, or legal finance, as some call this valuable service, will assist the family with their ordinary bills and expenses as well as funeral and other accident related extraordinary expenses. The litigation funding company does this based on the merits of the lawsuit; your credit rating or job status does not matter. And, if you lose your case, the lawsuit cash advance is excused; you do not have to pay it back. This is called non-recourse lawsuit funding.

It is very easy to apply; you can do so by phone or on the internet. If you qualify, you will have the money you need within 24-48 hours after approval. Please note that workers compensation lawsuit funding is not available in all states. The legal finance professionals can provide you with a list of those states where workers compensation lawsuit funding is available. Don't settle you case for pennies on the dollar before your case is ready. Give your attorney the time he/she needs to get you the right amount of compensation for your loss. And who does that hurt? THE INSURANCE COMPANY, THAT'S WHO!

March 29, 2010

Falling Metal Beam Fatal to Florida Construction Worker

Construction worksites can be deadly if appropriate safety precaution are not taken by contractors, sub-contractors and workers. In this Florida case, a worker was crushed to death when a heavy metal beam fell on him.

The construction worker was part of a crew that had been subcontracted out to complete an expansion at a local parts company dealership. Three eyewitnesses told the police that the victim saw the beam coming and tried to get out of its way. Unfortunately, he couldn't, and the 33-foot long, 1,750 pound beam crushed him to death.

The beam had fallen off a forklift and although the worker heard it, he was unable to outrun it. Other workers on the site said no one was near the beam when it fell. The important litigation questions become whether or not the forklift was faulty and/or if the operator had not engaged it properly when he left the cab.

It took only three minutes for EMS crews to arrive on site; the unfortunate victim could not be saved. He leaves a wife and two small children. Pending the results of the health and safety investigation, the victim’s wife will certainly pursue a workers compensation case and may also, if certain conditions are met, pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. She will need an attorney(s) experienced in construction site accident cases, perhaps product liability cases (if the investigation determines that the forklift was faulty), and in workers compensation cases. These cases will take a long time to pursue and compensation for her husband's death could be months, possibly years, away. This is a terrible emotional loss for this young family; the wife has lost her husband and the young children must grow up without their loving father. Tragedies like this also have a financial impact and the family's principal mean of support is gone. This worker's widow will likely experience significant financial problems, not only from lack of support for her regular bills and expenses, but, also, from extraordinary death and funeral related expenses. She does not want to settle any of her valuable cases too early, for too little, just to make ends meet. What can she do, instead?

A lawsuit cash advance, if she qualifies, would assist her in meeting her necessary financial obligations until her cases are settled. And, the good news is, that workers compensation lawsuit funding, not available in all states, is available in Florida. If the investigation determines that this is only a workers compensation case, the wait time for benefits is shorter, but legal finance assistance will shorten even that waiting period.

Litigation funding can be completed, with lawsuit cash in hand, with 24-48 of your application; it may be used to pay for things like medical bills, mortgage payments, car payments, child care and other important bills. It usually only take ones phone call or on-line visit to arrange for lawsuit funding from the industry expert. Construction accident lawsuit funding, wrongful death lawsuit funding, and workers compensation lawsuit funding are available in situations like this; automobile accident lawsuit funding, premises liability lawsuit funding, medical malpractice lawsuit funding and many other types of personal injury lawsuit funding are also available to personal injury victims, depending upon the circumstances and seriousness of their accidents and/or injuries. A call or visit will determine is you qualify.

March 26, 2010

Trench Walls Cave In Killing Two

When it comes to excavations on a job site, there are rules and regulations that say how the walls of the pit need to be properly reinforced. That is one of the unanswered questions in this case. Knowing who didn’t follow the rules will identify who was negligent. An investigation is pending.

In this Oklahoma case, two workers died when the trench they were working in fell in on top of them. The job was to dig a hole for placing a septic tank and the two men had it just about halfway done when disaster struck. The trench suddenly collapsed, literally, burying them alive.

The type of heavy equipment typically used to recover buried men in these types of emergencies was, for some reason, not available; unstable soil conditions were a major deterrent in the ensuing rescue attempt. These unfortunate men never stood a chance. While investigators do not yet know why the hole caved in, they suspect the soil condition played a large part in this disaster.

Why wasn’t the hole braced? Where was the trench wall? Why were the men working in unsafe conditions? Who ordered them to work in these unsafe conditions? All these questions will need to be answered.

The families of the deceased are entitled to workers compensation, but they may also file wrongful death lawsuits to get answers to unanswered questions and to recover compensation for the horrific loss of their loved ones. Assuming that they are in a state that permits us to provide workers compensation lawsuit funding, we can help them immediately, with lawsuit funding. If they obtain evidence that someone other than their employer was negligent in causing the two deaths, they can pursue wrongful death litigation and they may qualify for wrongful death lawsuit funding. Either way, a lawsuit cash advance that will provide them instant money to pay past due ordinary expenses and expenses related to the deaths of their loved ones (medical and ambulance bills, funeral expenses) before their compensation is determined. They can wait for a compensation decision in a workers compensation claim or a settlement or verdict in a wrongful death action without sacrificing their cases for too little, too early, because they are in bad financial straights. Good credit or bad, job or no job, they qualify if their cases are solid and their attorney cooperates with our request for information. Getting the quick and easy lawsuit financial assistance they need is a phone call or a mouse click away. The call or visit is free; the advice is priceless.

March 25, 2010

Roof Caves In: One Dead, Two Seriously Injured

Working up on the roof on a construction site is one risky job. Many things can go wrong, and in this case, something did: The roof of a church collapsed while under construction and one man was killed and two seriously injured.

The accident happened at a church construction work site; workers were on the roof when one of the supports gave out and the roof fell in. Just prior to the accident, workers had been taking out some of the 2 x 4s and replacing them with new ones. Each time they performed this task, they reported that they heard an "odd sound". Suddenly, half the roof caved in.

Medical emergency crews took the survivors to hospital to deal with the serious injuries caused by being trapped under the collapsed roof. The US Department of Labor and US Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be investigating. No one may ever know what happened up on that roof, but these types of accidents do not happen without cause. Workers Compensation litigation and, perhaps, personal injury litigation will likely result from this incident. If these "co-workers" were not employed by the same contractor, there could be a negligence action if one of the workers made a mistake that caused the roof to collapse; maybe he removed the wrong support and caused the roof to cave in.

In situations like this, workers compensation almost always applies; a worker can recover workers compensation benefits regardless of whether anyone is determined to be at fault. An work-related injury is usually all that is necessary. Whether a workers compensation lawsuit or a personal injury lawsuit is filed, the injured parties will still need to pay their ordinary bills and expenses and their accident related bills and expenses (medical and rehabilitation expenses, for example) until they start receiving benefits or until their case is settled.

Doing some research on litigation funding may provide an answer to providing temporary cash flow while they wait for their litigation to resolve or their benefits to start.. A lawsuit cash advance is often ready to go within 48 hours or less from the time they apply. There are no credit checks and no red tape. An injured party just complete an online application or calls a toll-free lawsuit funding helpline, and the litigation funding company handles the rest. Lawsuit funding is a god send in cases where you have no money to pay bills because you can’t work. Pre-settlement funding dollars let you wait out the insurance and get the right amount of compensation for your injury. Workers Compensation Lawsuit Funding is not available in all states; call us, toll free, to see whether you qualify.

March 23, 2010

Audi Hits Sound Barrier: Driver Killed

There seem to be a high number of auto accidents occurring in California. Reviewing this case, it’s not hard to figure out why. This three vehicle crash injured three and killed one on Highway 101. The State police were called to the scene after they received several reports of multiple crashes on the highway. It seems an Audi lost control, slammed into the center divider, smacked into a sound wall and then bounced off the wall into oncoming lanes of traffic.

The Audi was hit on the driver’s side by a Toyota Camry, ejecting the Audi driver and a passenger in the car. Unfortunately, the Audi driver, a 19-year old man, died in the aftermath of the wreck. EMS crews took the Camry driver and the driver of a Mazda, also involved in the wreck, to a local hospital, for medical care. Both drivers sustained serious injuries.

An investigation is underway into the cause of the crash, although eyewitnesses are indicating the Audi driver may have been on a cell phone and speeding just prior to losing control of his vehicle. In any event, the drivers of the Camry & Mazda, as well as the Audi passenger, may want to pursue personal injury litigation to recover damages for his or her injuries as a result of this crash.
A multiple car, serious injury automobile accident lawsuit constitutes serious personal injury litigation.

These multiple person, multiple injury, auto accident cases will take a long time to wind their way down the complex legal and court system. If these particular cases take a long time to resolve, and the plaintiffs involved start to feel financial pressure caused by lost time from work, extraordinary expenses caused by their injuries, and their inability to pay their everyday bills, they may want to consider litigation funding. A ‘just in time’ lawsuit cash advance could help to prevent them from settling too cheaply or too early. Insurance companies are famous for delaying the proceedings, dragging out each phase. The know that you are hurting; they know that the longer a case takes the more desperate to settle a plaintiff becomes. They count on it and that’s why they behave this way in litigation. Unless they can take substantial advantage of you with an early, low ball settlement offer, they will not offer you full value until the case is almost over.

Why let the insurance company set the rules and win the game that they have already rigged in their favor? Don’t give in to the insurance company. Lawsuit funding will provide you with the funds you need to pay bills now; you will only have to repay the funds if and when you win your lawsuit, later. You read that correctly; if you lose your case, you do not have to pay the money back. That is called, no risk, non-recourse lawsuit finance from

March 22, 2010

Lights Out: One Dead

Unfortunately, this accident caused the death of a Portland police officer. The wreck involved a Honda Accord and a dump truck. The crash occurred while the officer was on his way home from work; he, apparently, didn’t see the truck in enough time to stop.

The dump truck was stalled in the north traffic lane. The trucker couldn’t get the vehicle to work properly again; it required a re-start. So the driver turned off the lights and attempted to restart the vehicle. When the vehicle restarted, it rolled backwards into the northbound lane and, at that point, the 1996 Honda Accord, driven by a Portland Police bureau criminalist, slammed into the back of the truck. Tragically, the Honda driver was pronounced dead at the scene by responding EMS crews.

Several questions need answering in this case: Why didn't the dump truck driver put out flares or pull over onto the shoulder? Why didn't he flag down another vehicle down for call for help? And why did he turn out the lights? By doing so, he turned the truck into an unable-to-be-seen deadly object.

It is likely that the family of the deceased police officer will file a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucker. Wrongful death litigation is hard fought litigation ( because death usually results in a discussion of significant settlement dollars); this litigation may take years to resolve. The family provider has died, his funeral expenses and the family's ordinary bills and expenses must be paid, regardless of how long it takes for the litigation to conclude. The family may wish to investigate the possibility of applying for lawsuit funding to tide them over until the final verdict in this case. Lawsuit funding is something that will allow them to wait for a verdict, rather than have to settle too early because they need the funds to live. Deal with an experienced lawsuit funding company, like Lawsuit Financial; our experts have more combined legal and legal funding experience than anyone in the legal finance industry. We won’t over-fund your case, we will excuse your obligation if you lose, and we are the only lawsuit finance company that guarantees compromised results if your case does worse than you and/or your attorney expect.

March 20, 2010

5 Semi-Truck Chain Reaction Crash Results in Serious Injury and Death

Yesterday, I posted a blog about a chain reaction accident that resulted in serious injuries to all involved. Today, I came across this article in that reports the real devastation that can be caused when big-rig semi-trucks get involved in chain reaction accidents.

This case involved 5 tractor-trailors on Interstate 29 in Iowa. Apparently, four semi-trucks were stopped (reasons unknown) and a fifth slammed into the fourth, instigating the chain reaction collision. As a result, a 62 year old man is dead and another is seriously injured.

These accidents will have a devastating effect on the family of the deceased victim and on the injured victim. As to the deceased gentleman's family, they have lost their principal means of support, forever. As to the injured victim, he will obviously be unable to drive for a long while, which will cripple his income earning capacity. Both families should consider lawsuit funding. If they applied for and received a legal finance services, they would receive immediate financial relief (legal funding is often approved with money in hand within 24-48 hours of the initial application) allowing them to concentrate on getting treatment, resolving obligations, and moving on with their lives as best they can. Lawsuit funding helps people wait for fair and equitable case resolutions, without having to settle too early for too little because of pressing financial obligations. A free call to 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) will start the process, or, please visit our website. As always, the call or visit is free; the advice is priceless.

March 19, 2010

Chain Reaction Vehicle Crash Injures Four People

Chain reaction automobile accidents can be horrendous; this one was no exception. A pickup truck, a sedan and a sports utility vehicle got into a three car pileup on US Route 70 in Tennessee. Responding police determined that the car hit a curb, causing the driver to lose control on the north side of the highway.

While out of control, it hit a Ford Explorer SUV, which caused it to also veer out of control right into the path of oncoming traffic on the south side of the highway. The Dodge pickup smacked head-on into the Ford in the south lane. EMS crews took the injured to local hospitals. Thankfully the victims, that included two young children, received non-life threatening but serious injuries. Responding police were not certain what caused the sedan, which started this chain reaction crash, to go out of control. The investigation called for blood alcohol tests and drug tests on all drivers, the sedan driver, in particular
Other questions that will arise as a result of this multi-car highway crash relate to whether or not the sedan driver was using a cell phone at the time, texting, listening to an MP3, watching a video, or tying his shoelace while driving. Distracted driving can often be as dangerous as driving under the influence. Answers to those questions will determine the cause of the crash.

The Ford SUV and Dodge pickup drivers will likely consider filing personal injury lawsuits against the sedan driver. In cases like this, it will take a fair amount of time for the matter to get settled in court. In the meantime, there will hospital, surgical and medical bills to pay, expensive medications to purchase, physical therapy and orthopedic appliances; if accident victims are also missing work as the result of their accident, they will get even further behind. Don't forget, they still have house payments, rent, car payments, utilities and other ordinary expenses to pay, as well. How will they manage all of this and still pursue their lawsuits to just conclusions?

These innocent drivers and passengers could make use of litigation funding. If they applied for and received a lawsuit cash advance, they could take care of their bills immediately and concentrate on handling their injuries, getting healthy again, and moving on with their lives and their jobs as best they can. Lawsuit funding helps people wait for a fair and equitable settlement, without having to settle too early for too little because they can't find a way to pay their bills. One free call to 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) will start the process, or, you can visit our website. The call or visit is free; the advice is priceless.

March 8, 2010

Texas Fatal Collision Leaves Unanswered Questions

One dead and one injured in this Texas head on automobile accident leaves many unanswered questions for the police.

It started out to be a fairly ordinary day for a Texas woman, who was in her car heading east on a local farm road in Fort Worth, Texas at 2:30 am. For some unknown reason, her car swerved over the center line and smacked into a westbound Ford F-250. The truck's front end was totally caved in and its driver sustained some serious injuries as a result of the crash.

Responding paramedics rushed him to Fort Worth for medical assistance; unfortunately, the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. State troopers are still trying to figure out what caused her to veer into the path of the truck. This and other questions will need to be answered to determine what caused this deadly automobile accident. Was she uncertain of where she was? Was she totally exhausted and not paying attention? Was she listening to an MP3? Only time will tell.

The driver of the F-250 has some healing to do from the injuries and wounds he sustained; he is likely to consider and file a personal injury lawsuit to recoup damages for his injuries, his pain and suffering and his medical expenses among other things. A personal injury attorney who specializes in automobile accident cases will help him sort this out. I am certain he knows this.

What he may not know, and what he could learn about with some online research, is that he can take advantage of a service that provides him a portion of his lawsuit proceeds, even before his settles his case. The service is called lawsuit funding. When a person has been injured and/or disabled in an automobile accident, he will often experience temporary financial trouble. Work loss, medical and hospital expenses combine with ordinary bills to put an injured person behind the financial eight ball. Lawsuit funding or legal finance, as some call it, will pay those bills immediately, allow him to get on with his normal life, and wait for repayment out of his potential settlement. And, the best part is that if he should lose his case, he keeps the money, without any obligation to pay it back. This is, truly, no-risk lawsuit financing. Most experienced legal funding companies can provide you the lawsuit cash you need to keep a roof over your head, to feed your family or make medical payments, or for other important needs, and can do so within 24-48 hours of the time you first apply. You are one phone call or mouse click away from receiving the lawsuit cash advance you need to survive in a contentious legal system.

March 7, 2010

Lights On, Sirens On; Ambulance Rear Ended by Motorist

They say truth is stranger than fiction, and in this case, that appears to be true. Even with the lights flashing and siren blaring, the ambulance was rear ended while turning around to head to hospital to transport to accident victims. Who could have even remotely imagined that an ambulance responding to a car crash and heading back to the hospital with those victims would be rear ended by another car? Thankfully, only one person was injured in this automobile accident; a paramedic.

This crash happened in Daytona Beach, Florida at about 4:00 am on February 4th, 2010. Here is how this highly unusual collision happened. There had been one wreck on the highway already; the responding ambulance crew had just finished loading two injured patients into the bus and was getting ready to pull out to turn around and head to the hospital. At that point, it was rear ended by a car.

How can a driver miss a fully lit ambulance with siren in full wail? Inside the ambulance at the time of the crash were five people; the two victims from the previous crash, a firefighter, the ambulance driver and the paramedic who got badly shaken up during the crash. The two previous crash victims were listed in stable and serious condition, respectively.

The injured paramedic was treated and released and cautioned to watch for further developing injuries. Something that looks fairly minor in the beginning, can turn into serious muscle, disk, or internal injuries, which will often manifest later. does not mean that things are OK internally. The police opined how lucky all of the occupants were that no one was killed in this fiasco.
The offending driver will be placed under significant scrutiny in the investigation of this accident. How could this happen? Did he fall asleep at the wheel? Was he on the phone? Was he chatting with another passenger or fiddling with electronics in the car? Worse, was he under the influence of drugs or alcohol? All these things will be considered and investigated.
Assuming his injuries manifest into serious injuries, the paramedic would be advised to consult with a personal injury attorney and find out what his rights are and, possibly, how to file a personal injury lawsuit. While his injuries do not appear to be serious at the moment, this could change in the days and weeks to come.

As his condition develops, an attorney would be able to better assess the types and kinds of damages that may be asked for if the case is pursued. Medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering are all items that may be recoverable in a potential lawsuit. If his injury becomes serious enough to disable him from his job as a paramedic, this disability may result in temporary financial problems.

If he decides to pursue litigation, and the injury is serious, he may qualify for a service that provides financial assistance to accident victims who are pursuing lawsuits. This valuable service is known by many different names. Some, incorrectly call these “lawsuit loans”; others call them lawsuit funding, legal finance, legal funding, pre-settlement funding or litigation funding, to name a few. Whatever you choose to call the important service, it can be a godsend for those who are behind the financial eight ball and need money right away to deal with their bills. Financial distress can also lead a plaintiff to settle his/her case too soon, for too little, simply because of the need. A lawsuit cash advance removes the pressure to settle early and cheap and permits the case to reach its maximum conclusion. Lawsuit funding is relatively easy to obtain; if you qualify, you can often receive funds within 48 hours. Good credit or bad, credit rating doesn’t matter. What most experienced legal finance companies look for is whether your case has a good chance for success. One phone call or mouse click can get you started; the call is free and the advice is priceless.

March 5, 2010

Fort Worth Street Racing Causes Passenger Death

Street racing certainly isn’t legal by any stretch of the imagination. In this automobile accident case, street racing gone wrong caused the death of a young passenger who was just along for the ride and the fun.

The race took place in Forth Worth, Texas in the hours just prior to midnight. The trucks were on a service road that bordered an Interstate highway but still was connected to it by a T-intersection; an ideal place to street race, or so it seemed to those involved in the games that night. The police report shows that two red Chevy Avalanches were screaming down the road at high speeds. Twenty year old Carlos-Jimenez Cano as a passenger in the front seat of his friend’s truck when it ran a red light and careened into a retaining wall. The other red truck clipped an Isuzu Axiom SUV as it rocketed through the T-intersection and fled the scene of the horrific crash. The SUV driver was unharmed, the other red truck is being tracked down, Cano was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash and the 20-year old driver who hit the retaining wall was taken to hospital in critical condition. Alcohol was a factor in this senseless wreck.

There is little question that the driver of the truck that hit the retaining wall and the driver that fled the scene of the accident were reckless and negligent. The family of 20-year old passenger, Carlos-Jimenez Cano would be best advised to seek the assistance of a dedicated and skilled personal injury attorney.

Cases like this usually take a long time to get through the courts; the family may take comfort in knowing that there is a service that provides financial assistance to auto accident victims and their families while they wait for their case to be concluded and for justice to prevail. Lawsuit funding will help pay their necessary bills and expenses and the lawsuit funding company will wait for the case to conclude successfully before charging them a dime. If the case fails, the keep the money, free of charge. In essence, this is no-risk lawsuit funding.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it does come in the form of a lawsuit cash advance. These legal finance transactions are based on a litigation funding company' prediction of the litigation outcome and the time it will take to achieve that outcome. Lawsuit financing services should be only a small percentage of the actual case value, so be careful when seeking these services. Choose a legal funding company with the requisite experience to guide you appropriately. Funding can often be provided in as little as 24-48 hours of your initial application with an experienced lawsuit funding provider and help is often a phone call away. Don't settle too early for too little; obtain lawsuit funding instead.

March 4, 2010

Serious Injury & Death In Orange County Florida Automobile Accident

Head on collisions are often the worse kinds of automobile accidents on the road today. This case is no exception. In this case, two people were critically injured and two died as a result of a catastrophic head on collision in Orange County, Florida. The two vehicles that tangled were a pickup truck and car. The car was a 1995 Honda whose driver, 29-year old Damien Edwards, was traveling south. For some unexplained reason he made an attempt to change lands from the left side of the road, to the right side. In doing so, he suddenly realized that a vehicle was already in the lane he intended to switch to. He attempted a badly executed correction and lost control of the car. It veered into the north lane and slammed head on into a Chevy pickup truck driven by 36-year old Wallace Livingston. Both Edwards and his 17-year old passenger, Terry Pender, were pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver, Livingston, and another passenger in the Honda, 15-year old Summer Flowers, were critically injured and taken to hospital.

Whether or not alcohol or any other substance played a part in this accident isn’t clear, as the investigation isn’t completed. Was speeding involved? It may have been, given the jerky over-correction by Edwards. Was either driver using a cell phone at the time of the accident? Were the drivers distracted by something on the road or not paying attention for some reason? A full automobile accident investigation report should provide answers.

In the meantime, the Flowers and Livingstone families may want to talk to a skilled personal injury lawyer and find out what their legal rights are in this case. They may also want to do some research into lawsuit funding; funding that would help them handle their immediate bills and provide them and their attorney with adequate time to handle the case to a just conclusion. It is difficult to do that when finances are tight and there is nothing like a disabling, accidental injury to make finances tight.

Without lawsuit funding, the plaintiffs often find themselves in a position of having to settle their cases early because of the need for money right away. A lawsuit cash advance gives them the money they need, immediately, allows them to handle their necessary bills and gives them and their attorneys the time they need to achieve justice in a hostile legal environment.

March 3, 2010

13 year Old Twins Cross State Highway-Serious Injuries Are The Conequence

13-year old twins were badly injured in this auto-pedestrian accident in Georgia as they attempted to cross a busy state highway. No one is quite sure why the two 13-year olds were attempting to cross an Interstate highway; they may sought a "shortcut to get from point A to point B. The pair had eaten at a Mr. Pizza and were hit while trying to cross a five lane highway; apparently, they were intent on returning to a church that was on the other side.

According to witnesses, a car struck the girl and drove her body into her brother, which knocked him to the pavement. The children, Eric and Promise, were sent to different medical facilities based on the seriousness of their injuries. Promise, who was very seriously injured, was airlifted to a hospital able to deal with her severe injuries. Eric was taken to the nearest medical facility for treatment.

There are many questions surrounding this automobile accident; there may be potential for a personal injury lawsuit. While the teens may be negligent for crossing the highway, negligence on the part of the driver who struck them may very well have played a part. The teens' parents should take the opportunity to discuss this case with a personal injury attorney and assess the nature and possible amount of damages that may be recovered.

If it is determined that they have a viable case, and a lawsuit is filed, the family may also wish to do some online research into a service known as lawsuit funding. Often incorrectly referred to as a "lawsuit loan", this service would come in the form of a lawsuit cash advance that would allow the family to handle the teen’s medical bills, rehabilitative therapy, medications, counseling, medical devices or other doctor prescribed care. It would also let them deal with other important bills like mortgage or rent payments, tuition, car payments, food and other expenses related to caring for the teens.

The key reason to seek legal funding services is that it relieves the financial pressure that a victim may feel to settle a valuable case too soon for too little. Remember the wine commercial slogan: "We will sell no wine before its time"? Personal injury cases are like fine wine; they need time to develop and ripen. Treatment must be rendered; determinations whether an injury will heal or have permanent residuals must be made. Diagnoses and prognoses must be rendered. Lawsuits are filed and discovery is conducted. All of these things take time. If a plaintiff is disabled from work, this, coupled with the added expense of an injury and rehabilitation from the injury, may create a financial nightmare. The worst thing a plaintiff can do is cave into the financial pressure and take a substandard offer from the insurance company. They will deliberately delay fair resolution to force you to settle early and cheap. Access to lawsuit funding is a phone call or internet click away; the process is simple and many plaintiffs have money in their hands within 24-48 hours of their initial contact. And, the money is contingent upon the outcome of the case; it does not need to be paid back if the case is not successful.

March 2, 2010

Missed Diagnosis Results in $2.5 Million Verdict

Elisa Sanchez kept complaining of pain and blood in her stools. Her doctor told her it was hemorrhoids and told her to treat it accordingly. The young mother did as instructed, but, over a seven month period returned to the doctor, multiple times, because the bleeding and pain would not stop. She was eventually rushed to hospital and diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer; her primary care physician had misdiagnosed her cancer as hemorrhoids. It is, of course, the ultimate nightmare; the cancer was so far advanced by the time Sanchez got an accurate diagnosis that she died in the hospital, leaving behind a young child and husband, and a shocked and angry family.

This is an horrendous case; had the family doctor been more attentive to her condition and symptoms, she might have survived. Early detection is one of the most important tools in the battle for cancer survival. In this case, early detection would have given her a 97% chance of survival. By the time she was diagnosed, her survival rate plummeted to 50%; the doctors at the hospital tried aggressive chemo and major surgery, but it was too little, too late and she succumbed to the illness.

While this verdict, following a contentious medical malpractice lawsuit, is a solid victory for the grieving family and for justice; they have, undoubtedly, had a difficult time coping with the death of their mother, wife and daughter, and, most likely, in paying for extraordinary medical treatment in addition to their ordinary daily expenses.

Litigation funding
may have been a good option for the Sanchez family; it is a non-recourse service that permits an injury victim to wait for an appropriate settlement or verdict without caving into financial pressure to settle too early for too little. Having to deal with the type of stress that accompanies a serious injury or death of a loved one is difficult to handle. Many folks do not know where they will find the money to pay their bills while their lawsuit slowly winds it way through the litigation maze. A lawsuit cash advance can often provide the needed funds within 24-48 hours of an initial request.

Online research will provide them with several lawsuit funding companies, but really only one leading provider of litigation funding. Good credit or bad; it makes no difference. Legal finance services may have provided the answer to the Sanchez’s financial situation and the situations of plaintiff litigants in similar situations.

March 1, 2010

Two Vehicle Wreck Leave Three Seriously Injured

This particular automobile accident seems to be a case of one driver's negligence and the other driver being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It involved a sport utility vehicle and a Mazda Miata. The driver of the Miata, a 58 year old woman from Winter Haven, Florida, slammed into an SUV carrying two local police officers who were on their way to work.

Eyewitness reports showed that the Miata was westbound on a Boulevard at the same time the SUV Jeep was headed east on the same road. The police officers were driving the SUV Jeep. The driver of the Miata made a left turn directly in front of the oncoming Jeep. The vehicles collided with such force that the Jeep’s driver was ejected.

Emergency medical crews responded; paramedics took those with the least serious injuries to the nearest hospital. The Jeep’s driver was flown by medi-copter to a different hospital where he was listed in critical condition and suffering severe injuries. Whether or not the two police officers were wearing seat belts is not known. Local police are investigating this accident and need to know the answer to several pertinent questions before they are able to ascertain who was at fault and what precisely happened.

On the surface, it appears that the Miata turned left in front of the Jeep, causing the collision. But several questions still need to be answered; were one or both of the vehicles speeding? What were the road conditions? Were there any mechanical defects in either vehicle? Were all traffic signs and signals observed and obeyed by the involved parties?

The ejected, seriously injured police officer may have sustained life-altering injuries, severe enough that he may not be able to work again. He may have suffered a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, crushed or broken legs or arms and back injuries or be paralyzed. Time will tell, and when it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit, his damages could be substantial. An attorney should be retained and a lawsuit pursued before the applicable statute of limitations expires.

And, while the officer waits for a conclusion to the litigation, he will, likely, face financial difficulty balancing disability (permanent or temporary) with extraordinary medical expenses and ordinary living expenses. In cases like this, lawsuit funding provides immediate financial assistance, relieves financial pressure to settle too early for too little and permits him to wait for appropriate justice in the case. Automobile accidents are, by far, the number one reason people seek an experienced, professional lawsuit funding company.

Litigation funding is easy to access; approvals are often accomplishment with funds in hand within 24-48 hours of application and records retrieval. And, this is non-recourse lawsuit funding; should the officer lose his personal injury lawsuit, he would not be required to pay the money back. A lawsuit cash advance is often the answer to temporary financial problems caused by an accident and subsequent lawsuit. Free advice is a toll free phone call away.

February 28, 2010

Five Years To Settle Medical Malpractice Case

It took five long years to settle this medical malpractice lawsuit for $4.4 million
Sierra Wilson was born in 2003, and during her birth she was deprived of oxygen which caused severe permanent brain injury. Sadly, Sierra only lived for a short time before succumbing to her fatal brain injury. The facts of this case highlighted the negligence of the nursing staff at the hospital where Sierra was born. The nurse caring for Mrs. Wilson while she was in labor failed to adequately monitor the fetal heart strips and did not notice that the baby was in distress, needing immediate emergency medical intervention. As the result of this ghastly oversight, baby Sierra was born with a permanent brain injury; she died from complications of cerebral palsy resulting from oxygen deprivation. It was later discovered that the nurse taking care of Mrs. Wilson was in training and not adequately supervised.

This tragedy could have and should have been avoided. What mother would ever suspect that the nurse caring for her for the three days prior to her induction would be too inexperienced to notice the obvious distress. The hospital was supposed to care for her and her unborn child; she expected to leave the hospital with her healthy baby in her arms. Instead, she had to deal with her sudden and tragic death, resulting from preventable negligence.

The Wilson family chose to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in order to make their point about the care they received at the hospital. They could not bring Sierra back and could not move forward without knowing that her death would serve some purpose. That purpose is to prevent a tragedy like this one from ever happening again.

Moving forward with this case must have been a very emotional and financially draining decision. Thousands of dollars to pay for medical expenses and counseling, coupled with day to day bills are difficult to consider when you’ve just lost your newborn child. Hopes, dreams and expectations are shattered by this significant loss. This unfortunate couple would have been good candidates for litigation funding, they might have dealt with their financial issues by making use of a lawsuit cash advance, the repayment of which would be contingent on the outcome of their lawsuit. That means if they lose their case, they do not have to pay the money back.

Lawsuit funding
is often the answer to difficult situations where a family or individual is between a rock and a hard place without sufficient funds to handle unexpected medical bills and ordinary living expenses, while trying to pick of the pieces of their shattered lives. Litigation funding can often be arranged within 24-48 hours and is only a phone call away. The call is free; the advice is priceless.

February 27, 2010

New Jersey Wrongful Death Results in $10.2 Million Settlement

This is a rather unusual case, in that the 21 year-old man who died, perished as a result of having wisdom teeth removed by a dentist. Francis Keller went to the dentist to have his wisdom teeth extracted by an oral surgeon. The dentist did not get medical clearance from Keller’s primary care doctor before proceeding with the surgery.

Unfortunately, Keller has an immune disorder that meant any trauma to his body would immediately result in massive swelling. What that meant was that Keller’s body would respond to any medical treatment or surgery as if he had just received a traumatic injury. The process of extracting wisdom teeth is usually done with a surgical knife and involved cutting the gums open to do the extractions. The procedure, in turn, did cause enormous swelling in Keller’s throat, much like anaphylaxis, and he suffocated to death. This settlement was one of the largest oral surgery, dental malpractice verdicts ever.

In this case, Keller’s family was shocked and dismayed that the dental surgeon did not check with his family doctor. It would have taken only a simple phone call to discover that Keller's circumstances made him a bad candidate for oral surgery. Whether or not there were any other alternatives that may have been an option is not known to this writer.

While waiting for their wrongful death, dental malpractice case to go to court, the Keller’s probably had to deal with unexpected expenses relating to their son’s death in addtion to the usual expenses that is associated with life in America. Grief waits for no man, and the Keller’s may have found themselves worrying about where the money was going to come from to pay the bills. Expenses associated with their son’s death plus the usual bills relating to the mortgage, car expenses, food and medical bills for other family members must be paid, regardless of current circumstance. The Keller’s could have tried contacting a litigation funding specialist, they would have been able to pay everything off immediately.
A lawsuit cash advance is ideal in circumstances such as this; it allows a grieving family to wait for a just settlement rather than having to accept what they must because they need funds to pay their expenses. Lawsuit funding is non-recourse funding; if they had lost their case, they would not pay any of the money advanced back.

February 26, 2010

Twisted Bowel Costs Young Woman Her Life

This medical negligence case really makes you wonder about how good some doctors are at reading CT scans when under pressure to perform in the ER. Evidently, the doctor in this case made a very serious error and a young woman died as a result of a twisted intestine that no one diagnosed.

The young female patient went to her local hospital with severe abdominal pain, not once, but three times to have someone help her. Each time she went, she was treated by a different doctor and released. On her first trip to the Emergency Room, the doctor ordered a CT scan. The results came back as normal and she was sent home, only to return twice more in severe pain asking for help. Long story short, the professional who read the CT scan missed evidence that the patient had a twisted bowel. The condition was not diagnosed until her third trip to the ER. At that point, she was taken into surgery, but died before the surgery could be performed.

Her family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit which was finally settled for $3 million split between the six doctors named in the lawsuit. The court has yet to approve the settlement. The hospital facility settled the claim for $250,000. Unfortunately, South Carolina, where this case took place, has a medical malpractice cap of $350,000 per claimant.

While waiting for this case to be settled, the family must have faced enormous medical bills as well as being required to deal with the prospect of losing their daughter, best friend, sister and aunt. They had to move forward with their lives, but with the enormity of trying to pay for all the expenses associated with her illness and subsequent death. Litigation funding often provides an answer to their financial dilemma. In most instances, a lawsuit cash advance is made available to a qualified applicant within about 48 hours. Just one phone call will trigger the lawsuit funding process and permit the family to handle their immediate bills and expenses, while waiting for an equitable resolution of the case.

Cases like this are never easy; the family knows how hard it is to try and handle their loved one's death. In moving forward, by handling this death by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, they help to assure that mistakes are reviewed and corrected, that adequate safety measures are implemented, and that no one else has to go through something like this in the future. Lawsuits, quite simply, are one of the strongest safety enforcement tools in our society.

February 24, 2010

Reckless Driving Kills Two Teenagers

This is a prime example of a wrongful death lawsuit in the making. The parents of the passenger in this fatal crash have grounds to pursue legal action. While their son initially survived the crash, his injuries subsequently proved to be fatal after he arrived at the hospital.

This was a single vehicle crash that took place in Ohio and involved a driver and a passenger, both only 16 years old. Eyewitnesses and the State Highway Patrol clocked the young driver at excessive speeds just prior to the moment he lost control of as he was cresting a grade. The car, a Hyundai, careened into a concrete bridge abutment and came to an abrupt and fatal halt. The driver was pronounced dead, by paramedics at the scene. The passenger was dead on arrival at the hospital.

This will be a tough, emotional, case for everyone involved. It is difficult when youngsters, with their whole lives ahead of them, die so young as a result of a bad decision. We can only speculate whether speeding was the only cause or whether other distraction, like texting or otherwise using a mobile phone, played any role in the tragedy. A wrongful death lawsuit will likely sort out the details.

If the family decides to pursue litigation, the wise choice would be to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. They should do so, sooner than later, because time is of the essence in these cases; evidence must be collected and preserved for trial. The process is easily explained by an experienced attorney upon initial contact from the family.

It is also likely that this serious case will take a fair length of time to either be settled out of court or to await a jury verdict. Accident victims who must wait long periods for justice may wish to consider a service known as "lawsuit funding". This pre-settlement funding is a service that assists injury victims and their families in dealing with all their expenses while they await the outcome of their litigation; it prevents them from having to settle too early for a lower amount than what their attorney feels is fair under the circumstances of the case.

Litigation funding
has been a godsend to many clients over the years; of course, it cannot take away the pain of an injury or the loss of a loved one. But it can help victims achieve better results and more realistic compensation in their personal injury or wrongful death litigation.

February 22, 2010

Defective PVC Bursting Pipes Lead to Legal Battle

When companies pull a fast one on consumers, the results have a tendency to cause serious personal injury or death. This case could be a prime example of a company that was falsifying records and taking short cuts that made their product unreliable and unstable.

It is alleged that a former employee of JM Eagle, hired to handle certification of a new manufacturing process, discovered that the pipes he was supposed to subject to an extensive range of tests were not up to the proper standards. The former employee accuses the company of lying about product quality. It is argued that pipes that were supposed to last 50 years were rupturing before the first year was up. Ruptured pipes lead to explosions, leaks, fires and other serious hazards and it is argued that government water systems, locally and federally, have ruptured and caused serious injuries from resulting cave ins.

The argument goes that the company had been selling substandard pipes (plastic) since as far back as 1996. That’s a whole lot of piping for various uses being installed across the nation that didn’t meet industry standards, but was billed out at industry prices. A lawsuit filed in this instance, one referred to as a whistleblower lawsuit, contends that less than half of the piping JM Eagle sold would have been qualified to “be” sold if it had been properly tested.

What started out as one man blowing the whistle has turned into a mass tort litigation effort, with over 40 states now participating in the lawsuit. Many of these states have experienced exploding, cracking and leaking pipes resulting in work related injuries to maintenance workers and massive unexpected budget expenditures to fix the problems.

In this scenario, there will be a large number many people waiting for the lawsuit to settle. Cases like this have been known to take years to settle, and in the meantime, the plaintiff(s) will have to get on with their usual lives, pay bills, handle expenses; deal with medical bills for any injuries sustained, while holding down the fort until a decision is reached. JM Eagle is associated with the Formosa Plastics Group in Taiwan; there are deep legal pockets here and this case will not be resolved any time soon.

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February 21, 2010

Prisons Can Cause and be Held Accountable for Wrongful Death

Correctional facilities are generally places for holding prisoners. In some cases however, the unexpected happens and an inmate winds up dead. In this Philadelphia case, a 17-year old boy by the name of Manny Leach was killed at the Youth Facility where he was being held. The administratrix of his estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit to hold the facility accountable, as this was the second death of a similar nature. The family recently received justice in the form of a multi-million dollar settlement.

Manny’s death was preventable. More to the point, it was predictable, given the fact it had happened before are the same youth detention center and had involved the same person. During settlement discussions, it was discovered that Manny was choked by an employee. The staff nurse found Manny without a pulse and not breathing when she was called to attend to him.

Ultimately, the youth detention facility paid out $10.5 million as a settlement rather than going to court. The family must consider this to be a fair resolution given the nature of the case; I am sure that they are pleased with the result and relieved that the litigation ordeal is over. Their attorneys, Thomas R. Kline, David K. Inscho and Mark Alan Hoffman of Kline & Specter, in Pennsylvania, deserve praise for a fine job.

Families like Manny Leach's often find that wrongful death and litigation resulting from it, may create financial issues. Aside from trying to recover from a painful loss, extraordinary bills and expenses relating to death create added financial pressure. Coupled with every day expenses, sometimes these financial issues will cause a victim's family to consider settling their valuable case too soon, for inadequate compensation. Pursuing a case like this one all the way to court and a verdict is often too much of an emotional and financial strain; such cases can take years to resolve, even when resolved by reasonable settlement, as was the case here. With this settlement, the Many Leach litigation took almost 3 years.

Lawsuit funding for families who have suffered a wrongful death and have filed a wrongful death lawsuit will find it rather simple to arrange a lawsuit cash advance. In most cases, it only takes one phone call to 1-877-377-SUIT (7848). A "lawsuit loan" may mean the difference between a small settlement taken out of desperation and a fairer and larger one because the family can now afford to wait for justice. With pre-settlement funding, waiting for justice is possible, and so is paying the necessary bills. The call is free; the advice is priceless.

February 19, 2010

Peeling Rubber=Wrongful Death

This is a case with a many different suits and settlements; ultimately, every single injury victim and family member of deceased victims filed wrongful death lawsuits as the result of this single vehicle rollover accident.

The year was 2005 and Evan Parker, a University instructor, was on a field trip with 10 of his students. He was driving a 1994 Dodge Ram 3500 Wagon. On the way back to campus, the van blew a tire; it rolled over four times as it flipped down an embankment. Six people were dead on impact, three others died at the hospital. Two survivors and the families of the eight deceased students filed a product liability lawsuit in 2006 against the tire manufacturer, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., and Daimler Chrysler Corporation (Dodge Ram manufacturer). The suits alleged that the tire was defective; the tread peeled off with no warning which resulted in the vehicle losing control and crashing.

The suit further indicated that the tire-maker knew that the design and final production of this tire brand was faulty, but did nothing to fix the problems. The initial suits were settled out of court with Daimler Chrysler in 2008; Cooper Tire refused to participate and continues to deny liability.

The latest suit to be filed relating to the original accident, is a case filed recently by the wife and children of Evan Parker, the instructor. This product liability, wrongful death lawsuit will be joined with the 2006 suit; it is slated for trial in 2011. The journey to reach this point in the litigation process has been a long one; everyone involved has faced numerous obstacles to recover from the sheer horror of the accident and the injuries they suffered, or to cope with the death of a loved one.

Over the past five years and into the future, these plaintiffs will continue their legal battle. That battle will include a struggle to pay bills and expenses while waiting for settlement or a damage award from a jury. This isn’t easy for any of the survivors and making ends meet is difficult. Mrs. Parker and the other survivor’s may be well served by considering a "lawsuit loan".

A lawsuit cash advance, also known as litigation funding, might address their financial difficulties immediately, relieving financial pressure to settle to soon for too little. In contentious litigation like this, attorneys need time to achieve a fair result through settlement or verdict. With no end to the litigation in sight, life goes on, bills need to be taken care of. One way to minimize the financial impact is to seek a lawsuit cash advance from a professional lawsuit funding company. Lawsuit Financial has more combined legal and legal funding experience than anyone in this relatively new industry. One free call to 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) and you will receive the highest level professional advice at absolutely no charge. The call is free; the advice is priceless. Call Lawsuit Financial today.

February 18, 2010

Not a Deer, A Wrongful Death-Hit and Run

North Carolina Police got quite the shock recently when they responded to a “dead deer on the road” call. The officers figured it had been hit while trying to cross the road. What they found when they got there was the body of a woman; Judy Siegel.

As near as the police could tell, it looked like this unfortunate woman may have hit a tire on the road or hit a back tire on a tractor-trailer. Whatever she hit, it caused her vehicle to veer off the road and slam into a guardrail. Judy may have been ok; she got out of her car and walked out onto the highway. At that point, she was struck one car, then, apparently, several more. The first vehicle that hit her didn’t stay to report the accident; Judy’s death was the result of a hit and run. Other drivers, whose cars encountered her body, did stop at the scene.

The family is considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Is it possible to sustain a lawsuit under these circumstances? Yes, it is. One way is to identify the driver of the first car that hit Judy; police are investigating. Evidence collected at the scene may reveal more information about the vehicles involved. If the family chooses to hire an investigator, he/she may find other witnesses to the series of events that led to Judy’s death. Area body shops may have information leading back to the people involved in running over Judy and leaving her dead in the middle of the road.

If the family retains an attorney hired to pursue the case, a claim may exist against Judy’s personal uninsured auto insurance policy (Uninsured and underinsured coverage is something that every driver in America should have. If you don't have it, call your insurance agent, right now!). In other words there are various alternatives that would mean this case may have a chance at successfully concluding the case. In the process of waiting for this case to resolve in their favor, families that find themselves in circumstances like the Siegel family will still need to pay their regular bills and the extraordinary bills related to the death of a loved one.

One solution to handling financial problems while waiting for a wrongful death lawsuit to resolve is to seek lawsuit finance services. Lawsuit funding, also referred to as litigation funding, may be sourced to help plaintiffs handle their bills while they wait for an equitable settlement. In most instances, a lawsuit cash advance isn’t that difficult to arrange and will allow the family to pay off their debts.

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February 17, 2010

It May be an "Accident", But it is Still a Wrongul Death

Last year, 71 year old Mavis Stonick was hit by a car and killed, while crossing an Evanston, Illinois road, last year. The subsequent autopsy showed that her death had been caused by multiple internal injuries resulting from the vehicle impact. The death was ruled an accident by the police and the Coroner. The family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit brought by Julian Stonick, special administrator of Mavis’s estate.

The battle lines in this case are sharply drawn. The driver of the vehicle, Judy Lowrence, and other witnesses state that Mavis was walking against the traffic light. However, witnesses also state that it was dark and raining; the roads would have been slick. Although Lowrence satisfied the police that she was traveling at posted speeds, others say that she was traveling too fast for the road conditions and not paying attention to pedestrians. No one could say for sure if the driver was on a cell phone or texting, or doing something else at the time of the impact.

To prove that this was a case of wrongful death, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant driver was careless and/or negligent; only time will tell whether or not the lawsuit is settled or resolved in favor of the plaintiff. In cases like this, plaintiffs, like Julian Stonick, are often faced with a myriad of bills relating to the death, funeral expenses, taxes, bill settlements and other expenses related not only to a loved one's death, but to ongoing maintenance of the estate. If the deceased is the family bread winner, the financial situation is even worse. The Stonick family will have to pull together to try and make ends meet while they wait for a fair and equitable settlement.

Julian, and others in her circumstances, might be interested in knowing that litigation funding may be available in the form of a lawsuit cash advance on this wrongful death case, or any other type of personal injury case. If the case qualifies for lawsuit funding, this lawsuit cash advance may be just what is needed to handle the accumulation of bills relating to this case and/or the loss of a loved one. These "lawsuit loans" assist plaintiffs in handling their bills now while the family awaits a verdict or settlement on the case.

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February 16, 2010

Five Long Years For Justice: The Charles Keiser Case

In the very unusual wrongful death case of Charles Keiser, it took five years before a partial out of court settlement was finally reached. It was a long and painful journey for Keiser’s daughter, Amanda Landis, who, most likely, faced an ever increasing pile of bills over that period of time. Regular, every day, citizens usually don’t have a stockpile money on hand to handle their her own finances without the death of a loved one (and associated expenses) added in.

The facts of this case are bizarre and resulted in Keiser dying in a watery field on Thanksgiving Day, 2004. State Police were at the scene that day, responding to a call of a stolen bulldozer. Keiser was accused of stealing it; he was being apprehended by an officer when he stopped breathing. He was charged with assault, but ultimately it was the Coroner’s report that offered a somewhat different explanation of what had happened.

While Keiser was being restrained and arrested, he was face down on a wet field; it had rained that day and the field was dotted with puddles. The autopsy concluded that his death was accidental, due to drowning. Amanda Landis alleges, in her wrongful death lawsuit, that sheriff's deputies used excessive force during the arrest; officers held Keiser face down in a swamp while he was restrained and Tasered.

The police claim that they tried to pull Keiser's face out of the water, but Keiser resisted and pushed his face deeper into the water. None of the officers have ever faced criminal charges in the death, but the county agreed to a partial settlement of $750,000, last fall. A jury may have to decide the remaining civil case against the deputies.

In the long five years Landis waited for a full or, in this case, partial resolution, litigation funding could have made an enormous difference in her life. One call to 1-877-377-SUIT (7848), and lawsuit funding could have helped her pay the increasing volume of bills like funeral expenses, house payments, tuition, food, medical bills and other expenses. Lawsuit financing may have kept her financially solvent until the case was resolved. Had she lost the case, repayment of the lawsuit cash advance would have been excused.

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February 9, 2010

Fleeing the Scene: His Second Accident Claims 13-Month Old's Life

Amy Alanis and Joshua Molina are living every parent’s nightmare – the death of a child. On the evening of February 1, 2010, Ms. Alanis, Mr. Molina, and their 13-month old son, Joshua (J.J.), together with two friends, were heading home on the northwest side of Chicago when Putiporn Kaewmooka smashed into their Honda Civic. Little Joshua was thrown from the car through the rear window and pronounced dead at the hospital. Two family friends were also killed in the crash.

But, there is an unbelievable sub-plot to this tragedy: Shortly before blasting through the intersection and ramming into the Honda driven by Mr. Molina, Kaewmooka was fleeing the scene of another auto accident which occurred a few blocks away. Kaewmooka was traveling well in excess of the speed limit, driving without headlights, as they were damaged in the first accident. Two days after the fatality, Mr. Kaewmooka was released from police custody because alcohol and drug tests came back negative, and because he previously had a flawless driving record. What is wrong with this picture? He was in two accidents minutes apart – fleeing one; injuring two and killing three in another. Alanis said in that one moment, he took all the hopes and dreams they ever had for their son.

Mr. Molina and Ms. Alanis have filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified monetary damages for the death of J.J. and for the injuries their own serious injuries. The lawsuit, they say is about justice for their son; it is not about the money. This is another case of a senseless act. This couple has lost a precious opportunity that we often take for granted: the simple, priceless, opportunity to watch their child grow up. They can only remember his first hug or first kiss; they will never experience his first day at school, his first baseball game, his prom, graduation and other childhood milestones. At a press conference, his mother had this to say:

“His smile was not like everybody else’s – he showed all his teeth...He was just learning to give hugs and kisses.”

Joshua was born on Christmas day, December 25, 2008. Christmas mornings will forever be a day of mourning for the Molina and Alanis families.

Lawsuit Financial
provides strategic pre-settlement funding; we assist plaintiffs in paying important financial obligations while their cases are pending in litigation. . Wrongful death lawsuits are very contentious and often take years to resolve. Lawsuit Financial helps families through such difficult times; we are very sensitive to your needs. We offer free consultations to evaluate your case and financial needs. Contact us online or call 1-877-377-SUIT (784), toll free to speak with one of our lawsuit funding specialists. Losing a child is devastating to a parent. The management and staff of Lawsuit Financial Corporation extend their heartfelt sympathies to Mr. Molina and Ms. Alanis.

February 9, 2010

Drinking & Driving: Sisters' Record Verdict Won't Restore Pre-Injury Life

Although Marta Perez and Rosie Landeros recently received a record, multi-million dollar, verdict in a lawsuit against Gustavo Davalos Torres, the two Bakersfield, CA sisters will never have the lives they did before June 15, 2007.

Ms. Perez and Ms. Landeros, 16 and 25 respectively at the time of the accident, were in a Honda Civic out for an evening of dinner and a movie. Gustavo Torres was driving under the influence when he ran a stop sign and crashed into the Honda. Toxicology reports showed that Torres blood alcohol content at the time of the accident was .16, twice the legal limit. Mr. Torres told first told the authorities that he only had two beers; he later changed it to four. In order to have an alcohol level of .16, Torres would have consumed 8 to 12 beers.

Mr. Torres was returning the truck he was driving back to Palla Rosa Farms, his employer at the time. He was able to walk away from the accident with no serious injuries. Unfortunately, that was not the case for the two sisters. Perez and Landeros were rushed to the hospital with traumatic brain injuries. Ms. Perez recovered enough to return to her job at a rehabilitation center. Ms. Landeros was not as fortunate. She was in a coma for six weeks and suffers from memory loss; she has no control over her emotions or judgment. She is confined to a walker, her left leg has virtually no strength, and her left arm is still bent from the impact. She will need constant round-the-clock care the rest of her life. Her years of high school and graduation were lost. Her dream of becoming a nurse shattered. “You can’t put a price on what happened,” said now 28-year-old Marta Perez. “Money is not going to change life back to the way it was before.”

We continue to hear of these unnecessary tragedies; they are senseless and avoidable. When will they stop? If you wish to drink, that is your choice: but please, make a conscious decision, before you take the first drink, to not mix drinking with driving. Please, if you decide to drink, stay off the road! Make wise choices in your life; the choices you make could be life-altering and may seriously affect the lives of others.

Think about innocents like Rosie Landeros. While her financial recovery will certainly assist in providing her future care and living needs, it will never give her back the live she was enjoying or allow her to experience her dream to be a nurse. Can we put a price tag on a teenager's dream? On her future quality of life? If you are one of the “Mr. Torres’” of the world, is the drink worth it? Will you enjoy prison? What will your quality of life be, knowing you had seriously damaged a young person's life, forever?

This case took almost three years to resolve. Both victims suffered serious injuries and serious financial damage. Incomes were severely restricted during that time. Thankfully, both were able to wait out the long legal process and receive appropriate justice for their injuries. Perhaps they received lawsuit funding to get by. By now, you know that lawsuit funding assists families who are struggling to make ends meet due to injury or death caused by auto accidents, slip and falls, malpractice, product defects, and other accidental injuries. In this case, it would have been of substantial assistance to the victims of this drunk driver. If you are involved in a pending personal injury lawsuit and worried about paying bills or other financial obligations, Lawsuit Financial has your solution. Our pro-justice legal finance company is one of the country's most experienced provider of legal funding services. If you have been injured in any type of lawsuit that was not your fault, please contact Lawsuit Financial today. We provide a free consultation and, if you are approved and receive lawsuit funding, we charge no fee unless you win your personal injury lawsuit. Call us today, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit our website. The call or the visit is free; the advice is priceless.

February 8, 2010

Porn Watching Truck Driver Causes Fatal Accident

If you read my blogs on a regular basis, you know that I continuously remind readers about the dangers of distracted driving. Usually, these distractions happen in the form of cell phone use or texting while driving. Recently I read an article that tops all of the distracted driving cases I have read and reported about. In this recent case, a truck driver caused a fatal accident due to being distracted while watching pornography on his laptop computer screen.

Julie Stratton, 33 of Snyder, New York was traveling on Interstate 90 when she hit a deer, disabling her car. Ms. Stratton called 9-1-1, but help did not arrive before a tractor trailer driven by Thomas Wallace, 45 of Brook Park, Ohio slammed into her car. How could several vehicles avoid hitting her vehicle, yet Mr. Wallace could not? The answer – Mr. Wallace was distracted by pornography he was watching on his laptop. Later, when he admitted to watching the porn, he also admitted that he kept fictitious log books and had actually been on duty for twenty-seven hours straight and driving on only four hours of sleep. This is in violation of the transportation law. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, long distance drivers may not exceed 11 hours of driving per day, and work no more than 14 total hours. Between working periods, a driver must have at least 10 hours off duty. Drivers are also required to document their time in logbooks.

There are far more possible distractions than anyone could ever imagine. How many more accidents must happen before people get the message? Let’s face it ─ if you are the fatality, it is too late to “get the message.” Because of Mr. Wallace’s negligent actions, there are two little boys, Sam and Ben who will grow up without their mother. It is time we all think twice before driving while distracted.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a automobile or truck accident, it is important to contact an attorney who specializes in cases like yours. An attorney will not only advise you on your case, but will help advice protect your legal rights, and preserve the evidence resulting from the accident. If you don't know or can't locate an attorney in your area, Lawsuit Financial will be happy to provide a free referral, anywhere in the country.

What if you are injured or disabled? What if the medical expenses and household bills are piling up, or even worse ─ funeral expenses? Couple that with the amount of time that a lawsuit takes because of insurance company delay tactics, and you may be facing financial devastation. What are your options if you are in this situation? You can rack up more debt with credit cards or a second mortgage on your home, or you can call Lawsuit Financial.

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February 5, 2010

Drinking and Driving: A Deadly Combination in Illinois

Why aren't drivers getting the message that drinking and driving don't mix? Why can't they see that this is a dangerous, sometimes fatal combination? The family of 19 year-old Kevin Benes learned this the hard way when a drunk driver slammed into the young Illinois man's car last Dec 11, causing his death.

His family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Michael Bourdage, the man accused of driving drunk and causing the crash. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages in excess of $50,000. Bourdage, 24, also faces criminal charges.

Scott McKenna, the Benes' family attorney, stated that the boy's parents want to see to it that "justice is done". "The bottom line is, Mr. Bourdage needs to be held responsible for what he did".

Serious auto accidents involving serious injuries and/or death are often the consequence of drinking and driving. Lawsuit Financial is constantly called upon to provide financial support in the form of lawsuit funding to people who have suffered serious injuries caused by the negligence of a drunk driver. Worse, our pro-justice legal finance company also provides lawsuit financial assistance to survivors of people like young Mr. Benes who are killed by drunk drivers and file wrongful death lawsuits to collect damages.

Auto Accident lawsuit funding
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And, for those of you who like to drink, please don't mix your drinking with driving. Appoint a designated driver, call a cab or a designated driver service. The life you save might be your own, and, if your negligence results in the catastrophic injury or death of another, and you have a conscience, your life will change for the worse and will never be the same.

January 7, 2010

Momentary Cell Phone Distraction Leads to Seven Figure Settlement

Following today's blog about texting while driving and Britain's graphic PSA on the subject comes news that the City of Palo Alto has settled an motor vehicle accident lawsuit for $1.5 Million.

The lawsuit was the result of a 2006 automobile accident caused by a city worker who ran a red light while reaching for his cell phone instead of keeping his eyes on the road and his hands on the steering wheel.

The plaintiff, Silvio Obregon, suffered unspecified "debilitating spinal injuries" caused by the negligence of city worker, Rubin Salas. I must presume Obregon suffers from some symptoms of quadriplegia or paraplegia; he was seeking $5 Million in the suit.

An assistant city attorney called the settlement "the largest we've had in a long time on a personal injury claim" but admitted that the amount was fair due to the severity of the injuries suffered by the plaintiff.

I post this for two reasons:

1. Please, dear readers; stop texting and driving; stop using or looking for your cell phone while driving. Stop engaging in any activities while you are driving that are unrelated to driving. Distracted driving seriously injures and kills thousands of people.

2. There is no "jackpot justice"; as the assistant city attorney (this is the guy that represented the defendant city) said in this case, the amount was fair because the injuries were severe. The average seven figure pay-out results from serious liability causing serious, catastrophic injuries or death. Don't listen to those who suggest that "tort reform" seeks to stop "frivolous" litigation. Capping damages is an attempt to reduce the value of serious injury caused by serious infractions of law. Reducing damage awards will make all of us less safe; there will limited consequence for the actions of seriously negligent people who seriously maim and kill you or your family members.

Would you want to be told that your life or the life of a loved one is worth a capped amount in a death case? That's what the tort reformers want. Would you want to be told that the loss of use of your lower extremities was worth a capped amount? What are the continued healthy use your legs and arms worth to you? How about those of your children or grandchildren? The tort reformers care only about business; they place profits over life, profits over good health, profits over safety, profits over people. Don't be fooled by the cries that the legal system needs correction. Your most important safety tool is the threat of a lawsuit with unlimited court access and a potentially unlimited recovery.

And please...stop using your IPhones, Blackberries, and other cell phone or texting devices while you drive. If you need to text or make a call, pull into the nearest parking lot, shopping center, or gas station; stop the car and make your call. Stay there until your call or text has been completed. You'll be on your way, soon. Drive carefully; keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Lawsuit Financial, the pro-justice lawsuit funding company will continue to support a nationwide ban on the use of these devices while operating a motor vehicle. If you or someone you love has been involved in a serious accident, with serious injuries and serious financial consequences, Lawsuit Financial can assist you and your family with strategic lawsuit funding. We provide the money you need now so that you can await the outcome you deserve later. You do not have to choose between your house and your case, your car and your case, food on the table and your case, or your kids' education and your case. Lawsuit Financial has provided millions in legal finance assistance to thousands of injury victims. Call us today, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit our website. The call or the visit is free; the advice is priceless.

December 15, 2009

Paralyzed Motorcylist Nets Huge Verdict: Lawsuit Financial Can Assist Injured Motorcyclists

Recently, I posted a blog on motorcycle accident statistics and lawsuit funding. I indicated that roughly 5% of all motorcycle accidents result in death; most result in serious injury to the rider.

Last week, a Lee County, Florida jury awarded $44.9 million to Gerald Aloia, of Cape Coral, FL, who was paralyzed in a 2006 accident. The verdict was one of the largest in Lee County history. Aloia was riding his motorcycle in Cape Coral, Florida, and was struck by a Corvette.

As previously reported, motorcycle accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries and/or death. Insurance companies do not easily resolve serious injury cases; they contest them, require lawsuits before considering payment, try to resolve cases for inadequate sums, and delay claims, case or lawsuit resolution for as long as possible. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in an automobile or motorcycle accident, lawsuit funding from Lawsuit Financial can provide financial assistance to you and your family while you wait for your attorney to obtain fair compensation. We fund only against the merits of your case; whether you have good or bad credit does not matter to our legal finance specialists. If you lose the case, repayment is excused. You only pay if you win your case. We can provide money for mortgage or rent payments, car payments, household needs, groceries, medical expenses or utilities. In other words, we will provide legal funding for any important need. Call Lawsuit Financial at 877-377-SUIT (7848) right now, or visit us on the web at The call is free; the advice is priceless.

November 13, 2009

Traumatic Brain Injuries Kill Two in Separate Indianapolis Accidents

Within a day of each other, two Indianapolis men have died after suffering traumatic brain injuries. On November 11, David Jansen was fatally injured. Jansen was working on a large piece of equipment when his head got caught in the machine. No one witnessed the accident so it is uncertain whether Mr. Jansen slipped and fell, became entangled in the equipment, or had a medical condition that caused him to fall into the equipment.

On November 12, Manuel Maldonada was in a minor auto accident. Witnesses say that Mr. Maldonada got out of his car and slapped the windshield of the other vehicle with his hands before walking away. Moments later, he was found, collapsed on the side of the road. It is unclear what caused Maldonada to fall, if he was struck by another vehicle, or if he had a prior medical problem that caused him to fall. Again, there were no witnesses.

While it appears that both these fatalities occurred quickly after the incident, it is important to be aware that the first few hours after an accident are the most crucial in determining the severity of the injury. It is common to suffer a slip and fall or an auto accident, appear perfectly fine, then suddenly and rapidly deteriorate. This may have been the case with Mr. Jansen or Mr. Maldonada. Although he walked away from the accident, pursuing immediate medical attention may have saved his life. It is imperative to seek medical attention, following any accident, even if there is no pain or sign of external injury. Internal injuries could result in serious, life-long medical problems or fatalities; never assume you are ok; it may cost you your life.

Falls, and auto accidents, and work related accidents are a major cause of traumatic brain injuries. Obviously, these injuries can be devastating to victims and their families. Brain injuries can leave an individual severely debilitated and often result in fatality. The most important thing we can all do is take precautions to lower our risks of traumatic brain injuries. Preventive measures such as seat belts, helmets, and hard hats can greatly reduce traumatic brain injuries.

The unfortunate circumstances of Mr. Jansen and Mr. Maldonada are not necessarily cases for potential litigation. Further investigation may determine the cause of these traumatic brain injury fatalities and whether litigation is or is not appropriate. In contrast, there are many auto accidents, maritime accidents, slip and falls, construction accidents and others that may result from the negligence of someone else.

If you or a loved one has experienced a traumatic brain injury, caused by the negligence of another, you may be able to pursue litigation. It is important to consult an attorney who specializes in cases like yours; if you do not know an attorney or cannot locate one, Lawsuit Financial will find one for you in any of our 50 states. If the traumatic brain injury resulted in a serious financial hardship and you are pursuing a lawsuit, you may qualify for lawsuit funding. Lawsuit Financial provides financial assistance while you wait for you case to settle. You have enough pain and stress from the actual injury, why worry about how to pay your bills? Lawsuit Financial is here to help. We will evaluate your case and typically provide the needed legal funding within 24 – 48 hours. Call us toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT or visit us on the world wide web at

October 16, 2009

Pilot Disorientation Turns to Tragedy and Wrongful Death Airplane Crash Lawsuit

On August 4, 2008, two families began their planned two-week vacation at a rental home in Gearhart, Oregon. What happened next was devastating. Jason Ketcheson, was piloting a plane that crashed into home killing himself, a passenger, and three children in the home. Other family members inside the home were treated for burns at a local hospital and released. Shortly after the crash, it was determined that Ketcheson had been taking the sleeping aid, Ambien, sometime before the crash. The U.S. military permits pilots to fly as soon as six hours after the use of sleeping aids. Is this really a good idea? I wonder if there is any medical evidence proving that six hours is an adequate amount of time for everyone, in every situation.

Should one pilot a plane six hours after taking a sleeping aid? Although there is no conclusive evidence when Ketcheson last took the medicine or if it impaired his judgment, a low level of the prescription was found in his body. This airplane crash case has been under investigation for over a year, and a final report was just released. It states that Ketcheson failed to maintain control of the plane due to spatial disorientation, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Van McKenny, chief investigator for the NTSB said that spatial disorientation is a common cause of crashes.

"Some of it is inadvertent. People get into situations where there are meteorological conditions before they realize it, and they don't have enough experience interpreting their instruments,"

Spatial disorientation occurs when a pilot’s perception of direction is not consistent with reality. It is typically a temporary condition resulting from poor weather conditions with low or no visibility. In the case of Ketcheson, there was heavy fog with visibility of about two miles.
"You get a lot of information from your eyes," McKenny said. "Once you get into the clouds, you lose that information, and you have to interpret your instruments. It's like sitting in a room without any windows and traveling 100 mph."

Because most of the plane was destroyed in the crash, investigators could not determine if the instruments had malfunctioned. To add to this tragedy, it was discovered that there was only one working window in the rental house. Would that have change the fate for these families?

Relatives of the victims have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the estate of Ketcheson and his employer. The lawsuit accuses Ketcheson of negligence for flying the aircraft while under the influence of Ambien, and that he was negligent in following flight rules, controlling the aircraft, and taking the proper emergency measures. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for the death of 10-year-old Julia Reimann, and severe injuries suffered by Ruth Reimann (her mother), Christopher (her brother) and Sarah (her sister).

Airplane crashes, are usually catastrophic resulting in serious injuries and death to passengers and crew aboard the plane. Depending on the crash, a plane crash can claim the lives of those on the ground, as well. This case has already taken over a year to resolve, and may take an additional year or more to reach a settlement. Legal finance services can assist a grieving family through the lengthy litigation process. Lawsuit Financial provides lawsuit funding in airplane crash cases. This type of legal funding may increase the value of your case, because it will lessen the pressure you feel to settle the case early in order to pay necessary expenses.

We help victims and their families through a difficult and lengthy process by providing necessary funding to pay ordinary and necessary expenses such as house payments, car payments, medical expenses, funeral expenses, etc. until the lawsuit is resolved. Our lawsuit funding is contingent upon the outcome of the case – if the case is successful, we are repaid the principal plus profit. If your case fails, you owe us nothing. Lawsuit Financial will provide a free consultation regarding your lawsuit funding situation. Call 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit our website at

October 14, 2009

Mother of Three Dies From Routine Lipsuction Procedure

Rohie Kah, the 37-year-old mother of three, was left brain dead after a scheduled liposuction procedure at the Weston MedSpa in Weston, Florida. Recently, the family accepted the painful decision to disconnect her from life support. While this was a routine procedure that Doctor Omar J. Brito has performed numerous times, at some point during the procedure that was scheduled to last two hours, something went "terribly wrong," Kah's attorney, Michael Freedland, said. "A 37-year-old, healthy mother of three shouldn't go into a medical spa for a routine procedure and come out brain dead," he said.

Ms. Kah was scheduled for a liposuction procedure known as Carboxy Therapy, a medical procedure that improves the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks by injections of carbon dioxide. Lidocaine, a commonly used local anesthetic, was used during the procedure. Attorneys say it is possible she was given too much lidocaine; seizures are a side effect of too much lidocaine. While medical examiners have yet to say if lidocaine contributed to her condition, plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Levine of New York City said the anesthetic can prove deadly if administered incorrectly. "Lidocaine can have a direct toxic effect, depending on the dose that's injected," Levine said.

This case is in the beginning stages of an investigation; it has been revealed that the medical facility was not licensed, although Dr. Brito is a licensed doctor. So, what went wrong and why was the procedure performed in an unlicensed facility? Unfortunately, the answers will do little to ease the pain inflicted on the family – her husband and three young children, ages 4, 5 and 7 who are facing life without her.

Medical Malpractice is a serious issue and a leading cause of wrongful death. If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice or have experienced the death of a loved one due to the negligence of a health care professional, contact a medical malpractice attorney. You may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit for loss of income and benefits, loss of companionship, medical bills, long-term care, and funeral expenses. If you do not have an attorney, Lawsuit Financial would be happy to refer you to one in your area from our list of preferred attorneys. Lawsuit Financial helps families deal with the financial realities that surround the death of a loved one. We will assess your case and explain your funding options. For a free analysis of your legal funding situation, please call us, toll free, at 877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit our website at

October 13, 2009

Oklahoma Auto Accident: "Single Moment" Tragically Alters the Lives of Oklahoma Family

The life of two year old Jordan Russell was changed forever in a single moment on August 4, 2009. As a result of that "moment", Jordan is paralyzed from the waist down. Her mother and her mother's companion have severe injuries, while her unborn brother, 3 pound Adyn, is dead, even before his birth. Efforts to save Adyn, by premature delivery, failed.

This tragic family was the victim of possibly alcohol-impaired driver, Oran John Spencer. Spencer was traveling on Oklahoma 82, ran off the road, hit a culvert, and over-corrected into the opposite lane of travel, where he struck the family's car, head-on. Blood alcohol tests are incomplete as of this writing.

Jordan Russell can't walk because the Aug. 4 crash "nearly ripped her spinal cord in half". Her mother, Vanessa Sunday, and companion, Michael Foutch, were severely injured. They do not remember the crash; they only remember waking up in the hospital, two days later, the day Adyn died. Vanessa, seven months' pregnant at the time of the incident, suffered a broken hip socket, and fractures of her arm, ankle and ribs. She also suffered a punctured lung, a ruptured spleen and underwent an emergency C-section in an attempt to save the baby. It is unclear whether the baby would have survived but for the trauma, but family members opine that he might have.

"I got to hold him a little while before they took him off the ventilator while he was still alive," Vanessa said. "That was the hardest thing I could ever do."

Michael suffered a head injury, a broken jaw, arm, pelvis and toe. He also suffered severe cartilage damage in his knee; the pain "wakes him in the middle of the night".

The crash and its tragic aftermath are enough for any family to have to endure, but there is much more to the story. It seems that there is a dispute between two insurance companies, arguing over responsibility. The family's medical expenses are approaching seven figures and the vehicle owner's insurance company is arguing with the driver's carrier. How long will this coverage dispute go on while this family struggles both physically and financially? Who knows?

I recently wrote in criticism of a new round of Oklahoma tort reform. I opined that tort reform is the first corporate bail-out. It is a synonym for "welfare" for billion dollar insurance companies and a license to further victimize victims. While the family is trying to put the pieces of their lives back together, they are being victimized again, financially, by the insurance dispute. The family has lost its home, is living with Michael's parents (thankfully, the home is handicapped accessible) and the insurance companies can't come together and resolve their differences. How about both of them paying the limits of their respective policies, which will surely be inadequate to compensate this family for its tragic loss? Oklahoma is not the only state in the union whose citizens' rights have been sacrificed or repressed to the benefit of rich and powerful insurance companies; it is a sad, recent addition.

The tort reform crowd (US Chamber and Insurance lobby) has now pounced on the health care reform debate to push their evil anti-citizen agenda. They have engaged in a misleading, but successful, campaign to demonize attorneys and victims; they cry about "lawsuit abuse" and "jackpot justice". Where is the "jackpot" or "abuse" in this case? Where is simple "justice" for this family? "Trial lawyers" are bad; just ask an insurance adjuster, as he offers you pennies on the dollar for your valuable case. Lawyers are easy targets; everybody hates lawyers, right? That is, until the 'haters' become 'victims'; until that "single moment" happens to one of them.

Lawsuit Financial provides financial support to people involved in personal injury litigation. Our lawsuit funding company attempts to assist in the achievement of justice for injury victims by providing the financial help they need now so that they do not have to compromise a valuable case for pennies on the dollar, while the insurance company deliberately delays or denies payment. Repayment of our lawsuit funding advances are completely contingent upon the outcome of the litigation; if the plaintiff lose the case, repayment of the legal funding is excused. We provide auto accident lawsuit funding as well as lawsuit funding for many other types of personal injury cases. Interested plaintiffs can apply for litigation funding from Lawsuit Financial by calling 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visiting us on the web at

While these insurance companies "delay, deny, confuse and refuse", a fund has been set up for the family at Tulsa Teachers Credit Union. You may send your tax-deductible checks to:

Tulsa Teachers Credit Union
Michael Foutch Fund
3720 E. 31st, Tulsa, OK 74135-1507.

Or you can Call TTCU at (918) 749-TTCU (8828) or toll-free at (800) 234- TTCU (8828) for more information.

September 29, 2009

Driver Identified in Marblehead Teen Crosswalk Death

On August 24, 15 year old Alessandra (Allie) Castner, of Marblehead, MA was struck by a car while crossing the street at an intersection. She was flown to Boston Medical Center, and a short time later, she was pronounced dead. Over the ensuing days, weeks and months, her family sought information relating to the investigation into her death. Her mother, Julie Castner, said:

“Instead of mourning and beginning the healing process we have had to fight for her honor.” “This is so unreal to all of us. You wake up in the morning saying this really is not your life. When you put your feet on the floor you realize it really is your life.”

For unknown reasons, police delayed releasing the name of the person who drive his vehicle into the defenseless child. The Castner's issued a plea for anyone who may have witnessed the accident to call authorities. Allie's father, Chris, wanted to grieve; instead, he found himself "playing detective".

Finally, one month after Allie’s death, police identified Thomas Larivee as the driver of the vehicle that struck Allie. His license has been revoked as authorities consider him a threat on the road. Prior to this accident, Larivee has had numerous driving infractions, an accident, and a 90 day license suspension. Other than the revocation, he has not been charged with any crime or violation stemming from the accident. The Castner's vow to pursue justice through criminal charges. Julie Castner said:

“We want this to go as a criminal case. That’s where we are headed with this.”

Lawsuit Financial wishes the family well in its pursuit of justice in this case and extends its deepest sympathies to the Castner family.

Pedestrians struck by motor vehicles are seldom left unscathed, and in many instances, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries, and death can result. Even if the driver did not intend harm, the motorist can be held liable for speeding, failing to yield to the pedestrian or stopping at a crosswalk, text messaging or talking on the cell phone, driving under the influence, turning right on red without noticing a crossing pedestrian in the opposing crosswalk, and other negligent acts. Auto accidents often can happen to very cautious drivers who are, simply, in the wrong place at the wrong time. Motorists do not always understand or observe the rules of the road regarding pedestrian’s right-of-way at stop signs and crosswalks. Unfortunately negligence often results in serious injuries or death to a pedestrian. The cause of the Castner/Larivee crash is unclear and remains under investigation.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a pedestrian accident, it is often in your best interest to contact an attorney who specializes in auto/pedestrian accident cases. If you need assistance locating an attorney, Lawsuit Financial provides a national referral service, available in all 50 states. We will find you an expert attorney within 24-48 hours; this valuable service is provided free to those seeking appropriate justice. It is important that you consult with an experienced attorney to discuss your legal rights and options regarding your case.

If you have already retained an attorney and filed your case in court, Lawsuit Financial can provide the legal financial assistance you need to get through the tough and long litigation process. You may need lawsuit funding to pay your rent, mortgage or car payments. If you qualify for a lawsuit cash advance you can receive the money you need in as little as 24 hours after you apply. Whether you have lost a loved one or been injured in an accident and need legal funding now, or need litigation funding for any other type of personal injury case call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT, or, visit

September 17, 2009

Toyota Deception: A Personal Injury Postscript

Most companies are required to pass certain inspection and testing standards before marketing products to the public. The Consumer Product Safety Commission sets forth guidelines and requirements for household objects in order to protect their users from injury. When it comes to testing automobiles for safety, these requirements are even more important since one unsafe car on the road can easily endanger dozens of people.

Testing on automobiles is also important after accidents. The people who are injured have a right to know whether the car they were driving contributed to an accident as a result of a substandard feature. On September 10, Toyota Motor Corporation was accused of hiding records relating to sixteen accidents. The company allegedly concealed crucial documents pointing to insufficient safety testing that rendered the cars more susceptible to rollovers. The victims in the cases are suing Toyota to reopen their cases now that there is new evidence. Toyota claims that the allegation of their concealment is a false claim brought by a disgruntled ex-employee.

In the meantime, sixteen accident victims have potentially been denied proper compensation for their injuries. In fact, four of the cases were dismissed on grounds of insufficient evidence. This means that these individuals will now face the expenses of two separate trials without the benefit of any compensation from Toyota to cover their medical expenses and auto repairs.

Most people are unable to withstand the financial devastation of one personal injury lawsuit, let alone two. Aside from a mountain of new medical expenses, or, worse, burial and funeral expenses, injury, disability or death and the loss of a 'breadwinner', can cause a financial problems. Couple that with the amount of time that a lawsuit takes because of insurance company delay tactics, and you may have a financial meltdown on your hands. That is why Lawsuit Financial assists clients in cover their bills while cases are being prepared for trial. It is grossly unfair that victims should have to settle their cases early, and for less than full value, because they face a mountain of unexpected medical bills and, because of injury, disability or death, can't meet their monthly obligations. If you are in such a quandary, litigation funding can assist you. Our non-recourse lawsuit funding service will cover your bills until the case settles, Lawsuit Financial ensures that you can still cover your regular bills, focus on preparing your case, and pursue it to its just conclusion. . And, if things don't break your way and you lose the case, our litigation funding principal and profit are completely excused. Lawsuit Financial wishes all of the injured in these cases good luck in their pursuits of justice.

September 3, 2009

Unsafe Product Concealment: The Toyota Case

One of the dirty little secrets that is not mentioned by tort reform advocates is that major corporations will, sometimes, conceal safety related issues from the public because revealing them might create significant liability. Whether Toyota is guilty of this type of dangerous design defect concealment is the subject of an interesting lawsuit between Toyota and one of its former managing counsel.

In his lawsuit, attorney Dimitrios Biller alleges that Toyota forced him, over a period of several years, to withhold information regarding rollover accidents causing injury or death, depriving victims of information that would prompt them to commence litigation or pursue already commenced litigation to improved conclusions. The allegations, if true, could result in the reopening of over 300 hundred substandard roof cases over the past two decades and/or the filing of cases that could have been pursued and weren't.

Toyota, of course, calls Biller's statements "inaccurate and misleading," and, further, calls him a "disgruntled employee" retaliating for a forced resignation. However, if the allegations are proven to be true, in court, Toyota is looking at the beginning of a financial nightmare. The vehicles at issues are popular sport utility vehicles like the Toyota 4Runner. According to Biller, who defended the company in many such lawsuits, Toyota concealed National Highway Traffic Safety Administration information that these vehicles were prone to rollover accidents and had weak roofs which lead to thousands of serious injuries and deaths.

Tab Turner, an Arkansas attorney who represented a pregnant woman and her fetus who were both brain damaged as the result of a 4Runner rollover accident agrees that the allegations, if proven, will call into question all of the settlements, verdicts and judgments which involved these vehicles

Biller received to a $3.7 Million severance package when he left Toyota; he alleges that he was harassed and intimidated by Toyota management and was treated for psychiatric problems resulting from this conduct. Toyota claims that the severance agreement prevents Biller from discussing or disclosing company information and that he has now violated that agreement. Since he was an attorney for the company, there may also be attorney-client privilege or confidentiality issues involved with the presentation of these allegations in the new litigation.

Lawsuit Financial would not be surprised if the allegations made by Mr. Biller were true. Corporate defendants have long practiced these types of 'delay, deny, confuse and refuse' tactics; the deliberate and/or fraudulent concealment of vital information when requested by the plaintiff is, most likely, more common than we realize. Lawsuits like Mr. Biller's are important public alerts to vital safety issues and the probability that fear of expensive, multiple, litigation may lead to concealment of unsafe products.

Lawsuit Financial strongly advises all consumers to use all investigatory tools available on the internet or print/broadcast media, from consumer protection advocacy groups or publications, from safety advocacy groups, and from national or local trial lawyer associations. An educated consumer is more often a safer consumer. When purchasing a potentially dangerous product from a company, don't take the company's word for its' safety; do your homework. You'll be glad you did.

If you have been seriously injured and need an attorney in your area who specializes in the type of incident causing your injury, please consider calling Lawsuit Financial and taking advantage of our free attorney referral service. If you already have an attorney and need lawsuit funding to help pay household bills, medical expenses, mortgage payments, utility bills or any other important expense, Lawsuit Financial is here to assist you in your time of need. The call to 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) is free; the advice is priceless.

August 24, 2009

Dentist Wrongly Pulls 13 Upper Teeth: $2 Million Verdict Resutls

A woman in South Carolina won a $2 million dental malpractice verdict after a dentist mistakenly pulled 13 teeth. In 2006, 28 year old Elizabeth Smith went to the Sexton Dental Clinic to have three teeth pulled; a clinic dentist pulled all 16 of her upper teeth. Restorative surgery, which plaintiff plans to have as soon as possible, will cost about $80,000.

The number of dental malpractice claims are relatively consistent; many people are not aware they can pursue a dentist for dental malpractice in court, or that dentists are liable for improper treatment. Here are some examples of negligence that could lead to the filing of a dental malpractice suit:

Nerve injuries that affect a patient’s ability to taste

Nerve injuries causing permanent numbness in the tongue (or partial tongue numbness)

Negligently completed crowns and bridges and/or complications arising therefrom

Failure to take a patient’s relevant medical history into account before commencing treatment

Failure to diagnose or detect oral cancer, periodontal disease, or other diseases

Complications from anesthesia

Unnecessary extractions

Extraction of incorrect teeth

Lawsuit Financial may provide legal funding in dental malpractice cases and all other types medical malpractice cases. The nation's number one legal finance company also provides auto accident lawsuit funding, premises liability (slip & fall) lawsuit funding, construction accident lawsuit funding, maritime accident lawsuit funding, airplane crash lawsuit funding, train crash lawsuit funding, dog bite lawsuit funding, wrongful death lawsuit funding, or any other type of personal injury lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit Financial has one of the nations largest networks of attorneys available for referral. If you need a referral to a legal specialist in any legal field, call us today, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) and talk to one of our legal referral specialists. Or, visit the referral page of our website. If you believe that you are a victim of dental malpractice or dental care neglect it is important to discuss your case and your rights with an experienced dental malpractice attorney.

August 24, 2009

Security Force Negligence: Violation of Public Safety

An important public safety issue that is frequently ignored, is the background required to be and training required of a private security force. We might be dealing with a private security force, guard service or individual security guard, or, in the entertainment field, we might be dealing with a "bouncer" or crowd control security force. While these security forces are charged with responsibility for public safety, similar to public police officers, they may lack the training and expertise provided to public police officers. Thus, their individual reactions to various incidents they may encounter may vary, based their age, training, background, experience, intelligence, approach, temperament, and other similar common sense factors. They are not necessarily taught/trained to exercise the judgment and restraint that might be part of a public law enforcement education or training program.

A Fresno County jury on August 20, 2009, awarded $535,000 in damages to a poker player who said that casino security guards cuffed him and lifted his arms behind his back, which caused him to suffer a left torn rotator cuff. Reportedly, the incident happened following his argument with a dealer. The injury has required three surgeries and may require additional surgery, as well.

After deliberating for two days, seven hours total, the jury awarded plaintiff, Nshan Minasian, $400,000 for medical bills and $135,000 for pain and suffering. Attorneys for the casino argued that the guards acted appropriately and that Minasian was primarily responsible for the escalation of the incident. They plan to ask the judge for a reduction in the award.

I do not pass judgment on the conduct of this particular security force in this particular case; although the jury's verdict does tend to indicate that its members did not buy the casino's argument that the plaintiff escalated the violence. The verdict suggests that the guards crossed the line, creating casino liability. There are important safety issues raised by verdicts and cases like this: What was the experience level of the security force? What training did they have? Did they undergo a formal training program? What rules and regulations for handling a 'troublemaker' existed and were posted? What prompted them to use the level of force that was used? How much of a threat did the plaintiff pose to them or to the public? How much restraint did they show? What would a trained police officer have done in the same or similar circumstance?

Lawsuit Financial provides strategic legal funding to victims of private security negligence and other types of personal injury litigation. This pro-justice lawsuit financing company exists to provide lawsuit funding as a strategic tool to prevent a plaintiff's immediate financial need turn into an inadequate financial resolution of his case. Our lawsuit finance programs attempt to assist all personal injury plaintiffs to financially survive their lawsuits, help pay their case-related or regular payment obligations, and prevent them from settling early and inexpensively. This strategy should result in increased case proceeds for clients, higher fees for attorneys, and the appropriate result for their cases. The pre-settlement funding could pay for itself out of additional case proceeds that funding makes possible. For further information on this unique legal finance program, please visit our website or call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848).

August 11, 2009

Merck Pharmaceutical Negligence Suit Begins

Developing drugs to alleviate or cure certain conditions is a tricky business. The human body is both complex and delicate, requiring that whatever may be synthetically produced and introduced to the body be done with extreme care and caution. A series of recent lawsuits (around 900 total) are claiming that Fosamax, an osteoporosis drug produced by Merck & Co., causes the death of jawbone tissue, which has led to jaw removal for several users of the drug. The first case went to trial today, August 11th.

The plaintiff argues that Merck failed in their duty to provide safe drugs to consumers and make potential health risks clear to consumers. Allegedly, Merck knew about the apparent connection between Fosamax and the disease as early as the mid 1990s, yet did not change the drug label to warn consumers about potential risks associated with taking their drug. According to the plaintiff's lawyer, Timothy O’Brien, "Merck had notice through adverse reports starting in 1996." And the drug company had "thousands of reports" of jawbone loss since.

There are two disturbing issues brought up by this case. If the connection between Fosamax and the death of jawbone tissue is true (which seems to be the case citing the "thousands of reports") then Merck did in fact release a drug that can cause severe harm to its users. This is itself a dire mistake, however more troubling is the company's alleged ignorance or denial of the facts concerning their drug, which if true resulted in the most gross display of negligence: Keeping the drug label unchanged while thousands of reports surfaced in a span of around 9 years (Merck changed their label in 2005, however the plaintiffs claim that again the company did not sufficiently warn consumers about the drug's risks.)

Making a mistake is bad business; however refusing to face the facts and at least warn consumers about the risks associated with one's product is a shameful display of apathy towards the well being of others. Many drugs have potential side effects, but devastatingly dangerous conditions that could result from the use of a drug have to be made clear. If Merck did in fact know about the connection between Fosamax and the death of jawbone tissue, yet did not change the drug label to clarify this issue, negligence is just scratching the surface of this company’s problems.

Lawsuit Financial supports all efforts to hold drug companies responsible for producing safe products and warning about dangerous ones. We provide responsible lawsuit funding for drug liability cases as well as other types of product liability lawsuit funding. Legal finance services can assist all types of injury victims; legal funding helps a plaintiff achieve better lawsuit results by providing interim lawsuit financial relief while his/her case winds its way through the legal system toward resolution, preventing them from settling a valuable lawsuit too early for too little. If improved results are achieved for the plaintiff, an attorney on a contingency fee will receive a corresponding benefit. Lawsuit financing is an important legal strategy for attorneys to use in appropriate situations. For a free analysis of your (or your client's) lawsuit finance situation, please call our toll free litigation funding helpline at 1-877-377-SUIT or visit us on the web at

July 10, 2009

Cerebral Palsy: Ohio Hospital Negligence Results in Record $31 Million Verdict and Settlement

Cerebral palsy is a life-long disability, which involves disorders of movement control and muscle coordination. It is caused by brain damage that occurs before, during or immediately after birth, and it is commonly associated with seizures, sensory impairments and cognitive limitation.

Thousands of children are diagnosed, each year, with cerebral palsy, as a result of medical errors occurring at the time of birth. Most cases of cerebral palsy are not related to medical errors, but some children would not have suffered a brain injury had doctors, hospitals or nurses followed the proper standards of medical care during labor and delivery. If complications are encountered during labor or delivery, it is a medical provider’s responsibility to identify potential problems, react appropriately, and follow the proper standard of medical care to deal with the situation. However, mistakes can be made.

When cerebral palsy results from a medical mistake which could have been prevented, financial compensation may be available for the child. It is very important to retain an attorney who specializes, not only in medical malpractice cases, but in cerebral palsy medical malpractice cases.

With that in mind, I am pleased to report that, last week, attorneys Richard Lawrence and Patrick Beirne received the highest medical malpractice verdict in Ohio history. An Ohio jury awarded their client, the family of a child who developed cerebral palsy as the result of medical negligence, $31 million in compensatory damages. 8-year-old Leondo Stanziano, was born on December 11, 2000 at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. The child suffered permanent brain damage resulting in cerebral palsy after being deprived of oxygen for 18 to 20 minutes during delivery. He now suffers from severe cerebral palsy, which has left him unable to speak, unable to walk and requiring 24-hour care. Within a week of the record-setting verdict, the matter has been settled for an undisclosed sum.

Congratulations to these two fine attorneys and to their clients for a hard fought victory. Compensation will not make the child well; nothing can do that, but the cost of caring for a severely disabled child should be borne by those who caused that disability, not by the innocent victims. This verdict and settlement will assure that the child's care needs are covered and that he will receive the best care possible under the circumstances. This is what serious litigation should be about: appropriate and sensible compensation for the victim; accountability, responsibility and future prevention incentive for the perpetrator. All seems to have been achieved with this result.

Lawsuit Financial is one of a very select group of legal finance companies with the legal and legal funding experience to evaluate and provide lawsuit funding in cerebral palsy cases. For a free analysis of your lawsuit funding situation, call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit

July 9, 2009

Michigan Supreme Court: Are the Scales Finally Tipping in Favor of Justice for Michigan Citizens?

Two recent 4-3 opinions would suggest that the recent election of Diane Marie Hathaway to the Michigan Supreme Court is paying dividends to the cause of justice in Michigan.

In one case, he Detroit News is reporting that the high court has ruled that a dead mother's family can sue a hospital and doctors for $1.4 million in damages for loss of household services. Housework, cooking, caring for children, trash removal, etc. would qualify for damages under the ruling. Attorneys for Monroe, Michigan's Mercy Memorial Hospital unsuccessfully argued at both the Court of Appeals level and the before the Supreme Court that "household services" are part of a non-economic recovery, thus lumped into legislatively capped, non-economic (as part of the 'pain and suffering' recovery) damages. Both courts said "no", that household services are economic damages, thus not subject to the cap.

The "cap", by the way, is part of legislative tort reform passed by conservatives during the John Engler administration. "Caps" on damages restrict juries and judges in dispensing justice in Michigan and keeps them from appropriately punishing the offenders. To merge economic issues into the non-economic cap would have caused an even greater injustice to an already unjust system in Michigan.

The family's complaint had alleged that the deceased, Laurie Ann Greene, bled to death from the site of a Cesarean section, due to the hospital's negligence.

In the other case
, also a 4-3 decision, the Detroit Free Press reports that the high court allowed a gunshot victim to sue a Detroit 911 operator for intentional infliction of emotional distress for asking the distressed caller if she was a “mental patient". The caller had indicated that she had been shot in the head. After berating and insulting her, the operator finally did send police to the caller's location. The police could not locate her and EMS arrived after the victims son, from his Minnesota location, called Detroit Police. The article does not mention what the legal controversy was. I would presume that there was a governmental immunity argument made here. Clearly, there was a breach of duty. 911 operators should take citizens' calls, compassionately listen to their concerns, and dispatch the appropriate authority to their locations. That is all. To berate or ridicule a caller is not only inexcusable, it is now, in Michigan, actionable in court. Congratulations to the plaintiff in the case, Lorraine Hayes, and her attorneys for a hard-fought victory.

Our citizens are responsible for this sudden turn-around in civil justice. Late last year, they voted to promote Diane Hathaway to the Supreme Court, rejecting the re-election bid of the very conservative former Chief Justice Clifford Taylor. In next year's election, another very conservative Supreme Court Justice, Robert Young, is running for re-election. It is extremely important that our citizens realize the importance of the civil justice system to our basic civil rights and the importance of their vote in promoting civil justice. Pro-big business, anti-citizen justices, like Justice Young, do not stand up for the rights of the average citizen and Hathaway's recent election has helped to reverse a 15 year trend of anti-justice, anti-citizen decisions from our highest court. When Robert Young runs for re-election, send him packing. Maybe he can open a law office with Clifford Taylor, representing the concerns of big business.

Lawsuit Financial provides legal finance services to injured and disabled people involved in pending lawsuits. If you are injured or disabled, have a lawyer handling your case, are having financial difficulties, and are considering a settlement (because of those financial difficulties) that your lawyer says is too low, call Lawsuit Financial, now. The toll free, no obligation lawsuit funding help line number is 1-877-377-SUIT (7848). One of our friendly legal funding paralegals will analyze you situation for free. We finance auto accident cases and all other personal injury litigation. Call Lawsuit Financial, or visit our website.

Lawsuit Financial will continue to speak out in favor of pro-justice issues. We implore all citizens to do the same.

July 7, 2009

$2.3 Million Santa Clara Bicyclist Wrongful Death Settlement: Sometimes Defendants Do the Right Thing

A settlement has been reached between Clara County, CA and the parents of a bicyclist killed when a former sheriff's deputy apparently fell asleep at the wheel and drove his patrol car into a group of cyclists. The case settled for $2.3 Million. Other cases are still pending.

I often rant, at this location, about tort reform and the US Chamber's ridiculous crusade to classify all cases as frivolous and/or abusive. Here is a case where the county stepped up to the plate and did the right thing. The family has been reasonably compensated and the settlement avoids a painful trial. Craig Needham represented the family and Lawsuit Financial congratulates him on a job well done.

Auto Accident Cases are the most prevalent types of cases funded by Lawsuit Financial. Strategic use of legal funding can, and often does, enhance the value of a plaintiff's case by removing a plaintiff's financial pressure to settle early and inexpensively. If you have questions about the appropriate and/or strategic use of automobile accident lawsuit funding, or any other type of personal injury accident legal finance, please do not hesitate to call Lawsuit Financial, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) for a free, no obligation, consultation. Or, visit us on the world wide web at

June 10, 2009

Firefighter Families Receive $2.2 Million-Accountability & Safety Changes Through Litigation

There is no way to foresee the future and prevent every tragedy from occurring, however we can learn from past mistakes and make changes in the way we behave and act to build a more promising future. A recent Boston Globe article tells the story of two firefighters that were killed battling a grease fire in a neighborhood restaurant. The gross negligence of three parties resulted in a deadly volume of grease back up in the restaurant’s air ducts. City ordinance required that restaurant air ducts be cleaned quarterly to prevent grease build-up that may cause devastating fires. Workers at the restaurant, the restaurant's landlord in charge of maintaining quality standards, and a professional cleaning service hired to clean the air ducts (they cleaned the stove and hood, but never looked at the air ducts) were all unable to hold themselves accountable and make sure that the air ducts were cleared of grease. Because of their negligence in this important safety matter, two Boston firefighters paid the ultimate price.

The families of the firefighters sued all 3 parties and received $2.2 million in a settlement. However, the effects of this lawsuit go far beyond compensating the firefighters' families for their loss. Today, as a direct result of this tragedy and the litigation it spawned, tougher city regulations exist to assure that commercial kitchen cleaners pass a certification test and register with the fire department before they are allowed to work in city restaurants. This precaution should lead to more qualified, knowledgeable and responsible cleaning services.

The change in city ordinance resulting from this tragedy is a sobering reminder that the beneficial effects of lawsuits do not stop with those personally involved. As John Adams once said, "Representative government and trial by jury are the heart and lungs of liberty. Without them we have no other fortification against being ridden like horses, fleeced like sheep, worked like cattle, and fed and clothed like swine and hounds." The families of firefighters of Warren J. Payne and Paul J. Cahill were fleeced out of a lifetime of memories with their beloved. By demanding justice through litigation, the families of these firefighters have caused an improvement in safety measures; hopefully these changes will prevent another tragedy like this occurring.

Lawsuit Financial Corporation understands the merit and long-lasting effects of proper and necessary litigation. By providing lawsuit funding, LFC helps those who seek to claim compensation due to the negligence of others who refuse to hold themselves accountable for meeting their responsibilities. This unique litigation funding company can assist you with a fire and explosion case like this one, or any other type of personal injury case. If you feel that Lawsuit Financial Corporation can help you in anyway, please contact us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit us on the web at

May 12, 2009

Maritime Accident Nets $1.8 Million-Lawsuit Funding Candidate?

Maritime injuries are injuries that occur at sea and are governed by "the law of the sea" or Maritime law. The main body of law that governs these injuries is a 1920 federal law known in legal circles, simply, as the Jones Act. The Jones Act has been amended countless times, since 1920, but it, essentially, seeks to provide protection to seamen who risk their lives at sea. It provides a remedy for maritime workers who sustain an injury while in service to a vessel on navigable waters as a result of employer or fellow crew-member negligence, or for the unseaworthiness of the vessel.

When a seaman is injured on the job, he may be entitled to recover certain benefits. Attached to this post is an article that reports a $1.8 Million verdict in Minnesota for an Escanaba, MI man who was seriously injured in a fall on a ship.

The injured man, Daniel L. Willis slipped and fell and injured his knee while performing his job on the vessel. He was treated at a nearby hospital and was then left to transport himself back to Escanaba on an 18-hour bus ride. Apparently, the long bus ride and the knee immobilizer combined to cause the development of a deep vein thrombosis that led to other complications.
The lawsuit alleged that his injuries were the result of “the unseaworthiness of the vessel and insufficient manpower, equipment, direction, supervision, maintenance, and other incidents of defendants’ malfeasance, negligence, and failure to provide a safe place to work.’’ As previously indicated, these are core allegations needed to pursue Maritime damages.

Willis was expertly represented by Wayzata, Minn., attorney Stephen Eckman, who also claimed that the defendants failed to attend appropriately to his client's medical needs. I congratulate Mr. Willis and Mr. Eckman on their hard-earned victory.

Lawsuit Financial provides Maritime legal finance services to people injured at sea and who have to pursue Maritime litigation to get the compensation they deserve. These cases can take a long time to resolve and families are often without wages or other compensation during that time. In this case, the accident happened in August 2004 and the verdict was announced in May 2009. Legal funding from Lawsuit Financial can provide a legal non-recourse cash advance for mortgage payments, rent, food, clothing, transportation, medicine or medical care while the injured plaintiff recovers from his injuries and pursues his lawsuit. With a lawsuit cash advance, there is no credit check and no credit hit; the only collateral necessary for litigation funding is a pending lawsuit.

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April 22, 2009

$21.6 Million Verdict Not Enough-Attorney Wants $45 Million More: Fair? Justice? Absolutely!

You read a lot about the need for 'tort reform' to protect big business and big insurance from overly generous, out of control juries and, of course, from those "greedy trial lawyers". Typically, 'tort reform', as it is practiced in most state legislatures, centers on three things: 1. Capping general damages. 2. Limiting punitive damage awards and/or sanctions 3. Reducing or eliminating liability or duties owed in certain situations. One would think that lawsuits are never about punishing safety violations or providing incentive to correct them. Lawsuits are, in the minds of the big business, big insurance publicity campaign, designed to pull the wool over the public's eyes about 'greedy plaintiffs' and 'greedy trial lawyers'. Well, here is a terrific example of the other side of the story and why 'tort reform' should never happen nationally, should never happen in states where it is not currently the law, and should be abolished in those states where it has been passed.

Four young adults were killed in the subject accident and, apparently, a fine attorney named Bob Pottroff, who specializes in train accidents, proffered evidence that the defendant, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, destroyed and withheld evidence that prevented the victims' families from recovering punitive damages from the jury. The original $21.6 million verdict was one of the largest wrongful death verdicts in Minnesota history, but, not enough, says Pottroff. Armed with evidence of the defendant's misconduct, he is asking for $45 million more and further, he has asked Washington County Judge Ellen Maas (who presided at the trial) to delay any appeal of the verdict until sanctions are awarded and paid. Attorneys for the railroad argue that the request is unconstitutional because it is, simply, a request for a substitute punitive damages award, which must be awarded by the trier of fact (in this case, the jury). The obvious problem with that request, in my humble opinion, is that it is the defendant's own misconduct that prevented the jury from getting its chance to rule on the issue.

The judge has 90 days to rule on sanctions. Pottroff accuses Burlington Northern of an "intentional, systematic pattern" of perjury, concealment, misrepresentation, and evidence tampering throughout the trial. This includes, for example, destroying evidence that the 8 foot stretch of track where the accident occurred was replaced the day before the accident. Defense attorneys also tried to blame a "rogue", "problem" employee-signal technician for the accident. Judge Maas scolded the defense reminding the courtroom that Burlington hired him and that he was no rogue.

Attorneys for the families also contend that evidence tampering prevented them from showing that the crossing gates were not working properly when the accident occurred. The railroad, of course, argued that the car drove around properly functioning gates. All four victims were 20 years of age or under; the driver, Brian Frazier, was 20 years old. The jury found that Burlington Northern was 90 % responsible for the accident and Frazier was 10% responsible. No money has been paid to anyone, six years after the accident. The families are hopeful that the judge's ruling will send a message to Burlington Northern and any other corporation that might attempt to manipulate the judicial system. "You can't play with families that way", said Denise Shannon, whose daughter was killed in the accident.

Yes, you can, Denise; stalling and stonewalling are very effective tools in the defense attorney's arsenal. These have been the tactics and strategies of defendants for as long as I have been an attorney. Now, I am not suggesting that all defendants go the extent of violating the law or the rules of professional conduct similar to what seems to have happened in this case, but the American Association of Justice's slogan that big business defendants "Delay, Deny, Confuse, Refuse" is an accurate statement of what plaintiffs with significant damages can expect when they pursue litigation. In my experience, all defendants stretch ("stretch, not "cross") ethical boundaries to prevent large outcomes and to create a financially desperate plaintiff.

"Where's the justice?" asked Cristy Frazier, Brian's mother. Where indeed.

The legal finance industry of which Lawsuit Financial is a part, was born out of frustration with conduct like just like this. The longer a case takes to resolve, the more desperate a disabled plaintiff becomes. Legal funding from a reputable lawsuit finance company, like Lawsuit Financial Corporation, will temporarily remove financial desperation, even the odds, and allow the plaintiff time to obtain and injury appropriate settlement. Whether you have lost a loved one or been injured in a train accident and need funding now, or need lawsuit funding for any other type of personal injury case call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT, or, visit

"Where's the justice", Cristy? It starts with a great, persistent, lawyer (you have one in Mr. Pottroff), continues with a fair judge and a responsible jury, and, if litigants need a little financial help along the way, Lawsuit Financial will try to leverage its money to buy time to get the justice they deserve. My condolences to all of those effected by this tragedy; may you continue to seek justice and may your efforts be rewarded, soon.

April 20, 2009

Bus Accident Results in $27.5 Million Award for Amputated Leg

A Manhattan jury has awarded a New York woman $27.5 Million for leg injuries, resulting in amputation, caused when her leg was run over by a New York City Transit bus. The 45 year old woman has worn a prosthesis since the accident. The lawyer, whose terrific work got her this enormous verdict, is Ben Rubinowitz. Mr. Rubinowitz said that his client now feels "vindicated". “The transit authority went after her, calling her a liar. The problem that she has, it’s a lifelong injury, and whenever she looks down, she’ll have a constant reminder.”

So true. This is often the method used by insurance companies and corporate America after an accident caused by their negligence. "Blame the victim" is the name of the game. Another method or strategy often employed when a huge verdict is announced is to ask the judge to reduce it on the basis that it is excessive. In this case, the judge, rightfully in my opinion, disagreed. The Metropolitan Transit Authority will appeal the verdict. Wallace Gossett, an attorney for for the Authority, who did not try the case, said “This is just a jury verdict... the appellate courts won’t sustain a verdict of this magnitude.” Hmm....we'll see.

Bus Accidents are nothing new for New York City Transit. In recent months, juries have awarded three other plaintiffs a total of $11 million for their injuries; the agency is appealing all of them. In this era of corporate greed and corporate failure to accept responsibility for negligence and intentional conduct, it is not surprising that the Authority would appeal. Hopefully, sensible appellate judges will tell the authority what it needs to hear: Offer comprehensive training to your drivers; enroll them in pedestrian awareness education programs. Terminate repeat offenders. Constantly check driving records. Offer fair compensation to the victims; in my experience, the reason a case goes to trial is because a reasonable offer to avoid trial has not been made by the defense. Historically, it is the defense that chooses trial, not the plaintiff. The Metropolitan Transit Authority needs to re-think its policy toward settlement in these cases.

Bus Accident or Auto Accident cases are excellent candidates for lawsuit funding. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a bus accident, auto accident, or any other type of injury accident, you may be experiencing financial difficulties as the result of your injuries or disabilities. House payments, rent payments, car payments, medical bills, food, temporary shelter, household assistance are all available by obtaining legal finance from Lawsuit Financial. Call us, toll free, at 877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit us on the web at

March 5, 2009

U. S. Supreme Court Drug Immunity Decision Supports Justice for the Injured; Michigan Justice Still Denied

The United States Supreme Court decided the highly anticipated Wyeth v. Levine case, yesterday. In its 6 to 3 decision, the court said said Congress could have required pre-emption in the case but did not. Instead, said Justice John Paul Stevens, writing for the majority, “it determined that widely available state rights of action provided appropriate relief for injured consumers.” Justice Stevens distinguished this case from the recently decided Riegel case where Congress had adopted an express pre-emption provision for medical devices. Justice Stevens wrote, that the drug agency had, in the past, welcomed state injury lawsuits to complement federal regulation. But in “a dramatic change in position” in 2006 [engineered by the Bush administration], the agency reversed that long held position despite its “limited resources to monitor the 11,000 drugs on the market.”

Justices Anthony M. Kennedy, David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer joined in Justice Stevens majority opinion. Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas voted with the majority but wrote a separate opinion, stating his objection to “far-reaching implied pre-emption doctrines” tending to “wander far from the statutory text.”

This is a wonderful pro-justice decision; a ruling for the drug industry would have meant almost total immunity to the drug industry for an FDA approved drug, whether it maims (as Phenergan did to Diana Levine) or kills, as Vioxx and Fen Phen have done to hundreds.

As reported previously, at this location, my state, Michigan, has such a legal standard: Michigan law, passed in 1996, during the very conservative, anti-justice Engler administration, provides total immunity to the drug industry for FDA approved drugs. This law has been a disaster for Michigan citizens, maimed and/or killed by dangerous FDA approved drugs, with no chance to hold the manufacturer liable for damages. The lack of compensation in these cases leaves Michigan taxpayers to pay the bill for victims' treatment or death instead of the billion dollar companies that caused these injuries and/or death.

Dr. Henry Greenspan, who teaches about the FDA, ethics and policy at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, wrote a terrific op-ed piece in the March 4, 2009 edition of the Detroit Free Press, calling Michigan's drug law "meritless". He views the Opinion of the Court as asserting "that Congress never intended FDA regulation to trump state law, and neither did the FDA itself". Dr. Greenspan believes that Michigan’s drug industry immunity law "cedes to FDA a power that the full spectrum of the justices — from liberals like Ruth Bader Ginsburg to conservatives like Clarence Thomas — rejected as “meritless,” “untenable” and “without reasoned explanation.”"

The Wyeth decision will not remedy Michigan law. Only Michigan's own courts or its legislature can do that. According to Greenspan's article, the Michigan House of Representatives voted, in 2007, 70-39, to rescind the law, but the state Senate killed it in follow-up committee.

My advice? If you are a Michigan citizen, contact your state Senator and/or State Representative and tell them that it is time that Michigan joined the other 49 states in the union and protected its citizens from these dangerous drugs and from the people who make them. Tell them that the ability to hold drug makers accountable for bad drugs not only supports simple justice, but is a significant deterrent to the creation of unsafe products like Phenergan. There are current bills under consideration in the Michigan House to rescind these laws. Make your state Senator or Representative tell you where they stand on this important legislation. If they are against it, make them explain, as Dr. Greenspan puts it, "why it is reasonable to continue to strip Michiganders of rights that are held by citizens in every other state" and why "they know better than two-thirds of the Supreme Court". Yes, March 4, 2009 was a good day for justice in 49 of our United States; justice continues to be denied in Michigan.Thousands of lives have been harmed; take action before this cruel legislation harms thousands more. Let them know that they will be held accountable in the next election.

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February 12, 2009

Mom Liable for Auto Accident Injuries Following Daughters' Underage Drinking Party at Family Home

Does a mother have "a duty to supervise the activities occurring in her home" if her daughters, aged 16 and 17 are partying there? A Lake County, Illinois Circuit Court Judge decided that she does. Judge Christopher Starck ruled that Lauralee Pfeifer was responsible for George Baldwin, being paralyzed from the chest down in a car accident following a night of drinking Nov. 19, 2006. Baldwin was only 19 years old at the time of the incident.

Baldwin's attorney, Patrick Salvi, said that "the growing trend in society is to hold parents accountable when serious injury or death results from otherwise preventable underage drinking." Obviously, one way to do that is to find them liable for two and a half million dollars in damages. Salvi should be congratulated for the nice job he did for his unfortunate client.

According to the article, Pfeifer's daughters invited teenage friends over for a party and the teenagers began drinking. Salvi stated that the mother had numerous opportunities to monitor and stop the drinking, but did absolutely nothing. Baldwin received a ride from another teen, who also was drinking that night, and the teen crashed his car into a utility box. The driver was cited for a DUI; no criminal charges were levied against Pfeifer.

The $2.5 million settlement will likely be paid in full because, according to Salvi, that amount represents the entire amount of the Pfeifer homeowner's insurance policy. This is a significant amount of money, but it certainly does not replace the use of all of Mr. Baldwin's lower bodily functions. An additional trial is scheduled for March 2, 2009 against the then teenage driver. Hopefully, we can report a substantial additional award at this location.

According to a recent FindLaw survey, 28 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 24 encountered underage party drinking in the last year. All states and the District of Columbia have laws prohibiting serving alcohol to minors. However, many states have exceptions that allow parents to provide alcohol to their minor children or wards. Under social host liability laws, adults who provide alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 may be held criminally liable for the minor's injury or death or a death that the intoxicated minor causes. In addition, many states and municipalities have teen party ordinances that make it illegal to host a party where underage youth are drinking. To be liable under these standards, adults can be arrested for simply hosting a party where underage drinking occurs with their knowledge.

Individual state ‘dram shop laws’ also hold commercial hosts responsible for property damage, injuries or death resulting from alcohol being served to people who are clearly intoxicated. Typically, this type of liquor liability statute applies to restaurants and taverns.

If you or someone you love have been seriously injured in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver or any negligent driver, Lawsuit Financial would like to provide assistance. If you have retained a lawyer and filed an auto accident lawsuit, we can get you a lawsuit cash advance against your pending personal injury lawsuit. Lawsuit Financial provides lawsuit funding, not only for Auto Accident cases, but for Slip and Fall/Premises Liability cases, Dog Bite cases, Medical Malpractice cases, Employment Discrimination Cases, Construction Accident Cases, Airplane Crash Cases, Maritime/Jones Act cases from injuries at sea, and many other personal injury cases. If you think you have a case, but don't yet have an attorney, call us for an attorney referral, nationwide. The call to 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) is free. The advice could be priceless. Visit us on the worldwide web at

February 6, 2009

$1.4 Million in Attorney Fees Awarded in Taser Case

My readers may recall two previous posts relating to use of Tasers (stun guns) to abuse our citizens. On May 29, 2008, I reported on the filing of a $20 million lawsuit against the City of San Jose, CA. On June 9, 2008, I reported on a $6 million jury verdict, also in San Jose, against Taser manufacturer, Taser International, for the family of Robert Heston, a Salinas man who died after being tasered 30 times by police. A federal judge in the Heston case has now ordered Taser International to pay Heston's attorneys $1.4 million in attorney fees. It is difficult to tell whether the $6 million award has been paid or appealed, but it is obvious that this $1.4 million is an additional award, over and above the original verdict; this makes the total award $7.4 million. Congratulations to the Heston family and their attorneys on their hard fought victory.

According to the article, the case in question is a Products Liability case involving the manufacturer's (in this case, Taser International) failure to warn police that repeated use of a Taser could result in serious injury or death. Simple and appropriate safety measures and/or simple instructions would prevent many injuries caused by products that can, otherwise, be used safely. A product does not have to be 'defective' to be misused, and a company that issues appropriate warnings about potential misuse may not be liable if those warnings are deemed sufficient to put a reasonable user of the product on notice. In this case, either warnings were not given or they were not sufficient. That creates liability, and Mr. Heston paid the ultimate price. Hopefully, this significant award will result in appropriate manufacturer warnings and provide a measure of closure for the Heston family.

Lawsuit Financial is a national litigation funding company specializing in providing litigation cash advances to plaintiffs involved in pending litigation. Call us today, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) for a free analysis of your injury case financing situation. We can provide lawsuit financing for any type of personal injury case, from Product Liability Legal Funding to Auto Accident Legal Funding, to Medical Malpractice Legal Funding and beyond. Visit us on the web at The call to 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) is free; the advice could be priceless.

October 23, 2008

Wrongful Arrest, Wrongful Prosecution, Wrongful Imprisonment-Lawsuit Funding May Assist

The police show up at your door. You ask "may I help you?" or "what's this all about?" They announce that they have a warrant for your arrest for committing a crime. You must be the criminal, right? Wrong! Innocent people are often arrested, tried, and even convicted of crimes that they did not convict. Barry Scheck of O.J. Simpson fame even started a non-profit called the "Innocence Project" which uses DNA to establish the innocence of those wrongfully accused and convicted. Several citizens who have served long prison sentences have been released as a result of his project's work.

This all too familiar scenario is on display in Fort Collins, Colorado, where Tim Masters was cleared, by advanced DNA evidence, of a murder after spending 10 years in prison and 20 years as a suspect.

Fortunately, the law recognizes the right to sue authorities for their abuse of power and negligence in wrongfully arresting and wrongfully imprisoning someone. The devastation of 20 years of suspicion and 10 years of incarceration for a crime that you did not commit is unimaginable. Lawsuit Financial is happy to report that the company provides necessities of life funding for victims of false arrest, wrongful prosecution, and/or false imprisonment. All that is required is a lawsuit and a good lawyer, which Tim Masters has, obviously, found in David Lane, of Denver, CO.

Lawsuit Financial provides legal funding for personal injury victims. Visit us on the web at or call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) for a free analysis of your lawsuit funding situation. Our friendly staff of lawyers and paraprofessionals are standing by to assist you.

August 5, 2008

$735,000 Verdict Awarded in Religious Discrimination Case-Law Suit Finance Candidate?

A federal jury has awarded $735,000 to a former Queens-Midtown Tunnel employee who alleged that his superiors denied him a promotion, then penalized him for taking sick days because he was Jewish.

The United States District Court jury, in Manhattan, decided that Gregory Fishman, should get $235,000 for emotional pain and $500,000 in punitive damages. Mr. Fishman, 45, is also seeking more than $1 million in lost pay, but whether he receives additional wage loss will be decided by Federal Judge Lawrence M. McKenna. It is unknown whether an appeal is planned.

In his 2006 complaint, Fishman argued that after meeting with Midtown Tunnel officials to discuss his attendance record, he overheard one of them use an expletive before calling him a Jew, an allegation denied by the accused official. That allegation, obviously believed by the jury, was the underlying basis for plaintiff's claim of religious discrimination.

Fishman's attorney, Thomas Ricotta, said that “Actions were taken against my client that were taken differently for other people who weren’t Jewish.”

One month following the previously discussed meeting, Fishman took an exam for a promotion and earned the third highest score. He was passed over for a promotion, while people who had scored much lower on the test (#38, for instance) received the promotion, the complaint said. According to the complaint, the only two who did not receive one were Fishman and another Jewish man.

Previously, in March of 2005, after Fishman filed an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) complaint, he was demoted and his salary was decreased by $8,000 a year, the complaint alleged. He finally left the job because of the harassment. “He lost a 15-year career with the M.T.A.,” Mr. Ricotta said. “It’s a shame.”

The case is not necessarily over, but, the allegations, if true, are a startling reminder that religious discrimination and blatant anti-semitism still exist in the workplace.

I asked Michigan Employment Discrimination Attorney Joey Niskar (a fellow Michigan Association of Justice Member), a fine attorney who specializes in pursuing and achieving justice for people like Mr. Fishman, about the burden of proof in these cases. According to Joey, there are two methods by which a claim for religious discrimination can be proven: By a showing of intentional discrimination (in other words, termination based, even in part, upon a person’s religion), or by showing circumstantial evidence of discrimination through a failure to accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs or practices. This can include an employer’s refusal to honor an employee’s religious Sabbath or religious holidays, and the wearing of religious clothing or articles. It is obvious that the allegations contained in the Fishman case fit this criteria quite well.

Attorney Joey Niskar further opined:

"In the context of an employer’s failure to accommodate a religion practice, the employee must be able to show that (1) he/she holds a sincere religious belief that conflicts with an employment requirement; (2) he/she has informed her employer of the conflict; and (3) he/she was discharged or disciplined for failing to comply with the conflicting requirement. Once the employee puts forth evidence of these three requirements, the burden of proof then shifts to the employer to prove that it made an offer of reasonable accommodation, or prove that any reasonable accommodation would cause it “undue hardship.” Undue hardship is not proven by the mere raising of hypothetical difficulties. The employer must actually demonstrate how the requested accommodation would cause an undue hardship to the employer."

While it is unclear from the article reporting the outcome of the case whether a failure to accommodate religious practices occurred in the Fishman case, it is quite clear, if the allegations contained in the complaint are true (and the jury believed them), that a case for religious discrimination, using the standards set forth by Mr. Niskar, was made in the Fishman case.

Lawsuit Financial did not participate in the Fishman case, but the law suit finance company provides interim legal funding for victims of all types of employment discrimination and wrongful termination. Since these cases always involve job or income loss, financial stress can often force the plaintiff to settle too early and too cheap. Lawsuit financing is provided to prevent that from happening. Lawsuit funding is provided completely contingent on the outcome of the case; the money is free is the case resolves without payment to the plaintiff. Lawsuit Financial also provides litigation funding for Auto Accident victims and all other personal injury victims with pending lawsuits. Call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848), and talk to an experienced legal finance representative for free. Or, visit us on the web at We want to be your law suit funding company and we will do everything in our power to earn your business.

July 22, 2008

Ed McMahon Lawsuits: Slip & Fall (Premises Liability) Injuries Can Be Serious-Lawsuit Financing can Assist

Former Johnny Carson announcer, Ed McMahon, of "Heeeeere's Johnny" fame, has been in the news quite a bit, lately. First, he called attention to the home foreclosure crisis in our country by announcing that his multi-million dollar mansion in California was being foreclosed upon. One reason why he has fallen upon hard times is that he was injured in a fall, broke his neck, and had to undergo multiple surgeries in an attempt to correct serious physical problems caused by the fall.

More recently, it was announced that Mr. McMahon is pursuing a medical malpractice and premises liability lawsuit against those he holds responsible for his condition. This Lawsuit Finance Blog has provided several posts on the issue of medical malpractice; today, I want to focus on the slip & fall or premises liability (as slips & falls or trips & falls are referred to in the legal profession) aspect of the case.

In Michigan, the headquarters of Lawsuit Financial Corporation and the State where my law practice has been for over 31 years, premises liability law has taken an ugly turn to the benefit of the premises owner or lease holder (insurance company's insured) and against the victim (the injured party). Michigan is an extreme example where pro-business and pro-insurance handpicked judges invent new laws or interpret old ones to the detriment of innocent victims of negligence, but this phenomenon is on the rise in other states, as well. Michigan is a "comparative negligence" State. This means that if both sides are negligent, the tryer of fact and/or law, must grant plaintiff an award (if appropriate under the circumstances), attach percentages to each party's fault and, an reduce the award by the at fault percentage attributable to the plaintiff. Sounds fair, right?

Over the last fifteen years or so, after the appointment of numerous pro-business judges, the standard of "open & obvious" has reared its ugly head, not as a comparative negligence standard (as it should be) but as an absolute defense to liability.. One 'theme" used by these pro-business jurists to deny plaintiffs' justice, is that a fall is unlikely to cause serious injury.

It is pure fiction that people do not sustain serious injuries from falls. Mr. McMahon's injuries are prime examples of the absurdity of this premise. The fact is that falls are the leading cause of injury deaths to our older population. Falls are also the leading cause of treated injuries in hospital emergency rooms. In 2004, for example, 14,900 people 65 and older died from injuries related to unintentional falls; about 1.8 million people 65 and older were treated in emergency departments for nonfatal injuries from falls, and more than 433,000 of these patients were hospitalized. These rates have risen, significantly, over the past decade.

A large percentage of fall victims suffer minor to severe injuries such as bruises, hip fractures or head trauma; such injuries can increase the risk of early death. Falls are also the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries. It is clear that serious injury and death frequently result from falls to the ground, regardless of cause or distance. You may remember that famous diet doctor, Robert Atkins, died as the result of a fall in 2003.

I am calling upon Michigan residents to take action against this injustice. Contact your state representatives and ask them to sponsor a bill to make premises liability law fair in Michigan. Every other area of the law is subject to the application of the comparative negligence standard except Premises Liability. Ask your State Representative to apply straight comparative negligence to Premises Liability litigation.

Lawsuit Financial Corporation is one of the country's leading law suit funding companies. We provide non-recourse cash advances in Premises Liability/Slip & Fall cases and all other Personal Injury cases. Call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit us on the web at

July 21, 2008

Disability Insurance Run Around Results in $60 Million Verdict-Law Suit Funding Can Assist Victims

There was a very interesting jury verdict returned last week in a federal court in Las Vegas Nevada. The verdict was returned in an area of law that has not yet been discussed in Lawsuit Finance Blog. If you purchase a private disability insurance policy, or such a policy is provided as a benefit by your employer, you are entitled to valuable benefits if you become disabled from injury or illness. There are many qualifiying issues involved with cases like these, but the basic premise is that if you become disabled, and you have a disability policy, you get the benefits that your premiums paid for.

Back to the jury in Las Vegas. It returned unanimous verdicts last week against Paul Revere Life Insurance Company and UnumProvident Corporation (Unum Group) in the partial retrial of a lawsuit originally tried to verdict in 2004. In the 2004 trial, the jury awarded $1.6 Million in compensatory damages and $10 Million in punitive damages to G. Clinton Merrick in connection with the insurers' denial of his disability claim. The insurers appealed that award, and the US Court of Appeals reversed the punitive award and sent the case back to US District Court for retrial before a new jury.

The new jury ordered Paul Revere Life Insurance Co. to pay $24 Million and UnumProvident Corporation was ordered to pay $36 Million. The punitive award of $60 Million is six times the previous award that had been appealed by the insurers following the 2004 trial.

But here is the important aspect of this case that every disability policy holder should know about. A terrific trial lawyer by the name of Rick Friedman handled this case and alleged that the insurance companies' claims handling practices were improper. In other words, the companies created a dishonest claims evaluation system that virtually guaranteed claims denial in the vast majority of cases. According to Friedman, "the jury heard evidence of a fifteen year scheme to cheat disabled people. The money made off this scheme is in the hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars. Jury after jury, and regulator after regulator has condemned their practices, but still they continue. The verdicts will keep coming until their practices change." There have been multiple government investigations of these practices as well as separate expose's by CBS' 60 Minutes and Dateline NBC. It is the dishonesty that resulted in the huge punitive (punishment to the insurance company) damage award in this case.

The bottom line here is that the policy holder should not take "no" for an answer from a disability insurance company without first seeking assistance from a competant trial lawyer like Rick Friedman. Insurance companies love taking your money in what they call "premiums"; they do not love paying out your money in what they call "benefits". Aside from blatant insurance company dishonesty, the other shame here is that these are 1st party insurance claims; they should not be adversarial.

By the way, Rick Friedman is the author of two best selling books about trials and trial techniques. The books, "Polarizing the Case" and "Rules of the Road" are available at

As you can see, disability insurance lawsuits are hard faught and, potentially, very valuable claims. The two sides of the lawsuit are not equal. On the one side, you have a very powerful and rich insurance company. On the other, you have a disabled individual. Who do you think is better prepared to fight the case to the end? The goal of the powerful insurance company is to wait out the disabled individual until he runs out of money or the will to carry on. That is where lawsuit funding from Lawsuit Financial Corporation can assist. If you are having financial difficulties while fighting for your rights under a disability insurance policy, call us or visit our website and ask about interim legal funding. Providing lawsuit capital is not a "lawsuit loan", because the money is excused if you lose your case. Litigation finance principal and profit (if any) is paid only if the case resolves in your favor. Litigation financing is available to attorneys who need assistance in financing lawsuits; lawsuit capital is available to plaintiffs who need assistance with ordinary bills under extraordinary cicumstances like those that existed in Las Vegas. Lawsuit Financial Corporation is a leading provider of lawsuit financing. The company and its attorney/director, have more combined legal and litigation finance experience than anyone in the industry.

If you have an attorney and have filed a lawsuit as the result of the denial of diability benefits from a group or privately purchased policy, Lawsuit funding may be available to you. If you qualify, you don't have to wait to resolve your lawsuit to get the money you need; Lawsuit Financial will look at your case, work with your attorney, and provide the legal funding necessary to relieve the financial pressure to settle early and cheap. We also provide litigation funding for Auto Accident victims and all other personal injury victims with pending lawsuits. Call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848), and talk to an experienced legal finance representative for free. Or, visit us on the web at We will do everything in our power to assist you.

July 18, 2008

Milwaukee Birth Trauma Case Nets $18 Million-Legal Funding Can Assist Families in Similar Litigation

A U. S District Court judge has approved an $18.2 million settlement for a Milwaukee family whose daughter was brain damaged from birthing complications at a community health center funded by the federal government.

The child was born at the clinic in 1998 and, apparently, was stuck in the birth canal for more than 20 minutes. As the result of a lack of oxygen, she sustained a severe brain injury and will, most likely, need lifetime assistance.

The child's attorney, Euel Kinsey, said that the "award would assist the family in putting the pieces of their life back together" and provide for "continuing care" for the child. The government denied negligence (but paid $18.2 million anyway, go figure).

The incident that resulted in this birth trauma, hospital negligence, litigation, occurred when a clinic physician advised the expectant mother to go to a Milwaukee hospital for drug treatments that would induce birth with shortened labor. She went to the hospital, where hospital nurses managed her drug treatment while maintaining phone contact with nurses from the clinic. The baby became stuck in the birth canal. It took nurses several minutes to dislodge her. As the result of oxygen deprivation, she developed severe cerebral palsy and seizure disorder.

This is a tragic set of circumstances. The settlement is substantial, but so is lifetime care for a severely brain damaged child. Euel Kinsey is a well know Michigan attorney who specializes in these types of cases and I compliment him for the superlative job he did for his clients and for his long term contribution to justice for all victims of negligence.

Birth trauma is expensive and time consuming litigation. Law suit funding is available to families and attorneys who have experienced this type of tragedy. Litigation financing is available to attorneys who need assistance in financing lawsuits; lawsuit capital is available to plaintiffs who need assistance with ordinary bills under extraordinary cicumstances like those that existed in Milwaukee. Litigation funding is contingent upon recovery and a lawsuit advance is excused if the case is unsuccessful. Thus, these are not lawsuit loans; they are better described as non-recourse, contingent upon recovery, legal funding.
Lawsuit Financial Corporation is a leading provider of lawsuit financing. The company and its attorney/director, have more combined legal and litigation finance experience than anyone in the industry. Lawsuit Financial is a risk-taking company. We provide lawsuit capital advances in Birth Trauma, Medical Malpractice cases and we have unique trial lawyer expertise in evaluating and funding such cases. We also provide funding for Auto Accident Cases, Premises Liability Cases, Dog Bite Cases, Airplane Crash Cases and many other personal injury cases. Please call us toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) for a free analysis of your personal injury case funding situation. Or, visit us on the web at

July 17, 2008

Oxycontin Maker Pleads Guilty-Must Pay $600 Million-Litigation Funding Can Assist Drug Liability Victims

Lawsuit Finance Blog is back after a two week vacation. The lawsuit funding news item of the day has to be the guilty plea entered by the makers of controversial pain medication, Oxycontin, and the fact that they have been ordered to fork over $600 million in fines and other fees.

The company and three current and former executives entered the guilty plea, today, in a Virginia federal court. In their plea, they admit to misleading regulators, doctors and patients about the drug’s risk of addiction and its potential to be abused. The huge criminal and civil fine assessed to the company was related to the drug’s “misbranding,” an activity that also resulted in the guilty pleas of three executives and personal fines of $34.5 million

OxyContin has been marketed as a powerful drug that provides serious pain relief for up to 12 hours. Initially, Purdue Pharma had contended that OxyContin, because of its time-release formulation, posed a lower threat of abuse and addiction to patients than alternative, shorter-acting painkillers. A marketing campaign based upon this contention resulted in annual sales of $1 billion. The drug was heavily and misleadingly to doctors as an appropriate, time release, pain reliever.

Instead, drug abusers soon learned that crushing or chewing a tablet or snorting or injecting it produced a heroin-like high. This resulted in significant addiction rates and increases in drug-related crime.

While this was a criminal, not a civil matter, it is typical of the profits over people mentality of the drug industry. In Michigan, the world headquarters of Lawsuit Financial Corporation, the fact that the drug was FDA approved prevents Michigan residents from pursuing litigation against the drug manufacturer. This is a law that the Michigan legislature must change along with other legal standards that have prevented Michigan residents from receiving justice in Michigan. If you are a Michigan resident, write your state senator and/or state representative and tell them that you want laws that prevent citizen access to our courts abolished.

Lawsuit Financial and its' attorney/director are at the forefront of this fight in Michigan and we are against tort recovery restrictions anywhere in the U.S.. Contact your state or local trial lawyer association (in Michigan, it is the Michigan Association for Justice) or contact the national association, the American Association for Justice.

Lawsuit Financial Corporation provides lawsuit funding for litigants while they wait for their cases to resolve. As indicated above, the law suit funding company is also involved with state and national justice organizations to promote justice for accident victims. For more information or a free analysis of your legal funding situation, call 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit our website at

June 26, 2008

Helicopter Crash Product Liability Lawsuit Results in $9.5 Million Settlement-Candidate for Lawsuit Funding?

A $9.5 Million settlement has been reached, in Hawaii, between a vacationing, New Hampshire couple and Boeing (manufacturer) and Aluminum Precision Products (parts maker).

The crash occured when the couple, celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, was taking a helicopter tour of the island of Kauai. As a result of the crash, Judy Barton, 52, was paralyzed from the waist down, and her 62-year-old husband, Douglas, suffered back injuries that prevent him from working. Another passenger suffered fatal injuries in the crash.

Apparently, near the end of the tour, the helicopter lost its tail rotor and entered into a tight spin, crashing into a YMCA camp. The Barton's attorney, Rick Fried, who, obviously, did a terrific job for the couple, indicated that the crash occurred due to a manufacturing defect in the rotor which rendered the helicopter inoperable. The copter was built in 1987 and there have been at least 16 similar helicopter crashes in the last ten years caused by tail rotor failures.

We don't hear much about helicopter crash litigation, but, similar to airplane crash litigation, crashes almost always result in severe injuries. It is a form of defective product or product liability litigation. In this case, the accident litigation was resolved in a year, and Mr. Fried indicated that the companies were "unusually good to deal with". This is the exception not the rule (note Fried's use of the word "unusually" in the cited quote); most serious injury litigation is vigorously contested and often take years to resolve.

Lawsuit FInancial provides legal funding to seriously injured victims of negligence, whether injuries result from a defective product, as they did here, or from an Automobile Accident, Slip & Fall, Medical Mistake, or other act of negligence by another.

In this case, the Bartons' medical bills were over $750,000;. I presume that they had medical insurance; Judy is paralized from the waist down and Douglas has disabling back injuries from the crash. Assuming there was no medical insurance, the totally disabled couple was faced with ordinary bills and expenses (food, clothing shelter) and extraordinary ($750,000) medical expenses. If they have medical insurance, they were still facing an inability, pre-settlement, to pay ordinary bills and expenses.

Had the couple approached Lawsuit Financial for lawsuit funding, we would have provided them with a non-recourse cash advance, collateralized only by their pending lawsuit. If the lawsuit is successful (and in this case, it was) we are repaid our case invested principal and risk adjusted profit out of case proceeds. If the case fails, we lose our money. If the case resolves at significantly less than predicted case value, we provide an appropriate compromise. The goal of lawsuit financing is to get people like the Bartons through the litigation, without having pressing bills and expenses effect the value of their case. Someone desperate for money will, almost always, settle his/her case for less than appropriate value. Strategic lawsuit financing will often prevent this from happening and will, in this scenario, pay for itself with increased case proceeds.

If you have a pending personal injury case and require lawsuit funding visit our website at or call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) for a free analysis of your case funding situation. The call and the advice are absolutley free.

June 10, 2008

Product Liability Lawsuit Follow Up-Taser International Stock Plummets After Lawsuit Loss

This news is not about lawsuit funding, but it is an interested postscript to the series of posts regarding "stun guns" manufactured by Taser International and used by the San Jose, CA Police Department to subdue suspects. As reported here yesterday, Taser International was hit with a $6 Million verdict in Federal Court in San Jose arising from the death of a suspect who was Tasered approximately 30 times in an effort to subdue him. Apparently, that news shocked the shareholders of Taser International and the stock responded by falling 11.2%, closing at $6.13.

David can beat Goliath once in awhile; in addition, he can cause him long-term pain. It remains to be seen how future lawsuits against Taser will resolve, but the results of this one has "stunned" the stun giant.

Lawsuit Financial is a leading provider of legal finance services in Police Misconduct and Product Liability litigation and, in addition, provides lawsuit financing for Auto Accident cases, Premises Liability cases, Medical Malpractice cases and many other types of personal injury litigation. Contact us on the web at or call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848). The call and the advice are absolutely free. We specialize in assisting "David" in beating "Goliath".

June 9, 2008

Taser International Hit for $6 Million in San Jose-Lawsuit Financing Candidate?

In my May 29, 2008 post, I reported the filing of a $20 Million lawsuit against the City of San Jose, its police department, and the "stun gun" manufacturer for Tasering a motorcycle club member to death. I suggested that the evidence was such that this type of litigation, expensive, hard-fought, time consuming, with good potential for a liability and significant damages finding would be an excellent candidate for lawsuit funding.

On June 7, 2008, a little more than a week following the Police Brutality and Product Liability lawsuit filing I reported on, a federal jury in San Jose awarded $6 Million to the family of Robert Heston Jr, a Salinas man, who was killed when police Tasered him an estimated 30 times while trying to subdue him. The award was rendered against Taser International, Inc., the same manufacturer being sued in the previous report. The jury found that Taser International failed to "warn police that its stun guns could be dangerous when used on people under the influence of drugs or in conjunction with chest compressions". The article does not mention if a Police Misconduct award was rendered against or a prior settlement was reached with the San Jose Police Department; this award was a Product Liability award against Taser international, the "stun gun" manufacturer. Obviously, there is a Taser problem in San Jose and, once again, it took a tragedy and some great legal work by a fine trial lawyer to expose the problem.

This case was hard fought, expensive, and lengthy. It is probably not over. Litigation funding is available to provide interim client or attorney financial support while a contested lawsuit is pending. If your clients are being financially stretched because of injuries or disabilities caused by an accident; if they are involved in contested, protracted litigation, a strategically placed lawsuit advance will remove or reduce their financial burden and lessen their willingness to settle the case early and cheap.

Lawsuit Financial is a leading provider of legal finance services in Police Misconduct and Product Liability litigation and, in addition, provides lawsuit financing for Auto Accident cases, Premises Liability cases, Medical Malpractice cases and many other types of personal injury litigation. Contact us on the web at or call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848). The call and the advice are absolutely free.

May 31, 2008

Medical Malpractice-$5 Mil Awarded in Medical Center Drowning-Lawsuit Funding Candidate?

The family of a new mother, who drowned in a Georgia hospital bathtub in 2000, has been awarded $5 Million by a Gwinnet County jury. Wendy Wyckstandt was 34 years old, suffering from postpartum high blood pressure, and too weak to shower without nurse assistance. She was left alone in the shower, apparently collapsed, and was found later by her mother. She died the next day. A wrongful death lawsuit was filed two years later

The family's attorney, Jeff Harris, indicated that the hospital altered medical records, hid evidence, and used delay tactics to extend final resolution of the litigation to eight long years after the incident. I am certain that the award is sweet justice for this unfortunate woman's family. "The hospital is still trying to dodge responsibility", said Harris. A hospital spokeswoman said that nurses did properly check on their patient and no one tampered with evidence. She indicated that the hospital plans an appeal.

This case is illustrative of the tactics that a corporate entity will resort to to cover up its negligence and delay justice. Mr. Harris did a fine job of uncovering apparent evidence tampering, especially pursuing surveillance tapes (which contained a mysterious "gap") which assisted in persuading the jury that the hospital was guilty of negligence and tampering. It has, obviously, been a long, hard battle for him and it is not over yet. I wish he and the Wyckstandt family good luck in their pursuit of justice.

This case demonstrates the truth of some of the advice we have provided in prior lawsuit finance blog posts. This case has been pending for eight years and counting. Medical Malpractice Cases, Hospital Neglect Cases, and Nursing Home Neglect Cases are hard fought, difficult cases that can take years to resolve. If victims require lawsuit funding, these cases qualify, and the time and effort needed to successfully pursue these cases make them good candidates for legal finance services. It is important to remember that Lawsuit Financial Corporation is one of the few legal funding companies that provides capped rates. Attorneys and victims who utilize lawsuit financing services need to consider this important factor when seeking funding on a piece of litigation that could take 8 years or more, like this one has. Endless monthly lawsuit funding increases, over such a long period of time, could make a case like this hard, if not impossible, to resolve. A company that caps rates (or compromises them when necessary) is the best solution for long-term litigation situations.

Lawsuit Financial provides capped lawsuit financing for Medical Malpractice Cases, Nursing Home Neglect Cases and many other types of personal injury litigation. Call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) to discuss your case funding situation or contact us on the web at The call and the advice are absolutely free.

May 21, 2008

Product Liability Lawsuit Filed Against Bat Maker by Brain Injured Child: Can A Case Like This Receive Lawsuit Financing?

A lawsuit filed Monday in Passaic County Superior Court (New Jersey) claims that the maker of an aluminum baseball bat used to hit a line drive that struck a boy in the head and caused permanent brain damage, knew or should have known that the bat was dangerous for children to use. In the lawsuit, the family of Steven Domaleski alleges that Hillerich & Bradsby Co., maker of the Louisville Slugger TPX Platinum bat, should be held liable for the boy's injuries. The suit also names Little League Baseball,which approved the bat for use in the league and the Sports Authority, which sold the bat. The lawsuit filed by attorney Ernest Fronzuto, claims the defendants knew, or should have known, that the bat was dangerous for children to use. Domaleski suffered brain damage after the drive struck him in the chest, stopping his heart and depriving his brain of oxygen.

"People who have children in youth sports are excited about the lawsuit from a public policy standpoint because they hope it can make the sport safer. There are also those who are skeptical of the lawsuit and don't see the connection between Steven's injury and the aluminum bat," said Fronzuto.

Domalewski is severely disabled, left with brain damage after being struck in the chest by a line drive that stopped his heart. Other than the word "Yeah," which he repeats over and over, or "Dadada" which he sometimes utters when he sees his father, Steven cannot speak. He also can't walk or stand on his own, and needs help with everything from using the bathroom to eating.

A Fort Worth Star Telegram article on the incident provides additional detail. Domalewski was pitching; the mound was 45 feet from home plate and his pitch was hit right at him and slammed into his chest. He clutched his chest, started toward the ball as if to field it, and collapsed. (911 was called and bystanders and emergency crews responded immediately, but several minutes of oxygen deprivation caused permanent brain damage.

Hillerich & Bradsby said Domalewski's injury, called commotio cordis, happens more often in baseball from thrown balls than batted ones.

"Our 124-year old, fifth-generation family-owned company never wants to see anyone injured playing baseball, the game we love," the company said in a statement. "But injuries do occur in sports. While unfortunate, these are accidents. We sympathize with Steven and his family, but our bat is not to blame for his injury."

Stephen Keener, president and chief executive officer of Little League Baseball, declined comment on the case, but said in a statement, "Little League will continue its strong commitment to player safety, and we feel our well-documented record of safety in youth baseball speaks for itself." On its Web site, Little League denied that metal bats are inherently riskier.

The suit touches on a long debated issue in youth baseball programs. Several other boys have been injured in similar incidents; as to whether the injuries were more serious because of the use of aluminum, rather than wood, is at the center of the controversy. New York City and North Dakota have banned metal bats for youth and school sports; New Jersey is now considering a similar ban.

As attorneys reading this blog well know, this is a "Product Liability" case. Attorney Fronzuto will have to prove that the bat was dangerously defective; he has a long, hard fight on his hands and I wish him luck. Lawsuit Financial can and does provide lawsuit financing in product liability cases, however, this case raises an important legal issue that those in similar circumstances and looking for legal financing, must understand and consider. Because the victim in this case is a 14 year boy, he lacks the necessary capacity to enter into a legal finance agreement. Further, even if he was an adult, his brain damage would prevent him from entering into a legal funding agreement. To enter into any legally binding contract, both parties must have the capacity to contract.

The only possibility for lawsuit financing in this case would be against that part of any settlement or award paid to his parents for payment of out-of-pocket medical expenses or for that amount that reimburses them their own rendering of care to Steven. Depending upon the health insurance situation of the parents of the victim in these types of cases, medical expenses could be financially devastating and lawsuit financial services may be a financial life saver. For more information about legal finance services in these types of emotionally and financially devastating situations, please contact us toll free at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit us on the web at We will provide professional, experienced advice at absolutely no charge. Contact Lawsuit Financial Corporation today for a free analysis of your case funding situation.

May 15, 2008

Fire and Explosion Lawsuit Results in $21 Million Settlement

Congratulations to my friend Stuart Sklar and his firm Fabian, Sklar & King, in Farmington Hills, MI for his hard work and just result in the Ellison Bay propane explosion case, in Wisconsin, that claimed the lives of a Michigan couple in 2006. It should be noted that the Fabian Sklar firm specializes in fire and explosion litigation and do superlative work in this legal specialty. This results serves to exemplify that skill and work ethic.

According to an article in the Door County Daily News entitled "$21 Million Dollar Settlement in Ellison Bay Explosion", propane lines for the expansion of the Cedar Grove Resort, in Wisconsin, were installed in 1999. In March 2006, resort owners contacted hired a construction company to upgrade electrical services to the resort docks. The propane lines were not identified before contractors and subcontractors began to dig trenches to install the electric lines; the buried propane lines were damaged and began leaking into the ground, which caused the explosion that killed Patrick and Margaret Higdon, of Bloomfield Hills, MI . The lawsuit named those businesses and eight insurance companies as defendants.

While our services were not needed or used in the Ellison Bay case, fire and explosion litigation almost always cause death or devastating and disabling injuries. The financial impact of these occurrences can be almost as devastating as the injuries they cause. The death or serious and disabling injuries of the family breadwinner, coupled with an expensive and lengthy litigation process can result in financial ruin. Lawsuit funding is an excellent strategic tool to use in situations like the one presented in this tragic case. Well placed, interim, legal funding while waiting for the case to resolve, might salvage valuable personal assets and prevent plaintiffs from settling for less than full case value because of dire financial need. Pre-settlement litigation funding is completely contingent on the outcome of the fire and explosion lawsuit. If the lawsuit fails, the legal finance principal and profit due is completely excused.

Lawsuit Financial Corporation is the most experienced company in the growing industry of legal finance. They can provide lawsuit finance assistance not only in Fire and Explosion Cases, but in Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Premises Liability, Products Liability, Construction Accidents, Airplane Crashes, Train Crashes and other types of personal injury and employment related litigation. The company offers a free analysis of your lawsuit financing situation and can be reached, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or on the web at

April 18, 2008

Lawsuit Funding Candidate: $5.3 Million Paid to Auto Accident Victim Over 5 Years After Accident

A U.S. District Court jury in Missoula awarded a Bigfork woman $5.3 million in damages
earlier. This was the largest bad-faith insurance verdict in Montana history.

Samantha Chilcote, 32-year-old salmon ecologist, suffered permanent brain injuries in a head-on automobile accident. She was not the at-fault driver and the at-fault driver's insurance limits were inadequate compensation.

Fortunately, Chilcote, a doctoral student at the time of her accident, was covered under her family's insurance plan with Fireman's Fund, for a total of $1.5 million in underinsured motorist benefits and $15,000 in medical pay. However, the company refused to pay the underinsured motorist claim and paid the med pay claim in January 08, five years after the accident.

The jury found that Fireman's Fund acted with "actual malice" and awarded $3.5 million in punitive damages and $1.8 million in compensatory damages. The jury also awarded $35,000 for Fireman Fund's violation of the Montana Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Chilcote said: “I was completely overwhelmed and I'm really thankful to the jury for doing the right thing, and to my legal team for standing behind me. It has been a really long, long hard road.”

Her attorney, James A. Manley, said: “This insurance company went for five years before it paid any of my client's medical expenses. “They had absolutely no basis for not paying them. She is one of those people who did everything right, and would never file an exaggerated claim. Yet the insurance company argued that she was making this up.”

The article attached to this blog post recites Fireman's deplorable adjusting and payment avoidance tactics. The handling adjuster accused her of faking a seizure. To this day, she continues to suffer from a short-term memory defect and is still undergoing treatment for her brain injury. Chilcote also said "It was a classic case of David and Goliath, where they are just trying to wear you out. I just really hope that the jury's decision sends a clear message to insurance companies everywhere.”

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April 17, 2008

Premises Liability Cases in Michigan-Hidden Dangers are now "Open & Obvious"

The Michigan Court of Appeals has crossed into The Twilight Zone. In the area of premises liability, hidden dangers are now, also, open & obvious, and Michigan Premises Liability law has gone from a sensible comparative negligence standard to, almost, complete immunity for premises owners.

In most jurisdictions,generally, property owners who "invite" you onto their premises have a duty to exercise reasonable care to protect you from harm caused by a defective condition. After all, they know (perhaps own) the property and are familiar with it; you, the visitor are not. Thus, they bear the simple responsibility to keep their premises "safe". Fair? Fair.

Over the past decade or so, the concept of "open & obvious" has entered into Michigan jurisprudence, with a vengence. A judge determined that land owners were protected, if upon casual inspection, the visitor could detect the potential danger. In other words, "watch where you are going". Sounds somewhat reasonable as a comparative negligence standard, but it has now become a "drop dead" defense to liability.

Most recently (4-15-08 to be precise), a Michigan’s Court of Appeals panel, in Baker v Tendercare, ruled that business owners have, virtually, total immunity from premises liability lawsuit liability. This has been coming for years, as opinion after opinion eroded the rights of injured Michigan citizens. The Baker case involved a woman visiting her mother at defendant's nursing home. She exited her car and started walking toward the home; she stepped on what appeared to be a harmless crack in the cement. However, the concrete was in bad shape and crumbled beneath her, causing her to fall, hit her head and break her wrist.

She sued Tendercare, which moved for a pre-trial dismissal based on the the open & obvious doctrine. The Court said, in dismissing the case, the following (I kid you not!):

"Just because the defect is hidden does not also mean that it is not
discoverable by the average user".

Read it again:

"Just because the defect is hidden does not also mean that it is not
discoverable by the average user"

Thus, landowners have no duty to protect you from hidden dangers, even if they know or should know about them, because you didn't get down on your knees after each step and carefully inspect for hidden defects that might make you fall. Why pay for insurance at all? Oh, that's right! Insurance companies love taking our money in premiums, they just don't like paying it out in benefits.

Michigan residents: Rise up! Contact your state representatives and ask them to sponsor a bill to make premises liability law fair in Michigan. Every other area of the law is suject to a comparative negligence standard except Premises Liability. Ask your State Representative to apply straight comparative negligence to Premises Liability litigation.

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